How a Real Man Does The NekNomination Game



You may have seen it going round the internet over the past few months. Guys and girls are challenging each other to down a pint of beer or cider, or even wine in some cases. They they nominate 2 more friends who have to do the same. What started our as a bit of fun has now turned into a game that has actually led to two deaths in Ireland.

The game has now turned into a stupid competition where guys are drinking more and more and are also introducing new types of alcohol including Whiskey and Rum. A lot of the people playing are still at Uni and don’t understand that this kind of alcohol abuse doesn’t just give you a hang over, it can stop your heart beating and kill you.


I was heartened today when I saw the video below posted on Youtube. This is a guy in South Africa who has taken it upon himself to change the rules somewhat.

I think the game would make a lot more sense if people followed his lead. What a man!


Id love to see the new rules be as popular as the originals.