They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but it’s something that often happens in the heat of the moment. When someone repeatedly torments you, it’s all too easy to see red and immediately become obsessed with getting your own back.

Unfortunately, the problem with reacting without thinking is that it is all too easy to take things way too far. The people of Reddit have shared stories of times they tried to get their own back, only to make the situation way worse and regret what they did.

Whether it was trying to put an end to serious bullying, settle a petty score, or just bringing someone to justice for the cruel way they treated their pets, all these people had pretty good reasons for seeking to put someone in their place. However, all of them came to regret their actions, as their small-time revenge got way out of hand. These are the stories of people whose revenge took an unexpected and terrible turn, whether due to their own actions, sheer bad luck, or just some context they really should have known beforehand.

1. Romantic manipulation

I was dating this girl and my friend saw her around town a few times, and humiliated her in an effort to embarrass me. I told him to stop bothering her, but he did it again. That night I convinced him to try getting back together with his wildly insane and manipulative ex that he hadn’t spoken to in years, thinking that he would just humiliate himself by trying. Well, they got back together for a while. And had a baby. Now they’re terrible single parents.

2. A trip too far

I don’t know why, but a lot of the boys in my sixth-grade class thought it was hilarious to try and trip people. They’d get your a** no matter how careful you were. Well, I was pretty good at avoiding it, but when I was in gym class this kid named Joey got my a** hard. I was dribbling down court and he nailed me. I face-planted hard.

So I thought about how to get him, and I got him at lunch. He was holding a lunch tray, so his hands weren’t as useful. He nailed a table and lost a tooth. I got suspended for 10 days, and a strict no tripping policy got implemented, immediate suspensions if caught. Honestly I couldn’t even find it in me to feel bad after how many times I’d been tripped.


3. Glass half empty

This one is not as serious or entertaining as most of the answers you’ll find here. But when we were kids, my sister threw water at me and ran away so I picked up my glass of water and ran after her. I threw the water from the glass at her once I had her cornered. Unfortunately, the glass had slipped out of my hand and it hit her right across her face. She got bruised and cut pretty bad.


4. Advertising services

My friends and I used to pull a lot of pranks on each other growing up and about 10 years ago I was helping my buddy set up a new business. He was ordering business cards and the company he was going through was offering I think 500 or so free with a large order so we decided to prank our other friend. We made business cards with his name, phone number, home address and had his job title as “Professional Creep” with the slogan “If I’m creepin, you ain’t sleeping”.

We passed these cards out all over town. He was getting really harassing phone calls for awhile and couldn’t figure out why. After about 2 years he found one of the cards on a random fridge at a party and put 2 and 2 together. He was p***ed and is still getting random calls 10 years later. I feel really bad about that one…


5. Tractor trajectory

When I was in Nursery (pre-school) a kid used to constantly bully me and take my toys off of me. One day, outside in the garden he stole a toy tractor I was riding on, he stood up on the seat and stuck his tongue out at me. I remember being so upset because I was just playing quietly by myself, and he came over and ruined it.

Age four me had finally been broken, I ran and kicked the tractor which jolted it forward, he subsequently fell off and rolled down a hill into some stingy nettles and got some pretty bad cuts and bruises. I remember thinking right then and there ‘wow I really didn’t need to do that but that little part of me felt great.


6. Getting the cold shoulder

Coworker and I had a friendly prank war spanning two years. Close to the end of our war he “iced” my car. Icing involves taking the hose to the parking lot every half hour and spraying a light mist over your victim’s car when it’s below zero out. I finished my 12-hour shift to find a car encased in 2 inches of ice. My revenge was, I thought, both more inconvenient for him and less freezing my balls off for me. I decided to take a bedsheet, drape it over his car, and only took 4 or 5 trips out with the hose the next night.

So the next morning he finds his car with a quarter-inch of ice freezing a sheet to his car. When he started peeling off the sheet he pulled his windshield wipers, arms and all off of his ratty jeep. I got a very p***ed off phone call. I felt bad, the unwritten rule was “embarrassing or inconvenient, no damage”. I paid for repairs.

7. Nailed it

Had a neighbour yell at my younger brother about his weight and I took it extra personal. Didn’t know how to get him back without getting caught. Then I figured out I could place nails just under the back of the tire so when he pulled out of the driveway he’d run over them. Turns out he was super poor and couldn’t afford the repairs. My dad had to carpool with him to work for a month or so. I’ve never told anyone.

8. Upsetting justice

Some girl hit my car in a hit and run. There was a witness to the crime, so the police were able to track her down. When I was asked if I wanted to press charges I went for it. Turns out she had no license or insurance. I felt pretty justified until I realised that she was a teenager trying to raise a kid and barely making it by.

She kept trying to fight the charges but wound up getting sued by my insurance, having to pay me restitution via the court system, and four separate charges between all her crimes, all of which included a decent fine. She was some 18-year-old single mom. I felt super bad by the end of it: it was obviously the last thing she needed on her plate.


9. Look where you’re going

When I was in ninth grade a kid ruthlessly bullied me for a few months. I had gotten sick of it and devised a plan for revenge. Every Wednesday we would get to sit outside for “quiet reading time” and this kid would always go back inside for a p**s. I had left and waited in the bathroom for him, peeking under the stall for his shoes to appear.

He came in the bathroom, took his p**s, then played on his Gameboy for the rest of reading time. The bell rang and he walked out to the crowded stairwell still looking down at his Gameboy. I bumped into him, he fell face-first down the stairs…. knocked out 4 front teeth. everyone on the stairs assumed he fell because he was playing his Gameboy. I feel pretty bad about it.


10. A prank call gone wrong

One time I saw a truck with the typical “How’s my driving? Call xxx-xxx-xxxx”. So I call and tell them that the guy was driving erratically because 16 year old me thought that would be hilarious. The lady on the other end sounded like she was writing stuff down and I started to panic realizing that I may be screwing with the driver’s livelihood.

So mid-conversation I drop the phone on purpose and pick it up and deepen my voice to say “This is ForeseeablePast’s dad, apparently he thought it’d be funny to call the number on the back of your trucks as a prank”.

The lady was understanding and said that it’s nothing to mess around with, as they take driving safety very seriously. I continued to feel bad so I told her that my son would like to apologize — so I dropped the phone again and apologized in a regretful way and then hung up.


11. The power of music

My brother and cousins were walking home from school. Well my brother and I were walking and my cousins were on bikes. They kept circling us and making fun of us because we didn’t have bikes. Then one of my cousins spat on me, which was the last straw.

Out of reflex, I blasted her with my trumpet case and she went flying, landed on the concrete and broke her arm. I felt awful, it was the first and last time I ever hit a girl. My family believed every word of the story, knew this cousin was always a total b***h to me, and largely believed she had it coming. I still felt awful tho.

12. An inconsiderate driver

Last year I was driving on the service road. Not all states have them but they run alongside a highway and allow drivers to get on and off of them. I was driving 50mph (the speed limit) when some jerk comes flying up behind me going at least 70mph. Instead of going around me he gets right up on my tail, puts on his high beams and honks his horn.

I want going to go any faster for their sake but my turn was coming up anyways. I made sure to take the turn slow enough to pass them off. Lucky enough, they were making the same turn. When he got in the other lane to finally pass me, I sped up and acted like I wasn’t going to let him pass.

Of course, they sped up very quickly and I let off my gas. What they didn’t know was that there was a major dip in the road coming up. They hit it full speed and came about 1 ft off the ground. When they landed I saw sparks and their bumper was hanging off as they pulled over. I feel bad for baiting them into that because someone could have been seriously hurt. But at least the a**hole learned their lesson.


13. Mixing business and pleasure

During a rough patch with my (now ex) fiancé, he admitted to me that he had been cheating on me and was involved with someone else. At the time he was the General Manager of a company that was being sold, but none of the employees knew, as the company needed to be up and operating through the sale, at which time everyone would be out of a job, including him.

But he was getting some big $$$ for his efforts. So when he came clean about the cheating, I went out and got drunk with a friend. Came home that night and called everyone’s voice mail and left a message with the details of what was happening to their jobs and the company. It was a complete mutiny the next day, he was the most hated man in the office because of me.


14. Tying up the score

When I first became an electrician, an older journeyman decided to teach me not to leave my stuff laying around by taking 50+ small zip ties and encased my lineman’s pliers/Kleins. He was also trying to tell me I needed to buy some dykes/diagonal cutters. A tin knocker saw all of this go down and quietly gave me a very long, heavy-duty zip tie and suggested I put it on his truck’s drive shaft so he’d spend time looking for the noise.

The older journeyman didn’t show up for two days after I put the zip tie on because his truck broke down on the way home… Apparently, the zip tie got hung up and his drive shaft, transmission yoke, pillow block, differential yoke all got destroyed, which also took out the exhaust system just after the headers, and it managed to crack the fibreglass dually fender on the passenger side… He ended up buying a new truck shortly after that, and I never told him about the zip tie.


15. Blame it on grandpa

My grandpa was a bit old school and gave me prison yard advice for my first week of school. He said, if anyone picks on you, just deal with them right then, don’t take it. First week of Kindergarten, a grade 1 kid was pushing me around, not letting me go back to class. I obviously decided to do exactly what my dad had told me.

I pushed him down against a fence and kicked him in the face 3 or 4 times, splitting his nose. ALMOST got kicked out of school, until they found out my grandpa had told me to do it. Thing is, no one messed with me after and that guy was nice to me all the way through to graduation. So, even though it was pretty messed up, it did prevent future bullying.


16. Breaking the trust

In 3rd grade I was a very skinny girl, probably the skinniest in my class. But it wasn’t abnormal, it fit my frame. There was a rude chunky girl that picked on me and a few others constantly. She even got me sent to the guidance counsellor to have a meeting with the principal because she spread a rumour that I was bulimic and would make myself throw up every day after lunch. Which was NOT TRUE. I just happened to be a small girl.

Anyways, so we got paired up in P.E. for some trust exercises.. to this day, I don’t know why they put the biggest and smallest girls together for this.. but we did the thing where you fall back and they catch you. I went first, she caught me, all was well.

But then it was my turn to catch her, and as she was falling back I pretended to try and catch her but totally dropped her. She screamed and started crying immediately. I instantly yelled, “I’m sorry! I couldn’t catch you, I’m not strong enough!”, or something along this way lines. Turns out she broke her tailbone and fractured her wrist from the fall.. oops.


17. Extra cruel balloons

When I was younger I was at a birthday party (I was like 6) and everyone decided to have a water balloon fight. My evil uncle Ron left a pocket of air in the water balloons so that they couldn’t pop. So my dad, not knowing the balloons couldn’t pop, whipped a balloon at this random kid and instead of hitting him and covering him in water is just smacked him and fell off onto the ground.

The kid was crying and he had a big red welt on his chest where the balloon hit and my dad felt really bad and said to the kid “here, I’ll do it to my own son to make you feel better” then proceeded to whip a death balloon at me. It smacked me in the back and nearly took me off my feet. Left a big ol’ red mark and hurt like s**t. Felt like a grown man smacked a sunburn full force. To make matters worse that kid’s dad died three weeks later. He still had the bruise from the balloon at the funeral, and so did I.


18. Pushing it too far

When I was a kid I was at a local river (a great swimming spot lots of people came to). My friend pushes me into the river and naturally, I came up spluttering and a little red in the face, but it was all in good fun. For the rest of the day, I planned to get her back, waiting for my opportunity to push her in, until she was at the edge of the river drying off.

I pushed her, but her flailing and the slippery nature of the rocks she was on made her slip on the spot, and instead of just splashing into the water, she landed on her back hitting the rocks hard, and then fell into the water. She was winded, but thankfully otherwise unharmed. Our parents were furious at me, and I just spent the few seconds it took to get her out (felt like a lot longer to me) just hoping I hadn’t broken her back or something.


19. Ratting out the writer

I was jealous of a kid in my senior-year creative writing class (high school). We had to submit weekly fiction pieces, and everyone in the class would read each others’ stories and discuss them. This guy never wrote his own pieces; he actually had the balls to submit short stories he found online. Our teacher was not technologically savvy and way too trusting of his students, so it was never obvious to him. The kid received glowing praise every week in class, and it infuriated a lot of people to sit there and watch the teacher gush over this fraud.

I finally decided to do something and snitched. He was nailed for cheating and failed the class, resulting in a failing grade for his English requirement. This was problematic for him because he had applied early decision to one school, and it was now late into Senior year when he could no longer apply to schools. Because of a failing grade, this crushed his GPA and somehow the University was also aware of the cheating. They reversed their admittance and he had to spend a year at home.


20. Root beer revenge

A kid on my track team would always come by and take a drink of whatever I had with me. I was sick of it and brought a root beer with me which had been spiked with 3x the recommended dose of root beer-flavoured exlax. Sure enough, he came by and I said you know what Tony, why don’t you just take the whole thing. He did.

Well, we were having a home meet that day and he was our best pole vaulter and part of the relay team. I thought maybe he’d feel a little off and under-preform. In the midst of our warm-ups, he went missing and was absent the entire meet. I later found out he was dangerously ill, and his scores were ruined because he couldn’t compete.


21. 14 whole potatoes

A guy a couple of houses down from our house came up to me and my dog, and kicked into my dog because we were “playing too loud” on the street, and supposedly woke him up – he was very clearly drunk though. No warning, he just kicks into my dog (on the behind). Now that doesn’t really sit well with me for obvious reasons, but he is drunk, I’m barely 13, yelled at him for being an a**hole and took the poor dog inside. However it felt like I let my “friend down”, so I decided to take my revenge on his car.

Do you know the potato method? Where you push a potato into the exhaust, and the engine doesn’t start? Well, I decided to sneak out at midnight, brought a smaller hammer with me, and 14 potatoes. I only managed to hammer and push in 9 though. Still, felt like that’s gonna be enough. Sure enough, the car didn’t start. Got a lump in my throat when I overheard my parents talk about how he got fired because “some punks” pulled a prank on him. Apparently, he got in trouble for being late a couple of times before.


22. Prank calls made personal

We learned how to make your caller ID come from any number we want. We pranked my mom by calling from the White House and other little pranks. Then the drunk down the street kicked his dog to death. So, we made the caller ID say “Oregon State Police” and called his neighbours to inform them that he was a dangerous predator. A few months later he moved.


23. A very special recipe

I had a roommate that stole food. So my two other roommates and I made brownies with chocolate Ex-Lax. I very clearly told her NOT to eat them. They were for something at school. Do NOT eat them. Four of them disappeared the night she and our other roommate had a midterm. According to the other roommate, she was white as a sheet, barely made it through the exam, and didn’t come back for the second half of class. I might have picked another night, had I known, and maybe not used the whole box of Ex-Lax.


24. A tiresome roommate

Had a roommate who basically let his new GF move into our house in college. She helped herself to everything in the house but never contributed. Finally, she parked in my parking spot and that was my breaking point. I let all the air out of all of her tires, thinking she’d just air them back up and it would be an inconvenience. Instead, she ended up buying all new tires. Whoops. Never came clean about it.


25. A brutal burn

I used to play a lot of WoW back in freshman year of high school. One of my classmates would constantly make fun of me for it, calling me “Cravin’” as if I was addicted to the game and wanted nothing more than to play. This guy was also quite a bit overweight. Well, I learned from a friend that the reason this kid was overweight was because his family wasn’t too well off, and his dad would frequently bring home cheap pizza for dinner.

The next time he called me “Cravin’”, I turned around and said “Well, at least I ain’t cravin’ pizza”. That put a complete stop to the s**t right there and I never heard from him again. I think it was a little harsh, but he began losing quite a bit of weight over the next few years so perhaps something good came of it!


26. Hitting a wall

One time this kid was making fun of me, so I had the teacher call my mom and come get me. When I went to get my things together, he threw my brand new jacket on the floor and stood on it. I got so angry that I ripped the jacket out from underneath him so hard, he feet flew out and he slammed his head into a concrete wall. He passed right out and had to go to the hospital. I was probably eight.


27. Video game vengeance

My older brother was always quite horrible to me as a child and my parents never really did much about it, he was also much bigger than me so I couldn’t retaliate in a physical way. One day I had just had enough, My revenge? He had been playing Rome Total War for a good 6 hours a day for about 3 weeks. I started a new game and overwrote his save file.

I have nver seen fury like it before or since. I regretted it at the time cause he was so angry it scared me and it made him dislike me even more but now I praise my 13-year-old self for hitting him where it clearly hurt most. He did continue to mess with me afterwards but it hurt less knowing that I had really annoyed him.


28. Accidentally unprofessional

I was involved in a fantasy football league with some friends. I would constantly be looking at it on the weekends and leave my laptop unattended in my living room. My roommate at the time got ahold of my laptop when I was gone and decided to post something masquerading as me that was rather unflattering. All in good fun, no big deal.

About a week later I found he was still logged into his league on my laptop that he had used briefly. In revenge I posted a poll for his league mates to vote on asking how many dongs they thought he could fit in his mouth with a variety of choices. Well, I found out shortly after by text from him that this league was with his coworkers including the president of the company. He had to meet with the president and had to explain himself as well to all his coworkers.


29. Should have done the washing up

In my second year at uni, we had a housemate that we all liked to pull pranks on (he was insanely tall and liked to act like the alpha male so we had to bring him down a peg or two). One day he’s asleep and my housemate says he’s gonna go into his room and throw a cup of water on him. For once I felt bad for him so I said I wasn’t going to partake.

5 minutes later, my housemate runs back into his room giggling and locks the door, to which I say “I guarantee you he’s gonna think it was me and mess with my room instead”. Lo and behold, 5 minutes later I hear the door to my room open and close, so I walk in there to find an entire bucket of water upturned on my bed.

At this point, I’m pretty p**sed cos I had nothing to do with the initial prank. So I go downstairs to the kitchen, find a huge dish bucket full of old dirty plates and cutlery, (swimming in chunks of mould where the plates had been sat festering in it for at least a month), carried it to his room and threw it over his head, covering him not only in mouldy water, but also some cutlery that I had failed to remove. As a result, I accidentally broke one of his ps4 controllers, he had to go take a long shower to wash the residue off himself, and the room smelt so bad that he had to sleep in the lounge for the next 2 weeks.


30. A peeing contest

When I was 21 there was a party at my house, and my roommate blacked out so instead of dragging him downstairs I dropped him off on my futon that I used as a couch, wake up middle of the night he’s still blacked out and standing there peeing on my bed. Furious I kick him out of my room, I’ll deal with this tomorrow I thought.

Next morning I wake up furious, walk out and start yelling at him, and instead of feeling bad he laughs and thinks it’s funny. I declare Hammurabi’s law, and walk downstairs, and let my bladder loose all over his bed, day after drinking, foul smelling, full bladder of beer pee. He was obviously furious, and I felt gross doing it, but it’s what he deserved.


31. Cutlery chaos

My parents built my brother and me an outdoor clubhouse when we were little. He got the top of the clubhouse and I got the bottom. The bottom was just a square pit of river rock and spiderwebs. The access to the ropes and ladders were at the top of the clubhouse and he had a table and some other s**t up there. It was so unfair.

We were eating lunch outside one day and I wanted to come up and eat with him. He said no (like he usually did) so I climbed up the ladder and threw my spoon at him. It hit him in the head and actually cut him head open. I feel slightly bad about it now since we get along, but he was such a d**k (so were my parents) when I was a kid.


32. Hitting where it hurts

In middle school my good friend’s mom died. We lived in a very religious town, but her family was not particularly religious. A few weeks after the funeral my friend started acting strange towards me. She would call me a b***h while when she walked past me in the hallway at school. She’d give me the finger and she started turning everyone against me.

I had no clue why. (I still have no clue) So one day my bestie and I are walking home after school and this friend almost hits me with her bike, starts calling me names and swearing at me. Before I could even think I blurted out “Why don’t you go join your mom… IN HELL!” As soon as I said it I regretted it. I got beat up at school the next day. Years later in high school I had the opportunity to apologize to her and she accepted. I really shouldn’t have said that… I still feel bad more than 20 years later.


33. Causing a stink

Back in middle school, a friend of mine threw a small wadded piece of paper at me. I retaliated by throwing the only thing I could find, which was mud close to my shoes. Smacked him right in the face with it. The worst part is, it turned out to be dog s**t that was at the bottom of my shoe. I still vividly remember his angry “wtf man I throw paper at you and you throw dog s**t?”


34. A reality-breaking prank

A little late to the party but in high school my girlfriend and her then best friend started arguing and the girl started a rumour that she had a video of me doing something really sexual and embarrassing with my girlfriend. Obviously, no one believed her but my friend was talking to me and suggested I get revenge so we devised a plan to get the most diverse group of people we could.

We had them whisper “wake up” to her about half the time they saw her. After about a week we heard that she was checked into a psych ward, luckily she was out in a few days and back at school. When I planned the prank, I had no idea it would have such serious consequences, and I felt pretty bad for terrifying the girl so much.


35. No more graduation

An old college roommate stole some random household items that I had to replace to the tune of $100, not a lot but it was a lot since I was a broke college student. I remembered her student ID + password since I had to help her register for classes the semester prior because she was an idiot.

About a month before Finals that semester I went on the account and officially withdrew from all of her classes and she had to take another semester to graduate since all of those classes were full and waitlisted. It was really terrible in retrospect and I’m much more mature now.


36. Cutting all contact

My best friend slept with my son’s father while I was pregnant. Then she got on drugs and went to prison. I found out. I had been helping her mother care for her daughters, writing to her each week, visiting her twice a week, putting money on her books… everything. I wrote to her, told her what I had found out, and then cut all contact. The only thing I continued to do was help care for her daughters. I cut off all emotional support when she needed it the most.

Even when she was transferred into the federal system, and went states away. Returned all letters, refused all phone calls. She was released a year or so ago, I did not pick her up as originally planned. When she showed up at my house to collect her daughters, they were afraid of her. Now, I feel like I may have been too mean. She wasn’t thinking properly when she decided to sleep with my son’s father, and I wasn’t a very good friend when it counted.


37. Stealing from a thief

I got into a car accident and was unable to go back to my apartment for about a week. I lived with two roommates at the time. Anyhow, I come back and most all of my stuff was missing. Clothes, CDs and even my grandmother’s perfume bottles she had gifted me. Long story short, I go into one of my roommate’s rooms and she had most of my clothes hidden in her closet, under her bed, behind her dresser, you name it.

The girl even had some of my bras and socks. So I took it all back. When I called and talked to her, I pretended I had no idea she took my stuff. She tried claiming that some girls came over that our other roommate invited over, and they MUST have taken my stuff. Hearing her invent a whole story to my face made me even angrier.

Long story short, I took some garbage bags and filled them up with most all of her clothes and her bedding, went out to the middle of nowhere, dug a hole and burned them. She called me hours later frantically asking what happened to her stuff and I told her those girls must have come over again. She then lost her composure with her lies and started screaming at me telling me to bring her stuff back.


38. An empty threat

In middle school, music class. I would bust balls (as would others) about their skill. Since I was by far the worst drummer, I thought this dude a grade ahead of me would get ‘the joke’. I was walking out of the hall, down the stairs, when this guy comes running down & slams my face into a wall & then runs away. So, in the VPs office, he starts to explain to this kid that “He could sue you for $200,000, you realize that?”. I have no idea where he came up with that number.

Anyways, after we walked out the door, I said “You’re going to high school next year, where my brother will be a senior. He’s 6′ 4″, 220. He will be waiting for you.” (my brother was big, but he wouldn’t go beat up a kid for me, so it was just an empty threat). Dude dropped out of high school. I saw him a couple of years later & he looked like complete s**t (dark eyes, weight gain, unshaven). I still kinda feel bad, but I didn’t physically assault him.


39. A leak in the laundry

Had a lady that kept taking my clothes out of the dryer before they were done and throwing them on the floor. So she could get her clothes dried for free. I knew it was a lady because guys don’t wear that colour of thong. Well, it happened for like a month. Then, for about a week straight, I just p**sed in the dryer every single f**king time it happened. It stopped happening. Weird how that works.


40. Taking the pacifist route

When I was little, my younger cousin shot me with a paintball gun at a fairly close range. It really f’ing hurt but I wasn’t a violent child so I decided to rally the next-door neighbour’s kid and attack him with squirt guns. We chased him forever, then two of us ran inside and locked the door. When he tried to get in, he was cornered.

The other kids just kept squirting him and we laughed on the other side of the glass while he cried and complained that he couldn’t breathe. Turns out he really couldn’t and was having a violent asthma attack. Our parents had to call an ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital. I’ve never had such a harmless prank get scary so fast.


41. Messing with the internet

When I was in college, I lived with my wife (at the time gf) and her parents. The wireless card in my laptop died and I was in school for network engineering. I needed internet. So I ran an ethernet cable to my room through the central vent. My Father-in-law ripped it out a couple days later to “test” something. Not only did our internet come in through the modem, but so did our phone and cable. So when he was watching tv, I reset the modem with my phone.

He was on a phone call, reset the modem. Playing Eve and in a battle, reset the modem. Did it for about 2 days, thinking he would ask the network engineering student in the house to at least take a look at it, I would have said something like “oh look, the power wasn’t plugged in all the way…That must be why it kept resetting”. But instead, he called the ISP, paid out of the a** to cancel the service, paid out of the a** again to get new service installed. To this day he doesn’t know it was me all along.


42. The sweet taste of revenge

I had a really bad teacher in middle school. Like, he would teach a skip over most of the lesson then tell all of us how dumb we were for not having a clue how to complete the assignments. He was unnecessarily mean, he wouldn’t answer questions about what he was teaching, and also was really creepy around the girls especially.

I don’t really remember what the final straw was, but we decided to f**k his truck up one day. We got a funnel and dumped a s**tload of sugar in his gas tank. What we didn’t know was his wife was pregnant with their second child and the financial burden of buying a replacement vehicle on a teacher’s salary caused them to lose their home.


43. An uncaring coworker

I worked with a girl when I was 16-17. She was a s***ty person in general, but she bullied me to the point where she was trying to get me to fight her on multiple occasions. Then I found out she was sending naked pics to my then-boyfriend by finding them on his phone.

So I made a Facebook profile with all of them publicly accessible and invited everyone on her friends list. I found out later her mom died the day I decided to get revenge… Probably the most f**ked up thing I’ve ever done.


44. Making them pay

In middle school, 7th grade I was put on the reduced lunch program so I got food for like $1 instead of $2.10 like everyone else. I always paid for my food in coins since it was always easy to find a dollar in coins throughout the day. Everyday I would give $1 in coins to the cashier lady and she would throw a fit. She would say to me, “it’s not my job to count your change”. My reply was always “you’re a cashier. That’s your exact job description”.

Well one day I show up with my coins and hand them to her and she goes “what are ya? Poor or something?” I was enraged. The next day I came in with 100 pennies, made her count all of them, then went to the office to tell on her. She was fired the next day. Oops. That wasn’t really my intention but I also don’t really feel bad about it.


45. A deadly coffee cocktail

My father’s family is very large and we cousins were very close growing up. We have a family estate out in the middle of nowhere, and there was nothing to do back then — no internet and parents wouldn’t let us watch TV. Needless to say, we had a lot of time on our hands so we started prank wars: boys vs girls usually.

Every holiday we’d spend multiple days stuck together in the house. One year the guys took all of the girl’s undergarments, soaked them in water, and froze them in the freezers. For revenge, the girls decided they would spike the coffee with cayenne and peppers. (Why idk bc we were young teens and none of us drank coffee??).

Well, my great uncle was an early riser and every morning would get up before everyone else and put on coffee for the entire house. He was very elderly and sick, but drank coffee throughout the day. Including that morning. He had such a bad reaction he nearly had a heart attack. It was really bad, we all got in trouble and the prank wars stopped.


Credit: jcomp

46. A very sorry water stealer

When I played football in high school my teammates would steal my water to the point that I had to use my friend’s water because my bottle would be empty. Around the time of twice a day practices, I got tired of it and decided to put an entire bottle of miralax into my 3-litre bottle and told my friends not to drink it. I figured that whoever is stealing my water wouldn’t show up to the second practice then I could confront them about stealing my water.

When I went home in between practices I grabbed my water bottle and found out it was empty, and got genuinely worried about the person that drank that much laxative. I found out the next day that the kid that stole my water had such bad diarrhoea that he started to poop blood and started to throw up. I felt kinda bad but for the rest of the year everyone was afraid to drink my water.


Credit: pmvchamara

47. Leaving a bad taste in their mouth

I was living in a house with 5 other people in college and ended up dating one of the girls for 6 months. I come home one day and she’s showing some guy around our house who’s her “tutor.” A month later she dumps me and it’s this “tutor” who she’s dating instead. I can hear them cooing to each other, kissing, f**king… It’s driving me insane (never date a roommate btw). Every time I go to the bathroom I see his toothbrush in there. So in that state of mind, I decide the best revenge would be to take his toothbrush and scrub the toilet with it.

And I did this multiple times over the course of a couple of months. At the time it felt like justice. Now it seems super childish and although I don’t know if he ever got sick, I’m worried about what my actions may have caused. Besides, it was her I should have been mad at and not this guy who probably had no clue about the situation.


Credit: karlyukav

48. A bad mistake made worse

I was like 7 years old, and realllyyyy mad at my older brother for something I can’t remember, but the icing on the cake was him telling me I wasn’t allowed to look at his fish (he had an aquarium in his room)… well, next time he was out, my 7-year-old self put my master revenge plot into action– I would squeeze some red magic marker into the water, and when he came home he would think one of his fish was bleeding, and panic!

And then maybe have to clean his whole tank…… but, as soon as I did it, I immediately felt terrible, and worse, I thought I would get caught and beat up. Soooo… what gets rid of colour stains? Bleach right??? Or laundry soap! It seemed legit to a 7year old… after pouring both into his aquarium, all of his fish immediately died. And to this day I am haunted by guilt, and the souls of his dead fish.


49. A regretful fight

This kid in my class at school kept insulting my mother, so I said to him that if he insults her one more time that I’ll get him after class. “Your mum’s a s**t!” he replied. So after class, I waited for him outside and when he came out of the classroom I got him in a headlock.

He forced his way up out of it and then he managed to crack the top of his head off a fire alarm, gashed his head open…! he was bleeding all down his face and had to go to the hospital. He was off school for two weeks after that too. I felt terrible about it.


50. Scared of the dark

When I was in 2nd grade, there was this d**khead who would pick on me constantly. just imagine a super entitled 2nd-grade bully. he was the wooooorst. Anyway, I wasn’t plotting revenge, but one day I went to the bathroom and as I was leaving this kid came in. I ignored him and started to walk out, it was at that moment I decided to act.

This bathroom was super old school and had no windows, so I flipped off the lights and proceeded to hold the door shut while this kid was crying and screaming because he was scared of the dark and apparently couldn’t find the light switch. I dont remember how long I held it for, but I remember my teacher coming out and sending me to the principal’s office.


51. Putting it in print

Oh boy… A female teacher in my school had it in for me from the start and constantly gave me bad grades. One time I secretly swapped a test of my then girlfriend and pretended that it was my own – and got a bad grade again (girlfriend got a C+ for this test, I got a D for her test). I couldn’t believe how blatant the whole thing was.

So I knew I was being treated unfairly. On our graduation I wrote a really bad article about her in our yearbook, left school and thought “f*** you, that was my revenge”. The last thing I heard about her was that this article had really depressed her and she got a divorce eventually after that, and she even considered quitting teaching all together.


52. Slap fight

A friend of mine (yes a friend) kept lightly slapping me during class. I told him if he did it one more time, he will regret it. During lunch I got change for a 20 dollar bill, loaded the coins in my wallet, and went back to our next class. I then slapped him in the face with my wallet full of coins in front of the whole class. It looked painful…. I felt like a d**k, and everyone thought I was one too.


53. Don’t pick on children

About 10th grade I had a friend in high school with me who was friends with a freshman in college. This college kid bullied me all the time for the stupidest s**t. So one day I made a mean joke about his mother (it was years ago and I don’t remember what I said) but he then informed me that his mother had died from cancer about 4 years prior.

I replied, “well I’m sure she’s real proud of you making fun of kids younger than you cause you’re a worthless loser”. I didn’t really feel bad about it at the time but I do now. Somehow, saying something about how disappointed his mother would be in him felt way more brutal than saying anything about his dead mother, and I regretted it almost instantly.


54. Relationship revenge gone viral

In 2004 my ex cheated on me. I asked to go get my stuff from her house while she wasn’t there. I got my stuff and took a massive s**t on her pillow that coiled into a perfect infinity symbol. I wrote a note saying, “***** your a s**tty person.” I did spell you’re wrong. It was gross, but I was so furious that t felt justified.

I took a picture of the poo pillow and note then shared it with my friend. This was in the infancy of the internet. But it kind of went viral around my college. She took a lot of s**t from a lot of people. I was kind of proud at the time, but as I look back I feel bad bringing the public into our personal business, and leading to her becoming a laughing stock.


55. Using your words

When I was about 6 or 7 in elementary school, I had long hair down to my hips. In class, we had reading circle and each student always sat in the same place, Stephen sat directly behind me. Stephen wouldn’t bother me at all until daily reading circle where he would yank on my hair non-stop, which I remember hurting as well as being annoying. And, of course, turning around to tell him to cut it out was “a disruption to the class.”

I went home after school one day and had had enough, and cried to my parents about it. They said to let them know if it happened again and they would take care of it. Later I overheard my parents joking that I should just wait for him to pull my hair then turn around and say with a straight a face as possible: “do that again and I will rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody stump.”

Not realizing that this was not actually their suggestion, the next day when Stephen pulled my hair, I said just that. The look of pure terror on this kid’s face helped me to understand why he transferred schools within the next week.

56. An innocent victim

When I was in first grade there was this really annoying kid who I later found out had autism (making me feel even worse). Well, I singlehandedly devised a plan to get him in trouble. However, the way I chose to get him in trouble is absolutely stupid. We come in from recess and I make my move. I go to my teacher and say “Mrs. Teacher, John bit me on the playground!” And showed her an existing scrape on my hand.

Well…long story short, she freaked out on the apparently autistic child and dragged him (literally) to the principal’s office while he was kicking and screaming, tears running down his face. He rightfully denied ever even being in contact with me but no one believed him. He got suspended for 3 days and ended up being forced to spend the rest of his educational career in special education classes…all the way through high school.

57. A snowy shove fight

On the one snow day we had in sophomore year of high school we were playing touch football in the snow (really fun!). My best friend decided it would be funny to sneak up behind me to shove snow in my face, which was actually quite painful if you can imagine. I laughed it off until he did it a second and a third time, when I warned him that I would tackle him the next time he did it.

Well, he did it once more, to no surprise. I’m a man of my word, and chased after him and tackled him (picked him up in the air a little bit and dropped him down). Broke his collar bone and he missed his cross country season and part of his track season because of it. He still has a metal plate and screws in 12 years later.


58. Didn’t kiss and tell

When I was 15, there was a guy in my high school who told the whole school that I slept with him. One day several months later, this a**hole is wearing his most expensive clothes. I walked right up to him, untwisted the cap to a bottle of Gatorade and dumped it right on him. The stares we got from the rest of the school felt great, but I got scared pretty fast.

I said, “That’s what you get for telling the whole school I had sex with you, you piece of s**t!” and then I ran over to the principal’s office to turn myself in. I was suspended for three days and when my parents came to pick me up, I thought, “I’m in such deep s**t right now.” Instead, we all sat at the kitchen table and laughed about what happened. To this day, I’m not sorry for ruining his $200 sweater.


59. Kicking the beach bucket

When I was a kid, my family would regularly go to the beach. I remember one time we were there, I was sitting on the beach making sandcastles and mountains. My brother kept coming over and kicking them in my face. So I thought it was a good idea to make a sandcastle around a big sharp rock so he wouldn’t kick it, or if he did then he’d stop for good.

But he came over with his s**t-eating grin as always, and kicked it. His foot was bleeding like crazy, he cut his toe wide open. My parents carried him up to the house, and I sat there thinking both, “what have I done?” and “that was f**king hilarious.” Thankfully he recovered okay, but the rest of his vacation he was totally miserable.


60. Happy prank day

I had a flat mate at university and we were one-upping eachother by sticking things on each other’s bedroom door handles. First, it was shower gel, then jam, then she tried to sellotape my door handle shut. I waited till that night and attached her door handle to the boiler room door handle with duct tape so it could only open by about 10cm.

Then I posted pictures of her photo-shopped to look like an umpa lumpa around the building with the message “Happy 12th Birthday”. I didn’t know she was supposed to be meeting her Dad for breakfast, I think it took her about an hour to get out of the room and when she saw the birthday messages she was raging. It was meant to be funny, I didn’t actually mean to ruin her birthday.


61. Running into teacher

In elementary school, a kid I knew was making fun of me so I grabbed a pin from the posting board and told him I’m going to prick him. As soon as he started running I put the pin back on the board and started chasing him. There were a lot of people in the hallways and as I got close I said “gotcha!”. I figured it was totally harmless.

He turned the corner of the hall while looking at me in horror and he slammed headfirst into a few teachers huddled around having a conversation. He ended up having a speech impediment ever since. And because I’m good friends with both of his brothers I was spared a beating but had to deal with the reality every day cause I always hung out with them.


62. Newspaper harassment

Back when newsprint was a thing, I would pay $12 to run a weekly ad in the Sunday pages advertising a bargain that was too good to be true (ie a $10,000 Jaguar “must sell” or just a free set of Ping golf clubs. Stuff like that). But I would use the phone number of my very unpopular band director. He took it for about five weeks straight until just f**king snapping one day in class because of “100’s of messages on his machine every f**king night!!!”


63. Hide and rebuy

My little brother and I used to try and annoy each other all the time when we were younger, and one time he hid my halo reach disc when i was really into it and I wasn’t happy about that. In retaliation, I decided to hide his iPod touch (1st generation and very new) in the back of the sofa which could be unzipped and then closed again.

After that, I completely forgot about doing it and he went completely mad and eventually, my parents made him buy a new one with all the money he owned to teach him to ‘be more careful’. I only remembered it was my fault when we got new sofas and had to take them apart to move them and it was found, and I’ve never come clean, but if he found out he’d be furious.


64. No more music

Pretty minor, but a coworker always blared her music (the same songs every day or Christmas music) from speakers on her desk. I decided while she was at lunch, to change the sound settings on her computer to play sound from her monitor (which didn’t have speakers) thinking she would just change the settings back. Nope, she knows nothing about computers and couldn’t figure out why her speakers stopped working. She threw her speakers in the trash thinking they were broken.

65. Sunburnt slapping

I’m pretty pale. When you’re as pale as me, you get sunburned easily. I put on a lot of sunscreen. Well, you always gotta check if the sunscreen is waterproof. Turns out, this batch wasn’t. I was in the pool for a few hours and got a pretty gnarly burn on my back. A friend of mine, knowing I have a sunburn, gives me a good slap on the back “Hey there jhutchi2, how ya doin!” God damn, that stung.

So that day in PE, he’s sitting on the bench tying his shoes. So I, seeing this from across the room, take a running start. I hop up onto the bench, jump into the air, and come down on him HARD with the slap to end all slaps. He falls to the floor and is writhing in pain. Good lord, he had a handprint on his back for days. This was just bros being bros but I still felt pretty bad about it.


66. Breaking up over a sandwich

Me and a guy I worked with used to play pranks on each other. one day he put vaseline on my phone (earpiece). It didn’t bug me but I knew I had to get him back. I went and took a bite out of his sandwich and put it back in the fridge. I figured it was a pretty harmless prank to pull since stealing a bite of a sandwich was pretty silly.

Fast forward a couple of hours, him and his g/f are having it out on the phone. “if you wanted a bite of my sandwich I would have made you one!” Anyway, turns out they ended up breaking up, etc over this. he pretty much told us he was probably going to propose, etc and she was in school to be a doctor (he basically ‘had it made’).


67. Stitched up for stealing

One time in middle school there was another kid and me who just didn’t get along for whatever reason. We were at recess and he had a habit of throwing small pebbles at me (they didn’t do any damage, but they’d sting for a second or so). I got so sick of it eventually that I devised a super extra master plan to get my own back.

He had a locker right near mine so I spied on him one day and found his combination. After school one day I took my science textbook and put it in his locker. The next morning I made myself cry and went to the counselor’s office. I told them this kid had been bullying me, throwing rocks, calling me names, and stolen (the school’s property) my science textbook.

Sure enough, they checked his locker and found it. He was suspended for two weeks and I was plauded by the counsellor for coming forward and being brave enough to stand up to the bully. I believe he was also in detention for a month for everything when he got back. Probably a little too much revenge in retrospect, but he did stop throwing stuff at me.


68. Santa’s not real

I was in preschool. This new girl joined our class and was really silly. Always talking about nonsense, generally annoying me. My parents never did any of the traditional make-belief children stuff – no Santa, no Tooth Fairy, etc. but were upfront and honest.

One day around Christmas time I just couldn’t handle it anymore. She was yammering on about the naughty list and I told her Santa wasn’t real. She broke down crying. Her mother was furious, and they changed Kindergartens.


69. Should have let go

I was younger and my family and I were in the backyard playing with the dogs. For some reason, we had the dog on the leash(maybe we had just come back from a walk?). I wanted to play fetch with the dog but my sister was holding the leash. I told her to let go so I could throw the ball. She refused to let go, so I threw the ball. She STILL refused to let go and got dragged across the yard behind the dog.


70. An unpopular picture

A friend of mine is an idiot. He told my mom about me sneaking out to hang out with a girl, probably on accident. So, in class one day I picked his wallet out of his pocket, slipped a picture of a much-hated German politician into it. Proceeded to act like his wallet fell on the ground and asked him why he had a pic of this guy in his wallet in front of everyone. I thought it would just be a funny joke. He was known as a Nazi for the rest of our school days.


71. Hot or cold

Pretty mild but one time as kids my brother and I were at the pool and he kept splashing me with water. This pool had kind of a lounge area with containers of filtered water, hot water, tea, and coffee. I thought it would be good revenge to fill a cup with some water and splash it on my brothers head once he had his clothes on – cause then he’d get all wet and it would be annoying.

Anyway, I accidentally filled the cup with the boiling water, not the regular filtered water. He started SCREAMING in the middle of this lounge and his scalp was super burned for like, a few weeks. Fortunately, my mom understood the mistake and I actually didn’t get in much trouble but I felt awful about it for yearsssss, and I still consider it my worst moment.


72. Wrecked from the inside

One kid in high school bullied my friend really bad one day. He dumped a slushie over his head at lunch, and kept throwing rocks at him, etc. One day we were walking around town on a Friday night. We walked by his parents’ house and noticed this guy’s cars window was open. (He was in grade 12 and had bought himself a car).

We went back to my house and looked through the pantry and garage and grabbed everything we could. It was late at night so it was dark. We dumped a massive Costco sized jar of minced garlic, a box of baking soda, bag of flour, and a jug of juice. My (bullied) friend proceeded to p**s on his steering wheel and all over the pile of stuff. The kid did not have a car for the rest of the year.


73. Sugar in the ceiling

I poured half a pound of pixie sticks sugar above ceiling tiles all over my apartment before moving out of the place. The landlord was a prick who knickle and dimed me for every tiny thing in the world, stole my oil, was in my apt once with no permission(only found out because I caught him). I was p**sed and not in a good state of mind.

The place became infested with ants and rodents and was shut down for a few months. Dude hurt himself on the job, lost his job, couldn’t pay for the place to be exterminated and ended up losing the building to the bank. The bank demolished the building, so the dude basically lost everything. He never traced it back to me, but I felt awful.


74. Pantsed in the playground

When I was in kindergarten a girl who mean-flirted with me all the time finally p**sed me off so bad I pantsed her at recess. I wasn’t acutely aware of the differences between boys and girls at that point so I had no idea what I’d just done was pretty f**ked up. She ended up skipping school for two weeks because she was so embarrassed. Once I finally realized what I’d done (2 years later) I felt absolutely horrible.


75. Reputation ruined

My Ex cheated on me. She bought bondage supplies and was super kinky and into BDSM, her parents being ultra-conservative Christians, and her living with them after moving out from living with me, I mailed all the bondage stuff to her parents’ house, with their name on the package and a letter that said: “your cheating lying wh**e of a daughter left these with me. I have no use for them but she might like them back”.

They got in a massive fight and kicked her out of their home. They still thought she was a virgin, and were beyond upset. Her life hasn’t been the same since, they completely cut her out of their life, last I knew she was still trying to catch up after literally losing everything, and can’t get on her feet. I feel really bad for getting her family involved in our personal business.


76. Stealing in aisle three

I was 8 or 9 standing in the candy aisle at the local Walmart with my 5-year-old brother. He was born with a significant bald spot on the top of his head (scar tissue from a burst cyst) and had corrective surgery at the age of 3 which still left him with a hefty jagged scar. While waiting for him to pick out his treat two women stopped behind us and started making fun of my little brother’s head.

It was to the point that he started crying, uncontrollably. I grabbed his hand and pulled him away just in time to run into a store clerk. She asked what was wrong, and rather than tell her the truth I told her I thought I saw one of the women put something in her purse without paying for it, and my brother had tried to confront her.

The clerk called security and the women were escorted to the customer service desk at the front of the store, yelling about how they were going to sue. Low and behold both women hand unpaid for products in their bags and coats… Cops were called, my mom kept telling me how proud she was of me and my brother kept looking at me with some kind of confusion and awe. He knew I had lied, but somehow I was right. I still kind of feel bad that I accused someone of theft and got them arrested…


77. Bullying the sick

I told my supervisor I wasn’t feeling well. She told me to get my s**t together, because she couldn’t afford to have me sick. I told the general manager what she said, then added I still wasn’t feeling well and I absolutely would not be in. She had to work that night, accordingly missed a flight she had booked, and didn’t get to be in Miami visiting her family. I cost her about $600 and almost 2 days with loved ones, because I was angry and sick.


78. Party pooper

Back in high school, one of my buddies (we’ll call him Steve) had a party and a bunch of us went over. One of the other guys, we’ll call him Joe, came over and brought his girlfriend at the time. The two of them were pretty s**tty as a couple, but we were all young so that stuff was super common. As everyone is getting really drunk, I happen to look over and see Joe’s girlfriend sitting on Steve’s lap (who was pretty blacked out) making out with him.

Obviously, Joe didn’t take that well, and the two of them got into a fight and it ended up ruining the entire party. The next day I “accidentally” let it slip that this girl “took a dump on the floor”. It spread like WILDFIRE. 3 days later she was out for like 2 months of the semester, couldn’t handle the shame. It was the second incident of a “party pooper” at my high school at the time (at least that I can remember), and it wasn’t even true.


79. Pretend kidnapping

When I was young (probably 10?), we had an au pair/nanny for a summer as both of my parents worked. She was perfectly nice and would discipline us fairly if we got out of line. Well, one time I was sent to my room and felt this was unfair. I decided to go into the corner of my room, hold my hand over my mouth and start screaming “HELP” in a muffled voice.

Surprisingly, she didn’t call the cops. Called another au pair from down the street that she was friends with, but they were both FREAKING out thinking that someone had me tied up as a hostage upstairs. That was the first time I heard someone scream “What the F**K?” All I’d wanted to do was freak her out and I didn’t really think about the consequences of my actions, so I regretted it really fast.


80. Shove match stapes

When I was in kindergarten we had assigned partners to walk next to on the way back to class, so me and this kid had a shoving game where we lightly pushed each other back and forth. So we played this game, and he pushed me a bit too hard and my foot slipped into a little muddy puddle, and I got p**sed because it ruined my shoes.

I started shoving him a lot harder and harder and finally he fell and split open his head on the pavement, he ended up having to get staples in his head and wasn’t able to go to any field trip that involved water, and I got recess detention for the rest of the year. At the time I mostly felt awful because I got so punished, but now I feel bad that I hurt someone so badly.


81. Open door disaster

My sister and I grew up with parents that were always working, so I spent a lot of time looking after her while they worked. Just to preface, there’s a 6 year difference between us so just keep that in mind in terms of fragility. My sister would constantly tell our mother that I was making fun of her while they were at work just to see me get in trouble or scolded.

So one day when we took a ride to the grocery store, I thought it would be funny to psyche my sister out and open the passenger door while she was leaning on it upon getting out the car. I swore I saw her have her seatbelt still on so I went for it and opened the door hella quick. Turns out she didn’t and she toppled out the car and ate the pavement. She ended up needing stitches on her forehead and I became the black sheep in the family from then on lol.


82. Pollen grenade

Bach in 3rd grade we were playing outside during recess, and being may there was a ton of pollen laying down on the school courtyard; this kid, who was known to be very allergic to pollen, tripped me. Evil 8-year-old me had the bright idea to grab a handful of pollen and throw it in his face. Seeing him struggling to breathe I thought I had killed him, thankfully 10 years later he’s still alive and we’re actually good friends.


83. Setting the lesson on fire

So when I was in Junior high our English teacher would always leave us 50 vocabulary words and their definitions to copy off the projector when she felt we weren’t paying enough attention, well day three of these damn vocab words was more than I could handle so I snuck in class before anyone else arrived opened the projector and placed a folded piece paper towel over the bulb.

Fast forward 10 mins into class she is completely baffled as to why she can’t see anything on the screen when the projector catches on fire, the whole school was evacuated and I felt horrible because the teacher was yelled at for not pulling the fire alarm. All I’d wanted to do was give myself an extra day to study for the test, not nearly burn the school down.


84. Frog sandwich

Oh wow, 7th grade. Bully in my class poured ink on my chair in Chemistry, hoping I’d sit in it. I saw it just in time, and stormed out, furious. Managed to grab a couple of items on the way out the door: part of a frog I’d just dissected, and her backpack which was hanging just outside. Before I went back into the class, I put a sliver of formaldehyde-soaked frog leg into her sandwich in her lunch bag, and then hung her backpack back on the hook.

A couple of days later, I felt really, horrifically guilty about it. I decided to come clean, and said, “remember when you put ink on my chair?” She replied, “yeah, and you sat in it and you got mad and stormed out? That was really funny!” I said, “no, it wasn’t.” And just like that, my guilt went away. Hope she liked the sandwich.


85. Stabbed in the back

When I was younger I had a weird obsession with sharp things, so one day my mother came home with this cool looking ninja star for me. I thought it was cool so I brought it with me to my friend’s house to show my friends. A few hours pass by and another one of our friends shows up after his soccer practice and is all sweaty.

I was a s**t when I was younger, so I made some snarky comment about how sweaty and gross he still was. His response was to then rub his mostly naked sweaty body on my sweatshirt, to which I grabbed and whipped him with it. In doing this I had forgotten the ninja star in my pocket and actually ended out stabbing him in the back with it. This is why I’m not allowed sharp things anymore


86. Gross water fight

I was seven years younger than my brother, and one day while I was playing he opened the door and sprays me with a squirt gun filled with hot water. He laughed and told me it was pee. So, naturally, I peed in a squirt gun, opened his door and just unloaded on him, his carpet, and his bed. It was totally crossed, and I felt so thrilled.

I looked at him and said, “it’s pee,” with a smugly self-satisfied look. He then caught a smell and yelled out that it really was p**s when he had used hot water. While I was getting my a** kicked I wished I hadn’t gone overboard, but it took me getting punished to realised exactly how over the top I had acted, and it was bad.


87. Spreading it around

I dated a girl for a while then she broke up with me. She started dating my, at the time, best friend. She then broke up with him. Me and him soon became friends again. We had a great idea to convince her that we both had syphilis…

She told her new boyfriend and got dumped. She told her sister and her sister called her a wh**e and told their mom. Her mom called her a wh**e and kicked her out so she ended up having to move upstate to live with her father till eventually, she patched things up with her mom. But we felt terrible about that.


88. Spun by snow

I was in the backyard having a snowball fight with my siblings. I was probably 14 or 15 and my brother was about 8 or 9. Everything’s going good, normal snowball fight and my brother gets me good in the face. I decided I would pack a nice slush ball with a snow coating, making sure to smooth it out nicely. A bit of a mean prank sure, but mostly just normal brother stuff.

As he’s running across the yard, I take aim at his knees (I’m not cruel) and launch it. Just before impact, my brother slips. The slush ball impacts the side of his face with almost enough force to spin him. Of course, he’s balling. Snow under his eyelids, packed in his mouth. I felt horrible. Thankfully he laughs about it today, but at the time he was convinced that I’d done it on purpose.


89. Backpack surprises

Buddy in high school, we were walking the halls between class he threw a pen at me so I threw something at him. Just guys playing around, he then tried to open a zipper on my backpack so I did the same except I was successful in emptying his backpack in the hallway. Well, I learned that he was selling pot. About a dozen baggies fell out of his bag in the hallway right in front of a vice principal. It was his last day there, always felt terrible about that one.


90. High school virus

When I was a kid waiting for my turn on the internet. My brother took way too long and ate into my allotted time. To vent my frustrations I logged into his MSN chat which he had left open. Started to spam all his contacts saying I was infecting them with the monkey virus. Then mashed the keyboard a fair bit and said they had successfully installed the virus.

Then the next day at school he was approached by a bunch of the girls in the hot girl click and told that he was a jerk and they hate him ect. Why would you give me a virus ect ect. This was about 15 years ago and those girls still won’t forgive him. I know it seems petty and silly now, but in the early days of the internet it was totally believable.


91. Spilling state secrets

I was at a bar and I saw a guy who was awful to me when I used to work with him. At the time he was a developer for a high-security clearance company that was contracted out by the government. He had way too much to drink was trying to out “alpha” some other males by proving how important his job was compared to them. He has a big mouth on him and loves to one-up people and brag about how superior he is to everyone else. He did this a lot when I worked with him years ago.

He started telling everyone in his group about the projects the company was working on and some of the algos. Granted it went over most of everyone’s head, but still in public. I knew the manager told him about the guy running his mouth. He was fired, his clearance was revoked and he was blacklisted by all of the companies in the area. He started back doing drugs shortly after being fired.


92. It’s coming from inside the car

I had a neighbour who would always double park in our apartment complex and take up 2+ spaces which got very annoying when I needed a place to park. One day out of pure anger I bought this jar of stink bomb filler and some hypodermic needles, and got to work without even thinking about what I was doing. It was like I was possessed.

I used the needles to inject the stink into the rubber lining of his car door. Basically, it smelled like complete s**t and he couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. His car was missing a week after for what I assumed he took it to the garage to get checked out, probably cost him a nice penny to do and I slightly regretted it.


93. Toppling the pyramid

When I was in high school my mom had me join cheerleading. The bullies picked off my friends one by one and they all quit. Mom made me stay on. I was more than resentful at the daily harassment these girls gave. One in particular. I was in her stunt group and I was the “base” person who lifted the bully girl in the air. One day she came at me way too hard with her snotty bs statements.

So I said “Oh yeah what’s that you just said to me?” the moment I hoisted her into a lift. I then promptly walked away, told my coach to go f**k herself and walked out of practice. The girl could have been paralyzed had she fallen backward incorrectly. Cheerleading stunts, however, involve trust and teamwork. Something she dearly missed at that moment.


94. Classroom justice

In university, our lecturer refused to give a course outline to us on our assignment and we were left with a vague idea on how to do said task. When other students confronted her, she gave each student different answers on how to tackle the assignment. She was a b**ch when we tried to ask for help and refused to do anything. We all boycotted her classes and staked out the principles office.

Because of the sheer numbers they intervened and made her do up an outline and present it to the class of angry students (crying in the process). She stopped attending most classes just to avoid us. Don’t mess with justice students lady! I don’t feel about standing up for myself and fellow students, but it was kind of sad to see her crumple.


95. Pebbles and rocks

Playing basketball in 6th grade recess…these two kids were throwing little pebbles at everybody playing on the court. After they hit me two or three times I just picked up a decent size (about the size of a pocket watch) ….rock…and fire it back at them (sitting about 25-30 feet away). Immediately I knew this was a bad idea.

The rock smacks one of the kids in the mouth and knocks out a fair amount of his teeth. I remember telling my parents it wasn’t a big deal because “his dad is a dentist” ….. I was such a smart a**. I didn’t feel bad about it at all at the time, but I have enough maturity now to realise that what I did was pretty screwed up.


96. Playing the long game

One of my ex gf betrayed me with one of my close friends and I got really depressed. So I pretended I didn’t knew and I kept “helping” her to study for her finals, I teach everything wrong and she flunked and stayed in high school. After that she came crying to me and I explained everything so got depressed, after that I got sent to a good University and the school wanted my picture for a big outdoor in front of the school to use as advertising, I did it for free because I knew she would walk in front of it for a year.


97. Revenge served at the bar

In junior high and high school I was a total dork. Everyone made fun of me. But I swanned in college. I went out to the pub and ran into my biggest bully from junior high. He didn’t recognize me, even though I will never forget that face, so I let him keep buying me drinks and food and pinball games and stuff. It went on for a long time.

Then he asked to take me home after spending a willing $300 on me (i never asked for a refill or a game. He offered everything). When I turned him down I tore him a new one for how he treated me in junior high. He left crying, and seemed genuinely regretful about his actions. I even felt a bit bad in case he had become a much nicer person in my absence.


98. Cooking up a plan

My father is a fairly big nerd so he got picked on a lot growing up. He told me his freshman year in high school a large senior kept messing with him to the point that he concocted a downright EVIL PLAN. My father went to the woods and picked poison ivy, sautéed it, then saved the excess concentrated poison juices in a syringe.

The next school morning he snuck up behind the bully and squirted it all down the back of his shirt. The bully didn’t come back to school for 2 1/2 weeks. My dad thinks he may have taken his revenge a lil too far, and I’m not sure whether I agree or whether it’s super cool. Either way, he’s always warned me to think about the kind and scale of the revenge I enact.


99. An antique house

We had a thing in college where if you passed out with shoes on, you got flour thrown on you. It’s called antiquing. So I took my shoes off after the party was over to pass out. One of the guys thought he found a loophole by putting my shoes back on and doing it anyway. Needless to say I was p**sed. After I realized he locked his door so I couldn’t antique him, I proceeded to throw flour over their entire house and then left. His roommates made him clean it up. Didn’t feel that bad about it tho. Maybe just a little.


100. An eye for an eye

I was away on a week-long 7th-grade school trip, which took place at a large camp and involved lots of winter outdoor activities. There had been this guy, Bryan, and I had a huge crush on him. Well, my friend, Sara, ended up kissing him one night around the campfire. I was devastated. The next day, we all went tubing down a mountain.

To vent some frustration, I pushed Sara’s tube down the mountain, hoping she would tumble out of it and look foolish. Instead, she careened into a bush, and ended up scratching her cornea. She was taken to the hospital and needed to wear an eye patch for the rest of the week.

It was a simple, spiteful act that I had committed, not expecting to hurt her, but I did. It didn’t matter that she quickly healed, and had no lasting effects. I’m now 35, but that incident has always stuck with me, and I’ve learned not to act out of anger. Everything has consequences.