We all know who they are – girls who use their sexuality to get ahead in life. These gals lack respect for themselves and only live for themselves. Why do I say this? Because the lowest form of living is one who only lives for themselves.

So what is the alternative? Those women who don’t wear skirts that are too short, pants too tight and keep the girls behind high-necked blouses. These women don’t stand too close or look too long. They maintain their composure and professionalism – in and outside the office. These women know who they are and know what they want. They are not flirtatious – why? Because they know their worth. They don’t lead a guy on or give him the feeling they are more to her than what they are. Attention is find but it doesn’t feed her – she never allows it to feed her. She knows what she is doing. Here ar a few more traits of the women worth marrying…

A 30-Year-Old With The Graduate School Degree – or Two

You want this women not only because she takes initiative, but she is making her own money. She has her own career. And don’t think you can just slide in she’ll be your money mama. These girls don’t like slackers. And if they are in a technical field, even in this day in age, you can be certain they had to work harder than you did to get your degree(s). Gender bias is still, unfortunately, alive and well in academia these days. It is also much more so in the work place – just because they are female, without even opening their mouth, they are already discounted based on their gender. These chicks know how to balance their lives. They work hard and play hard. They have the bigger picture in mind and are not easily swayed by temporary fads. Now that they are accomplished, they likely want to off-ramp and have children. In a few years, they will want to on-ramp back into the workplace. This means they are looking for their equal – a dual-income home so they can support the lifestyle they desire and take care of their families. Think gentlemen – want to have an intelligent conversation? Allow her actions to speak before her words do. Educated women already knew what they wanted and they did it. They are now looking for a man who wants a teammate for life.


This is the best of both worlds. She’s a smart girl – and reads in her free time and watches a trashy TV show from time to time. She loves shopping and knows how to present herself well. She also feels most comfortable with her feet up on the coffee table, throwing back a few, watches the game with the guys. This chick laughs at stupid, girly nonsense and still takes a joke when her guy friends try to bust her balls. The bottom line is, guys are not likely to become bored. The relationship stays light, but has all the pros of being a really good friend – plus her sexy femininity keeps you allured.

Miss Independent

Just like the catchy Kelly Clarkson song, never let a man off her throne, keeping her heart protected, miss play-it-smart, Miss Independent is a very attractive option. She wants a relationship, but she sure as hell doesn’t need one. She has an education, a job and pays her bills on time. She has her own stuff, takes care of herself and lives a happy life. Want to go out with her? Call her up and leave a message. She’ll call you when she’s not doing what she has set for the day. She knows what boundaries look like. You barely know each other which means you are about 5 levels away from her inner circle.

These women are absolute keepers.

They can be in a relationship but it’s because she chooses to be – not because she needs to be.

Right now you might be thinking, “girls like this don’t exist.” Guess what? They do. They are not likely found in a bar – so you may need to adjust your hunting grounds. Hint: Try looking in the right places rather than the club you frequently visit.