Have you ever been in a conversation where the other person says something that makes your blood run cold? Courtesy of Reddit, here are the creepiest stories of schoolmates, coworkers or even total strangers, saying something chilling enough to haunt the person for days, months or years afterwards. Whether they’re concrete warnings, weirdly vague statements or confessions of a crime, here are the creepiest things the people of the internet have ever been told.

1. Backpack surprises

I went to middle school in a not so good neighbourhood, so there were lots of kids were involved in gang activity. One kid I knew had some anger issues but honestly wasn’t a bad person, and we got along pretty well. One day in class he leaned over and asked me: “do you want to see it?” and before I could reply he flashed a gun from his bag. He must have seen my face fall because he smiled and said: “don’t worry, you’re good.”

This obviously could have turned into a much worse situation. Middle school me wasn’t smart enough to tell a teacher, but I did tell him to leave it at home in future since the staff could check our lockers and bags. I wasn’t worried about him using it in school, but in retrospect, I should have been. Thank goodness nothing ever happened.


2. A haircut request

One day when I was in the middle of my retail shift late at night, this middle-aged woman came through my line. She stared at me for a solid minute or so before asking me to remove my face mask so she could see my face. I was super confused but I did so anyway.

She looked at me some more, and then handed me a business card, told me she wanted to cut my hair and then left. It was literally the most bizarre thing to ever happen to me.


3. Betting to lose

I worked taking phone calls for a gambling/betting place while I was travelling, mainly doing the night shift. One of the regulars was winning a lot and kept placing higher and higher bets, which is a red flag so I had to call him. I asked him how his night was going and why he was placing such big bets, and he told me that it was the anniversary of his son’s suicide.

He was trying to lose all his money and do the same thing but he kept winning. After that conversation, he didn’t call again. The police were called and they did a wellness check but the guy was okay and started betting normally again the next week, acting like nothing had ever happened.

4. An unwanted prediction

I was sitting on a train in the Bay Area and some guy dressed in a three-piece suit walked up to me and sat directly across from me. I had my headphones in but he tapped my leg, and gestured like he wanted to ask me something.

When I took my headphones out, he looked me dead in the eye and said “you’re going to have a terrible, terrible life”. Then he got up and walked away. That was four years ago so I’m still waiting for his prophecy to kick in!


5. Lunchtime confession

When I was in middle school this girl who sat next to me at the lunch table showed me that she had carved my name into her arm. She followed that up by telling me that she loved me. I had never said anything more than hi while walking by her before that, and I stopped even doing that.


6. Ghosts in the hot tub

I and a friend were drinking together while on vacation in a cabin in the woods, and my friend turned to me fully serious and said “I see people who aren’t there. Even when I’m sober.”

I replied saying “Do you see them now?” and he replied, “No, but there were others with us in the hot tub earlier.” That messed me up for the rest of the weekend.

7. All washed up

I had a regular that used to come into my work who was always very pleasant. One day he was telling me that a city that he used to live in used to have a problem where people would be found on the shores of the river.

The way he said it just felt as if he was bragging about it. His whole face lit up when he was telling me about it. I didn’t see him after that day, and I put in my notice soon after. It was an unnerving experience with a guy who if you saw on the street you wouldn’t think twice about him.

8. Allergy assasin

Back in middle school, a girl once asked me if I had a peanut allergy. Being the dumb 7th grader I was, I said no and didn’t think much more of it. It later turned out that she was intending to give someone an allergic reaction on purpose.

Thankfully my friend overheard her talking about it and told a teacher before telling me. It’s one of those scenarios which isn’t creepy outright just a little weird without context, but when you know the context, it becomes disturbing.


9. Watching through a window

I used to have this really weird classmate that I only dated for two months because of how much pressure she put me under. One night I woke up to see her outside my window, just staring. She looked up at me, pointed and then fell backwards completely unconscious. Turns out she had a stroke.

After that, she told a load of people that I’d caused her to have a stroke and then a few days later caught me off-guard and told me that I was lucky for being such a light sleeper. I didn’t sleep for days after that. I also didn’t tell anyone what she had said.


10. Mistaken at Disneyland

When I was around 8 years old, I was waiting outside the Disneyland bathroom for my dad. Some guy who looked like a grandfather came up to me and yelled in a shaky voice, “C’mon, Jake! I can’t stand here forever, now!” At first, I thought he was talking to someone else, but he came closer and got irritated, saying, “Jake! Don’t ignore me!” I started looking at him with a clearly confused face, trying to signal that I don’t know who the f**k Jake is, please go away. but he got even closer and grabbed my arm and started pulling me away.

I started screaming but that just made people think that I really was “Jake” and I was just resisting, not that I didn’t even know who Jake was. Luckily my dad came out of the bathroom and pulled me back, and started yelling at the guy. The security got involved and told us that the guy’s grandson was named Jake, and he had had a seizure and died inside that bathroom over a year ago.


11. Puppy love

At work, I had a regular customer, a middle-aged guy who was always polite. We all knew him for years, and he even once invited me to his apartment for drinks after work, to which I respectfully declined. Months later he tells me that he has a puppy outside and wanted to show me, but I respectfully declined again.

Later on in my shift, my stupid a*s forgot he was there. I went outside for a smoke and saw a teenage boy dressed in a dog costume waiting for his owner. This was nowhere near Halloween.

12. A weird compliment

Six years ago I was sitting in the lobby of a building, waiting for my husband to get out of an appointment. I had my infant son with me in his car seat. A random older woman came to me and asked if she could see him.

I say of course because naturally, I think my child is adorable and she’s an older, non-threatening woman. She looks at him and starts commenting on how cute he is and then in a total baby talk voice goes “you’re so cute, yes you are! I’d kill anyone that hurt you, yes I would.” I was horrified.


13. Vampires in Europe

I was visiting a friend in the Netherlands during an exchange Erasmus program. I was meeting new people and we were gathered playing card games and drinking, and having a pretty nice time.

At some point, I cut my finger a little bit on a beer can, and it started bleeding. I was on my way to get a napkin when some dude stopped me and said “let me see”. I showed him my finger, and he held it and licked the blood off my finger, just like that. I didn’t even know how to react.


14. A menacing phone call

A friend of mine got a strange voicemail from an unknown number of years ago. On the voicemail, we heard someone saying “Help! Help!” followed by shuffling and what sounded like someone running, then the call abruptly ended.

We didn’t know what to do, so we just hung up and didn’t mention it again. We’re still not sure if it was a hoax or not, but it was still creepy to say the least.


15. A past life pet

One morning I woke up my five-year-old son to get ready for kindergarten. Still half asleep he asked me “where is Banjo? When are we going to look for him?” This completely creeped me out. Banjo was the name of our family dog, a bull terrier that we had on the farm when I was still a preteen. One day in 1970 there was a flash flood in our area and my little brother was stuck in the middle of the river on a rock.

Banjo jumped in the water to rescue my brother but he got swept away by the powerful current and we never saw him again. I also clearly remember seeing two cows being swept away by the water. My brother had to stay on that rock for a full 11 hours before the water was safe enough for a boat to cross to get to him. I never told my son about Banjo.

16. An awkward opening

My uncle in law joined the family around 2015 when I was about 7 or 8. I was pretty young, and he was always very weird. He just had that “creepy” look and he married my aunt in the mountains with no one there except for his mom and a priest. They then moved about four states away to live in a log cabin.

Every year my grandparents throw a big all-day party and invite all my extended cousins since they live so far away. It’s always a ton of fun, but one year they invited my uncle in law. Shortly after I first met him he said, “Wouldn’t it be soooo funny if you went missing?” then chuckled a bit and did that creepy smile.

17. Asleep in the back seat

My friend and I fell asleep at the back of the bus on the way home from a school trip. My friend shook me awake suddenly and said: “There’s someone in the back seat. Please look behind you.” Mind you there was no light and the seats in the back were all empty. I was s**t scared and asked her if she was joking. She started sobbing saying someone’s behind me and that I should check.

I refused but she begged me to, so I slowly turned my head and of course, nothing was there. I told my friend but she didn’t reply and I realised that she’d fallen asleep. Later on, I asked her what on Earth she was doing and she was surprised and said, “oh s**t did I really said that you. I actually dreamt a woman sitting right behind us and asked you to turn and confirm it.”


18. Sharing the knowledge

I was a barista several years ago and I was working a night shift on the front counter. During the evenings we would have a lot of ‘laptop’ customers in the cafe who would spend hours at a table working, studying, or writing a book. I had a short line of people ordering refills or coffees to go, and I get to the last customer in line.

He was a guy in his early to mid-20s with a textbook under his arm. Before I could ask him what he wanted to drink, he opened the book and started explaining what he’d been studying all night. It was arsenic and how diuretics make your bladder ‘slippery’. Then, he just sat back down. I was so baffled by the exchange that it didn’t occur to me until later that he never placed an order.


19. Off the plane without a parachute

I was a bartender for many years and these two older men regularly came in and talked about their time in the service. They never said, but I assume they had served in Vietnam, as they were in their 60s and 70s in the early 2000s. I always liked to hear their stories until one of the men told me that he’d had a guy in his unit who he really hated.

According to him, they were lining up to jump out of a plane and he grabbed the man’s parachute and ripped it off of his back, then his friend pushed the man out of the plane door. He justified it by saying that the man “had an attitude.” I told my dad (a Korean war veteran) about the story and he just sort of said “yeah, stuff like that probably happened a lot.”


20. A pregnancy prediction

One day, a random old lady ran up to me at Walmart, grabbed my arm and said “Congratulations! It’s your first Mother’s Day, how wonderful.” It weirded me out so much that I bought a pregnancy test on the way home, even though my partner and I were being careful.

She was right, which was crazy because I was so early in the pregnancy that I wasn’t even late for my period yet. My friends and family couldn’t tell for another 10 weeks or so and that was only because they knew.

21. Demons in the cow shed

I worked on our family farm growing up. One night, I went out to milk the cows with my dad and my nephew. I got out to the barn a little late and my dad came up to me, saying that my nephew had told him he was seeing demons in the barn.

I went over to talk to and comfort my nephew, and he was just shaking and as pale as a ghost. I brought him back to his parents’ house and I sat with him for hours until they got back. I’ve never forgotten it.


22. Locked up heart

In middle school, someone put an unsigned note in my locker with a creepy poem about me. I never found out who wrote it, and it made me really uncomfortable even though it was supposed to be romantic.

The only lines I vaguely remember went something like, “your body is the temple where we all worship, your eyes the pools we all drink from”. Urgh.


23. Walk a mile in their shoes

In high school, a guy I had to sit next to in one of my classes routinely told me that he wanted to find out what the inside of my shoes smelled like.

It was creepy because of the total lack of boundaries, and his determination. I’d tell him, again and again, that it made me uncomfortable and he’d just laugh and do/say some other creepy thing related to his apparent fetish. Gross.

24. Guessing correctly

My mom used to work in an eyeglasses store in the mall. There was this guy who would window shop, but he was really just hanging around to see her, even though he was too shy to approach.

Finally, when he had the courage to speak to her he said “wow, your feet are beautiful… what size are you, an eight?” Impressively, and also creepily he was right.


25. Age-old wisdom

“No, you have to age your meat. If I killed you and ate you right here right now, you’d be tough. But if I took you home and hung you up in my fridge for a few days, you’d be soft enough to eat.”

This wasn’t said to me by a murderer, but by a butcher in a foreign country. I don’t know if it sounded so creepy because he was speaking his second language, but that was my first and last time going to a butcher’s while on holiday.

26. Returning home

I was telling my dad that one time when I was about five, I was sleeping in my grandma’s bed with her in the guest bedroom, and in the dawn light I saw a man step out of the closet and stand beside it.

My dad got quiet and asked what the man looked like, and whether he looked like my grandfather who had died. I said no and he asked again, adding: “He died in that house.” I had always known that my grandad had died of a heart attack, but what I did not know was that he had died in the house. I’m still creeped out.

27. In another universe

During gym class in middle school, I befriended a girl who didn’t have many friends. We always had a gym door open that lead to the outside playground.

My new friend leaned over and said: “In a parallel universe, I ran out of those gym doors and no one ever saw me again.” When I didn’t respond she said “do you know what a parallel universe is?” and then went right back to participating in gym class.

28. The invisible doctor

I was in medical school, I was doing a visit in the middle of the night to the pediatric ward with a senior doctor. Everyone was asleep, as it was around two or three AM. When we walked to the door to exit the ward, one of the kids was awake.

She looked at both of us, pointed at us, and then pointed to the air next to us. She counted “one.. two.. three..” numerous times, and then rolled over and went back to sleep. Only two of us were there.


29. A tragic future

I don’t believe in psychics or anything like that at all, but a friend of mine really wanted to go to a palm reader’s stall. We were at a fair of some kind and she dragged me along. The palm reader looked at my friend’s hand and talked about her future love life, her career and how many children she would go on to have.

Then the palm reader took mine, got really quiet, looked at me a little misty-eyed, and said “I’m so sorry, you don’t deserve any of this.” I still don’t believe it, but I definitely felt a little bit weird for the rest of the day.

30. The devil made me do it

When I was in the eighth grade in middle school, I knew a kid who was super weird, mostly because he had an obsession with the devil. He actually wasn’t a bad kid, he got decent grades and never got in trouble, and he dressed pretty average, not like a goth or emo. One day I was hanging out with him on the playground before school started and he said: “Can I tell you something?” I replied: “What’s up man?”

He then goes on to tell me: “The devil told me that my sister is going to die soon. I tried telling my mom but she yelled at me and told me I was going insane.” Well, I told him to tell the school counsellor and they had him talk to some therapist. However, two years later I found out that his sister had indeed died of a spinal tumour.


31. Walking with ghosts

When my twins were about eight years old, they started saying that they were seeing a ghost in their bedroom. My oldest son then said, “Don’t worry! They just aren’t used to seeing people walk out of walls like I am”.

Thankfully the creepiness went away over the course of the same conversation. I was trying to convince my daughter that it was me standing in the doorway and her rebuttal was “No, Mom, the woman was skinny”.

32. Baby blanket psychic

A man once came up to me while I was working in a shop and said, “Are you from Russia by chance? Your name is common in my area.” I replied with: “No, I was born in California, same as my parents.”

The man continued by saying: “Ah so your aunt named you then, do you still have the baby blanket she gave you?” The shocking thing was that my aunt did name me, and had given me a baby blanket for my first birthday that I still kept with me.

33. Black-eyed monster

My son constantly tells me that he is afraid that the “person with black eyes” is going to turn me into a black-eyed person too. I asked him what he meant, and he told me in horrifying detail about a creature with black eyes and a triangle face and big smile that can grab people and hold them until they become just like him.

He went on to say that after they are grabbed, the people aren’t themselves anymore, even though they try to act normal. I still don’t know if he had a nightmare about this creature, or if he managed to see it on TV. I’ve no idea what show he could have seen something like that on though.


34. Flowers at the graveside

The creepiest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say was: “It’s almost time to decorate the graves.” It was said softly and very seriously by a kind-looking older woman buying a LOT of fake flowers from the craft store I worked at.

It was said completely out of nowhere when I was half done with bagging her order. I smiled and agreed politely, finished up as quickly as possible, and she went on her way.

35. Cat and mouse

I planted trees with a group of people for a few work contracts. I met some very shady individuals out there, however, one guy will forever stand out in my memory.

His name was Demetrius and one day when we were all chatting and telling stories at camp. He started going on about how he enjoys smearing peanut butter on cats backs and watching them struggle to get it off. I thought that was a huge red flag and I made sure my tent was nowhere near his after that.


36. The just in case vest

As a teenager, a close friend of mine sold illegal substances, and her future boyfriend who we were both friends with did too. He was always sort of skeevy, but we still hung out at his house pretty often. We were hanging out with him one time, and I noticed that he had an armoured vest slung over the back of his chair.

I’ve no idea why, but I started to pick it up and asked him why he had it. Something about the way he slapped it back down and said “just in case” made me decide that I didn’t want to hang out with him anymore after that.

37. The tag-a-long talks

My brother had a friend with a creepy tag-along little brother called Gideon. His family was ultra-religious and Gideon was super creepy as a teenager. He had gone into the military and had served two tours as a truck driver, and while he was there he was apparently beaten up and bullied by his roommate, so we felt bad for him.

A few months after he got back we went on holiday together, and Gideon tagged along as usual. We were all having a conversation and completely out of nowhere, Gideon said: “I have a kill list, some of those names have a star next to them.” The only thing he killed that day was the conversation.

38. A letter from God

One day I finished work to find out that a woman had left a note for me with my supervisor. That by itself isn’t super creepy, but I was pretty freaked out before I even read it.

When I did look at the note, I found a really long-winded letter about how nice of a cashier I was and how she knew God had great plans to “use me”. Yikes.


39. No impulse control

My old history teacher gave everyone in my class a permanent fear of heights by telling us that as a kid he was never scared of heights, but one time he was standing on a bridge and thought: “what if my body just… jumps off the edge? Without me willing it?”

He went on to say that he has had a fear of heights ever since. The whole class was traumatised, and I can’t get close to edges with steep drop-offs while hiking without that thought coming into my mind anymore.


40. Messing around in the morgue

My mom used to date a Vietnam war medic. He told ten-year-old me about how when he was in medical school, he and his buddies would sneak into the school after hours, get drunk and mess around with the cadavers.

I’ve no idea if he was telling the truth or not, but he said that they would electroshock them, and try and make them hold things. According to him, it was the funniest time of his life.


41. A self-fulfilling prophecy

One day at school, somebody decided it would be funny to sneak into the front office and tell everybody that the maths teacher in room 11 would die soon over the loudspeaker. Nobody took it particularly seriously, but it must have shaken up the teacher because he died of a heart attack the next day.


42. Shrimp school

I was working with a small group of kids doing math facts one day in school. The class was completely silent because it was a timed exercise. One kid stopped, looked up at me, and said while staring straight into my eyeballs… “There are shrimp ALL over my street!” Then he just continued working, and none of the other kids even looked up. I was so dumbstruck I didn’t even ask for more of an explanation.


43. Closing the book on friendship

I was in third grade, sitting with a girl on a hill alone and watching the lake in silence. Suddenly, she said out of nowhere with absolutely no context: “I wrote a book about how to kill your friends.” My heart really stopped beating for a second, but she didn’t do or say anything else. I got up and hung out somewhere else for the rest of the afternoon, and we never talked about it again.


44. A good mom

When I was in college, I was hanging out with my coworker Meg and some of her friends, most of which were guys. One of the guys waited for Meg, the only person there that I knew, to leave the room before turning to me and telling me that I “have good birthing hips.” That was almost ten years ago, and I still don’t really know what he meant by it. But I’ve had one child and currently have one on the way, so I guess he was right?


45. Serious anger issues

A guy I used to talk to would tell me constantly about how insanely jealous he’d get if the girl he liked and was talking with would hang out with other guys. He’d also talk about how angry he’d feel if she was to get with one of the players on the team at their school.

Years after I cut contact with him for being generally toxic and weird, he kept trying to reach out to me. He even tried emailing my boss at my internship to get ahold of me. I felt pretty relieved when he finally seemed to give up.

46. How many sons?

I was working side by side with a woman on her first day. I’d never seen her before working with her and hadn’t had a chance to talk to her, so it was pretty weird when while working, she looked at me and said: “You have two sons.” I told her that I did and asked if she had seen me somewhere with them, but she said no. All she said after that was, “You just look like somebody who has two sons.”


47. Warning a victim

I was walking with my friend one day in downtown Seattle. My friend struggles with schizophrenia, and this was early in his fight, so he was on medication that helped but he was always a little edgy.

We were trying to find a specific hot dog place that I’d been to before when a totally normal looking guy came up to us and grabbed my friend. He said: “I know who it is that’s trying to kill you,” looked him meaningfully in the eye, patted him on the shoulder, and just walked off.

48. Camera shy

At school we had a teacher who was super tall, super skinny and super quiet. We knew almost nothing about his personal life, but he was always super interesting and kind. One day at lunchtime we were sitting in his classroom celebrating a birthday and I decide to take a picture. take out my digital camera and I take a picture of my classmates, then I turn to the teacher and I take a picture of him.

I’ve never seen a man panic so fast. He turned pale, his eyes got super wide, he dashed towards me and whispered with true panic in his voice “please delete it!” I tried to ask why, but he interrupted me and asked me again to delete it.

I deleted the picture in front of him, so he could see, and as soon as the picture was gone he went totally back to normal. He said thank you and smiled in the creepiest way, before heading back to his seat.


49. Sensing a change

I walked into the restaurant kitchen to say hi and start my shift at work, and the apprentice chef was standing about two meters away. She was acting pretty normal, but then instead of saying hi she just sniffed the air. I looked at her quizzically and she quickly turned to me and said “you smell different”. I guess chefs have to have heightened senses but still, how creepy!


50. Dodgy double date

One time when I was around 17, I was being a wingman for my friend and keeping her boyfriend’s weird friend company so she could be alone with her guy. I had just met this guy, but a few minutes after meeting me, he told me that he was glad I have small hands. I didn’t ask or need to know why. I immediately got up, collected my friend, and insisted that we leave as quickly as I could.


51. Taking the blame

When I was 16 I went on a religious retreat, and we were all told to share stories about our greatest struggles. This was right after my older sister died from leukaemia, so I obviously shared how difficult that had been to deal with. However, one of the guys in my group must have taken my story a little differently, because when I finished speaking he looked at me deadpan and said “what did you do with the body?”.


52. Fearful farewells

One time I was out running errands when a little kid around seven or eight years old, broke away from his parents to walk up to me, look me dead in the eyes and just say: “goodbye”. His dad pulled him back toward the family and gave me the stink eye even though I hadn’t done anything, and then they were on their way. Nothing else was said. Just “goodbye” like the kid was some sort of talking Ouija board.


53. Getting what was coming to them

So, one of my friends was making dinner for my friends and me. We ate, had a good time, and then I walked him home. He suddenly said: “Only one of them will make it home tonight.” I wondered what he meant and whether he was talking about our friend group, but no. Instead, he dashed over to the opposite side of the street attacked a group of four people in their late teens.

Three of them fell unconscious on the concrete, and one ran away. Then he carried on walking to my home, and I tended to his bloody knuckles. Apparently, those four had trashed his house a few weeks ago. He told me how he’d been stalking them, and he knew where they worked, what school they went to, where they ate, when they slept. It was.. methodical, planned…disturbing. He’s still a dear friend of mine.


54. Detour from the detour

I was going home from school and I decided to take a detour down a shady street. A random guy rushed up to me and said “Don’t g