Older Cat Teaches Kitten The Rules of The House to Hilarious Effect

If you own a cat, you will probably know that in their mind, they are the boss and they run the household. They seem to think it is fine to sleep wherever they like, even if that is in your underwear draw.


If you decide to introduce a new kitten to the house, the older and wider cat needs to teach the little guy all he knows.

This video from Buzzfeed describes the adviceĀ an older cat may hand down to the kitten as he joins the household.


My favourite line has to be “Dear kitten, I must warn you of the monster called “Vacuum”. It can eat and yell at the same time and I have seen it eat everything. To hide from Vacuum you can use the curtains of invisibility”.


If you know any fellow cat lovers, please share this with them. It will make their day.