Using a black light

Credit: What The Hays via Youtube

You’ve seen clips like this on hotel TV shows, where the lights go out and the room fills with a blue glow… then you see all the spooky messages previous guests leave you with invisible ink. Of course, rooms can be cleaned without black light, but maids have a ton of rooms to service and these tools help them see any particularly dirty areas.

Recycled sheets

Credit: WeStudio via Shutterstock

Hotel beds are a mystery, they’re either the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had or made of a lumpy substance science hasn’t identified yet. What might not help the issue is learning that, according to some maids, those sheets might come pre-used… Lovely. You can overlook a lot of little stains during an overnight stay, but the sheets deserve to be sacred.

Killing time

Credit: Loftcwyouth via Wikimedia Commons

Several maid confession posts are about the small and inoffensive ways they try to kill time while. Some of them kick back and watch hotel TV, some might fiddle on whatever games consoles are laying around. If you’re on a trip with your kids, you best believe housekeeping is going to have a field day with whatever toys they bring.

Snooping around

Credit: wooosh_me_papi via Reddit

You can learn a lot about someone from what they bring to a hotel, and the cleaning staff might be a lot more familiar with you than you realize. Often their job involves moving the things that you left all over the place. This is why they end up seeing some of your most personal items – and you just have to be okay with that. You’ll never know exactly what secrets they learn about you!

Free lunch

Credit: Mike Jones via Pexels

Overnight trips and food delivery apps are a pair made in heaven. Guilt free takeout – vegging out on a huge bed, surrounded by boxes of goodies like a spoiled monarch. If you’ve ever had leftovers go missing after a cleaning, odds are they weren’t discarded in vain! You’ll probably have a very satisfied cleaner who’ll work even harder to starve off the guilt.

Vapor break

Credit: Erik Mclean via Pexels

You’d be hard-pressed to find a hotel anywhere that allowed smoking and, although staff often have access to back areas, they’re up and down in those elevators constantly as is. Unsurprising then, that many maids admit to vaping on the job so they can truck through the urges. There’s a gap in the market here that Fabreze definitely needs to fill.

Just five more minutes…

Credit: Niels Zee via Pexels

Probably the most unsurprising confession of the bunch, since everybody wants to nap whilst they ‘work’, is many maids admitting to taking naps whilst cleaning. Not everybody gets to work around comfy beds all day, and they know exactly which rooms are occupied – so being disturbed is much less likely than you would think!

Taking a souvenir

Credit: Paul Gorbould via Pexels

Maids aren’t stealing from you but, as you might expect, they do have access to the world’s best lost and found box. One woman told the Huffington Post about a T-bone steak left behind in the mini-fridge, and another noted that she thought guests had left a baby behind! It turned out to be a doll used by the medical convention they hosted, creepy nonetheless.

Taking revenge

Credit: Luis Zambarano via Pexels

Outside of classic detective serials, maids harming their guests is actually quite rare. Rather than taking a criminal approach, cleaners have admitted to using guest towels to clean the floor and then folding them neatly for use. This is reserved for exceptionally rude or disrespectful guests – so the moral is always to be kind and respect the trolley!

A trick of the mind

Credit: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Being constantly pressed for time, most cleaners develop their short-cuts and hacks to shave a few precious seconds off rooms that are already somewhat clean. One of the most devilish methods is spraying a few spurts of glass cleaner into a bathroom, so guests smell chemicals and assume everything has been cleaned. There are worse things to be greeted with in hotel bathrooms!