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Named the greatest rapper of all time, Jay-Z is a household name recognised by all and loved dearly by fans. When he showed up in this old image taking a break with a friend, it’s no wonder why everyone immediately thought it was him. Maybe he travelled back in time to have a break from the fame?

Flip camera phone in 1962

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The World Cup in 1962 was won by the Brazilian team. Unfortunately, the celebrations were overshadowed by the interest in someone appearing to use a flip camera phone to photograph the event. In the center of the image at the bottom, a journalist can be seen using a flip phone instead of a traditional film camera typically seen in the era.

Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey is an icon. His name and skills as an actor have won him multiple awards and his renowned presence is known across the world. As a recognisable face, he can’t hide travelling back in time or that he hasn’t aged a second in the passing decades, and this image seems to prove it!

Checking a phone in 1943

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When British factory workers took a break on the beach in Newquay in 1943, it seemed like a picture perfect moment. As a wartime moment of relaxation, there’s more to this image than just it’s historical significance. Everyone is wearing the correct clothing for the era except a man in the center who is dressed in a brown suit and checking his mobile phone.

Just landed

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This image has brought a lot of questions about how time travellers appear in the time they’re travelling to. Here, a man can be seen surrounded by confused patrons who were enjoying a day at the beach. Clearly dressed for the modern day, he appears to have been caught directly after landing in this part of time.

Astronaut sculpture

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A surprise for many is the astronaut sculpture in the portico of Salamanca’s cathedral. The Spanish cathedral started being built in 1513 so naturally people are often shocked to see (what looks like) an astronaut feature. Floating high above, this capture suggests that someone knew more about the future than they should of.

A child at Gettysburg

Credit: Youtube

The three-day war in July of 1863 is a powerful historical moment for American heritage. What people can’t understand is why there appears to be a child on the battlefield. Some have theorized that it could have been a wormhole that appeared, allowing this child to instantaneously be transported to this time.

Phone in 1670

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Pieter de Hooch completed this painting, Man Hands a Letter to a Woman in a Hall, in 1670. What has baffled the viewers in the modern century is why the man is holding an iPhone. The screen can clearly be seen and no one has the knowledge of why Hooch added this into the painting or how he knew what they looked like.

The 1900s mohawk

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The Edwardian era was known for its significant advances in the creative and technological world, but fashion remained modest. This is why so many have been questioning the man with the mohawk captured in this image. It’s a time travelling mistake not to use a hat like the other gentlemen in the picture to hide this obvious mismatching choice.

Phone in the war 1943

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During World War 2, communication was more difficult than picking up a mobile. However, this man clearly has something that would have made a huge difference to how quickly parties could communicate important information. Speaking on the phone on a crowded street didn’t camouflage this man’s obvious differentiating feature.

Nicholas Cage

Credit: CBS

An acting icon, Nicholas Cage has notable features that make him recognisable anywhere. Here he can be seen at two different time zones in photos that only differ thanks to a moustache. This time travel must have been intense research for a role!

Dabbing in World War 2

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Dabbing was a popular move in 2015 and featured across all social media. In this image from World War 2, a soldier can be seen recreating this move. As his comrades continue looking on and he’s the only one doing this action, it can only be assumed that he’s learnt about the craze somewhere else in time.

Sunglasses in the 1940s

Credit: Youtube

With bright sunlight raining down on this group, it must be handy having a pair of sunglasses so the sunlight doesn’t impact your view. These clearly modern sunglasses, worn by the man towards the front of the image, should not have existed in this time. His clothing also gives him away, out of place from the men around him wearing suits and hats.

Greta Thunberg

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A photo from 1898 was rediscovered in 2019. It shows three children in Canada’s Yukon territory working at a gold mine. What has people shocked is that one of these children looks like the spitting image of Greta Thunberg herself. Many are now questioning whether her incredible knowledge of the planet is because she can time travel.

Cell phones in 1938

Credit: Youtube

Phones weren’t available to people like this in 1938. This woman has clearly been caught using her phone (or similar device) in public, at a time when such an idea was just a concept. Whether she was contacting her time travelling friends or asking someone to meet them, this photographer has caught her in the act.

Vladimir Putin through the 20th-21st centuries

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According to this series of images, Vladimir Putin hasn’t aged nearly a century. Each image shows his characteristic facial features and that his commitment to his country has never waivered. His knowledge of history might not be from his education but because he’s been travelling back in time.

Bruce Willis

Credit: Getty Images

Although it’s impossible to tell, these images are supposed to be different men. On the left is General Douglas MacArthur and on the right is Bruce Willis. As a well loved actor, it’s easy to pick up that he must have gone back in time to get some real life experience to gain the right experience worthy of the ‘best actor’ title.

A sculpted laptop

Credit: The J Paul Getty Museum

In ancient Greece, there weren’t laptops. In the Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant, a laptop is clearly being presented to the woman and it’s been speculated that the holes are also USB ports. The sculptor of this piece, depicting exactly what they saw, may have immortalized in stone a time traveller using modern technology.

Cell phones in 1928

Credit: Youtube

In one of Charlie Chaplin’s films, The Circus, there’s an unusual addition for the time. Filmed in 1928, a character passing behind a zebra can clearly be seen on the phone. Whether this time traveller knew where they were, they were cemented in this time because of the timing of Chaplin’s production.

Eddie Murphy

Credit: Youtube

The hilarious Eddie Murphy has had his audiences in stitches of laughter from the moment he stepped on stage at Saturday Night Live. If he has been practicing in a different era because he’s capable of travelling back in time, it could explain how he’s managed to perfect such brilliant sets.

1995 camera phone

Credit: Youtube

In 1995, Mike Tyson can be seen during a match. Whilst it’s televised, fans have noticed that an audience member is using a camera phone in the background which wasn’t correct for the time. Maybe this fan was hoping to capture a moment to share that no one else would have.

1937 phone

Credit: IFL Science

This mural was installed in a post office in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1937. Unbelievably, what can be seen is a man on his smart phone gesturing for others to give him a moment whilst he checks whatever has caught his attention. It’s clear from the year and the context of the painting that this isn’t quite right, and it clearly stands out.

Johnny Depp

Credit: Youtube

Johnny Depp has long been working in different eras and representing those from different times. From Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Pirates of the Caribbean, he knows how to make things appear magical. Here, a portrait suggests that Depp might have been time travelling himself. This could explain his versatile acting experience and knowledge of his craft.

400 year old mummy wearing a watch

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When archaeologists opened a 400-year old sealed tomb in China, they were very perplexed. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty between 1368-1644, it wasn’t historically correct to find a Swiss watch. It has been theorized that a time traveller visiting the tomb before it was sealed accidentally dropped it in, causing an unusual time capsule.

Life saving teleportation

Credit: Youtube

How time travellers get around is still speculated. This street footage from Japan shows a moment of teleportation that saves someones life. A truck is entering the intersection, heading for a cyclist which would have caused a horrific crash. At the last second a flash appears, stopping the truck and saving the cyclist’s life.

John Travolta

Credit: Youtube

John Travolta gained popularity and fame in the 70s. With notable features in top films, including Greece, he’s been a heartthrob over the decades. This image suggests that he’s been back in time to become a well loved personality many decades before getting on screen, reinforcing his timelessness!

Marilyn Monroe near an iPhone

Credit: @floraborisofficial via Instagram

Marilyn Monroe was always used to the paparazzi and constantly having the limelight on her. Remaining an icon long after her passing, it’s no surprise that a time traveller would choose to go back and visit her. Here a woman can be seen using a camera phone to photograph the actor and model, before mobile phones existed.

2008 Airpods

Credit: Sport Bible

Apple has been bringing out incredible technological advances for years, but a time traveller might have made a mistake when they attended the 2008 Olympics. In this image, the performer can clearly be seen wearing a set of AirPods, which weren’t available to the public until late 2016.

Alec Baldwin is Milliard Finnimore

Credit: Youtube

Alec Baldwin is a comedic actor, who has brought smiles to the screen since 1975. Millard Finnimore was the 13th president of the United States, starting his term in 1850. When these images are brought together, people can’t help but question if they are the same person!

Vintage Mongolian Adidas trainers

Credit: Pinterest

When experts found the remains of a mummified Mongolian woman, they carefully excavated her. To their shock, the woman was wearing what looked like a pair of red Adidas shoes. The first Adidas shoes came out in 1949 and the vibrant red raises the question of whether she has travelled back in time to this ancient era.

Peter Dinklage

Credit: Youtube

Diego Velzaquez painted Dwarf Sitting on the Floor in 1645. Velzaquez’s man has a striking resemblance to the star Peter Dinklage. Fans of the show Game of Thrones have been questioning if it was based on his past life or if he went back to study his role.

Sean Penn is Abraham Lincoln

Credit: Getty Images

Sean Penn has many accolades to his name but being Abraham Lincoln has yet to be added to his resume. The striking resemblance between the two suggests that maybe Lincoln wanted to know what it would be like to be a famous actor in the future!

Robert De Niro is Johann Vogt

Credit: Getty Images

Robert De Niro with a beard has an incredible resemblance to this painting. Whilst without a photograph no one can be completely sure this is De Niro, the hair, eyebrows, beard, nose and eyes all share characteristics that he might have been dwelling in the past, a good few centuries ago.

Tommy Lee Jones is Andrew Johnson

Credit: Getty Images

Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of the United States and Tommy Lee Jones is one of America’s most beloved actors. Their uncanny resemblance is undeniable, igniting theories that Johnson and Lee are, in fact, the same man. While this cannot be concretely proven, their shared features are eerily similar.

Keanu Reeves is Paul Mounet

Credit: Getty Images

Keanu Reeves is incredibly famous but is known to spend a lot of his time amongst the public, like on the subway, without people realising it’s him. Unfortunately for him, he has been unable to conceal his previous life as Paul Mounet in the 19th and 20th centuries!

Christina Aguilera is Ginger Rogers

Credit: Getty Images

Ginger Rogers was a singer, actor and dancer during the Hollywood Golden Age, quite famously partnered up with Fred Astaire for
a total of ten films together. Not only does Aguilera bare a striking resemblance to her, the two women also share a love of music and theatre. Maybe Rogers’ career never ended?

Chuck Norris is Vincent Van Gogh

Credit: Twitter

Vincent Van Gogh’s self portraits aren’t part of the realism style, which allows an art lover to focus on the facial characteristics. Looking at these images above together, the resemblance between him and Chuck Norris suggests that Norris might have talents other than acting he could reveal.

Jimmy Fallon

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One of he most watched men on television, Jimmy Fallon can’t hide from anyone. This includes in an era from the past. In this photo, even with a moustache, his eyes, nose and hair is a dead giveaway that he’s been moving through time.