The biology behind why girls date bad boys…. what?


Oh come on. Really? I follow the page that advertises this website on Facebook and this was shared on it. I read the article thinking- oh so someone thinks they know why girls date bad guys? I read through it, and to be honest? It kind of made me mad. That original article was written by a GUY from what I could tell.  Raw primal female instincts? Daddy issues? Doesn’t want to fall for a nice guy because they are afraid of getting hurt or missing out? And we, females are PROGRAMED? Oh, ok. I see how it is. So that is why you had to do some “research” and didn’t come up with a definite answer. Pftt… programed….


Here is the real reason why girls date the bad boy in parts.

Part one- The confidence.

Girls love guys who have confidence. Confidence is sexy. Just like you guys love a girl who is confident in what she does. We love it too. There is no question.  I can’t even begin to stress this. Nice guys? We don’t want a nice guy. We want a confident guy.

Part two- The look

Some guys don’t have this. They don’t know how to be confident, so they don’t have the look Some guys are over confident, and don’t have the look, and sometimes they are perfectly confident and just perfect. Confidence and looks go hand in hand. Some guys have the look and no confidence, some guys have the confidence but have no look. It has nothing to do with “Nice guys” or “ Bad boys” If every “Nice guys” had the look and/or the confidence, and you can get just about any girl. (at the beginning)

Part three- The “fun guy”

Ok, so you guys know how to get the girl, now we need to go about the fun guy. Bad boys, if you will,  are good about it. It’s all about the ADRINALINE RUSH. If you have any idea how to have fun with us girls, we love the adrenaline.



Part four- The drama (optional)

The drama is what drives us. It goes to the Adrenaline rush. This is not always true with every girl, but a lot of girls are like this but won’t admit it. It’s really shallow and you guys make us feel weird that we like it, but that’s why we like watching our dramas that are way unrealistic, and chick flicks. We like drama we like suspense. We like those bad boys who can make us feel like we are in chick flicks and the dramas that we like watching. It makes our lives feel exciting. “Nice guys” are too nice, and are afraid to hurt us.

Part five- The jealously

We like the fact that our friends like our boyfriends, and not the whole, he’s nice but he’s your’s so I will back off. We want our girlfriends to be jealous of our guy. If our guy has all the qualities of one through four, then we want to show them off. We want our friends to be jealous and want him. I know that can backfire really well and end a lot of friendships, but one thing that is awesome is feeling like the kid who is on the playground with the shiny new bike. Everyone wants to be you at this point. Everyone knows this feeling, and everyone loves this feeling.

Part six- The perfect guy:

Guys always say girls have unrealistic expectation. We do. When we are little, with feminist mothers who tell us different, and romantic sisters who like telling us about the perfect guy. Hold on, I have to tell the start of a cliché story line, but it does not end in a big sex scene…. So this one time at church camp, My camp councilor had told us that and I quote to not offend anyone, “God wants you to wait for the right guy. He has the perfect one waiting for you, and you should not give yourself up for any guy except the right one.” I was like…. Nine, and she made us write out everything that we have ever wanted in a guy. I still have that list to this day. My perfect guy was taller then me, blue eyes, best smile, plays guitar, sings, funny, cute… you know. My boyfriend, the one I am with is that perfect guy. He is an inch taller then me, he has blue eyes, he has the best smile, he plays guitar (Badly) he sings (Badly) he’s funny… You know. Haha.

Mr Perfect

The perfect guy is perfect. He is not listed as a nice guy, where the girl is afraid of missing out. The bad boy is not the one who always gets the girl. It’s the girl, finding the one who she wants to be with.

We believe that everyone is nice on the inside. Like I have said before “Nice girls finish last said no one…ever…People don’t just not like nice people.” There is probably something else wrong with you, and we just blame it on you being nice, because there is nothing wrong with being nice, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Would you rather hear someone you love tell you that they don’t want to be with you because you stink like fish, and that we hate your jokes, you are really not that funny, or would you rather hear us tell you that you are too nice?


Yeah, I know. If we really don’t want to date bad guys, why do we date them? Well, these guys are the guys who know how females work. They take all of these qualities and work their magic. I mean look at your typical bad guy. Now tell me, how does he treat these women. Does he make them feel excited? Does he make them feel like he is dangerous?
Those guys who are dare devil stuntmen are dangerous. At any minute anything can go wrong. Any minute they could die, and we could lose them. There are lots of things that could go wrong. We like that. The idea of not knowing.

Nice guys on the other hand, they don’t want to hurt us. They want to take it slow, and that’s good, if you are in like High school, but once a girl gets a taste of life in the fast lane…
The best way to explain it is like driving a car… or riding a roller coaster.

To Conclude

So you are in a  bumper car ride, and that is all you have ever known. Then one day you go to the “Rocking roller coaster of doom” and you ride it a few times, now the bumper cars don’t seem fast. You just keep trying to find something faster that can compare to the rush you got, and you just can’t go back.

Girls like fast, and fun and dangerous. If a girl has never experienced it, then she won’t know what that is like.  Those are the girls who most guys don’t want to date.  They are too “innocent” too “boring” So us girls have that problem too.  We know how to work it to our advantage because some guys like that. Guys don’t like to be like girls. They don’t use their knowledge like girls do, because they don’t want the other guys to think that they are weak or worse… wrong. So they just blame it on the girl. “Oh yeah, nice guys finish last”

No. Nice guys don’t finish last. Girls don’t always date the bad guy, and trust me, I have dated my fair share of nice guys (who really weren’t nice a all) and Bad boys (Who were real softies and became really boring after a while) And ever combination in between.


The one I am with now, is a nice guy, who can sometimes be a j**k, who understands me, who argues with me just for the sake of arguing, who still takes me to our favorite restaurant every month, and jokes about the first time we met (While I was working at a crepe stand) But who still wants me to go rock climbing and talked about sky diving, and once rented a fancy hotel room in our city, just to get away for a day.  We have fun.

But that just proves my point. Nice guys don’t finish last. Boring guys do.