Ben ‘The Flippist‘ Zurawski is an artist who creates personalised flipbooks to enable people to propose in a personal and original way.

But with a hefty price tag starting at $395 and a wait of 6 – 8 weeks for the incredible custom made animations, these books might seem out of reach for most people. However, the concept shouldn’t be; why not create your own? All you need is a pad and a pen. Oh and a ring might be a good idea too if you want to propose this way.

But these cool flipbooks could be a sweet gift for any occasion; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.

Send someone a special message or question…


Make it personal…


Include a small gift…


Add real characters


Or even pets


Use symbols that mean something to you…


Tell a story…


Make someone smile


Watch the videos below for more ideas

Custom Proposal Flipbook for Aidan and Maria

You & Me Flipbook

Hidden Engagement Ring

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