I think that we have all at some point in our lives either pulled a prank on someone or someone has pulled one on us. One thing is certain in the world of pranks, it is absolutely hilarious to watch them be done to someone else but when it comes to a prank being done on us we tend to not appreciate the gesture. We have found 22 off the charts pranks that will make you laugh until your side hurts. My favorite was the last one and by far the one that would surely get me.


1. When that cushion isn’t really a cushion.



2. OK whatever wise guy that did this is just diabolical.4

3. Haha this one is classic. Could you imagine boxes coming alive?6

4. That is just wrong; this poor guy will be sore for a while.7

5. Excuse me… Can I get a mechanic over here.


6. He will never look at a pile of leaves the same way again.11



7. Now this is some first-class cheer-leading training.


8. This is only funny if they actually turn over the mouse.14

9. When your worst fears come to life.


10. This guy won’t be looking for ladies on internet anymore.18

11. I hope the person that finds this one doesn’t have a weak heart.20

12. That plastic wrap works for many things other than food.


13. I feel sorry for the poor guy sitting behind him.


14. I am not sure how they pulled this one off but this would get me running too.23

15. Time for his mid-day bath.


16. So that is how they came up with the mint flavored Oreos.26

17. Maybe the car got hungry for a midnight snack.27

18. Your first flying lessons.


19. That will teach him to not piss in public.


20. That’s one way to do your powder for your face.


21. Where’s the guard dog when you need him?


22. This one is just flat out wrong.