One of the most common requests we get from our readers is about respect. Lots of people feel they are not respected by their partner or were not by their ex and this is what led to the demise of their relationship. The problem with this feeling of a lack of respect is that it is really difficult to discuss with your other half because you feel it will lead them into respecting you even less. You eventually feel like you get walked all over, are unappreciated in the relationship and end up miserable and frustrated. Well you don’t need to worry any more as I am going to give you a crash course in getting the respect you are due.

1. Respect yourself

If you are constantly down on yourself and show yourself no self respect,  how can you expect your partner to respect you. You need to do all you can to see the positives in all aspects of your life and embrace each day with a positive mental attitude. If you have any negative feelings about any aspect of yourself, combat these and work on them constantly. You will see results very quickly.

2. Be your idea of perfect. Not his/hers

You may think the best idea would be to try to shape yourself to be exactly what your partner wants. Watching the same sports as them, doing the same things and having the same hobbies. While this can be a positive on the odd occasion if you really do share a passion, it should not be forced. Your partner will see that you are not really that interested and it will be more frustrating than anything. You will feel stupid and you will look stupid to them. Be your idea of perfect and let them love that. If they don’t, it is there loss.



3. Only sleep with him when you are ready

This clearly applies to women in early stage relationships. One of the main reasons women lose respect before it was ever even harboured is when they put out too early. It is something you will have heard all too often but it is so true. No guy has ever lost respect for a girl who made him wait. They may have gotten frustrated but that is an entirely different emotion. On the other hand, plenty of guys have lost all respect for a girl who has put out on the first date.

4. Be clear with your decisions and stick to them

This can apply to lots of different things but to give an example, if you say no to doing it on the first night then you go ahead and do it anyway, there is a chance you will lose their respect. It can also be things like a new diet, workout, hobby or whatever. If you say you are going to do something then don’t stick to it, it looks bad and will not add to their respect for you.

5. Have your own hobbies and life

People respect people who have hobbies, interests and passion in life. Even if that is going out with your friends on the odd night out. You need to show your partner you are independent and don’t need to rely entirely on them to have a good time. It can be annoying to have a partner who you feel guilty about leaving every time you want to go and do something with your friends. Don’t be that person.

6. Stand up for yourself

If you partner ever puts you down in a way you feel is unfair, you should not take it. You need to let them know you do not appreciate being spoken to in that way. If you let the odd few insults go, then it will get worse and to the point where you will not be able to stand up for yourself so it is important to set the stalls early in the relationship.


If you are reading this because you feel disrespected in your relationship and that you are being bullied by your partner then start to change now! Tell them you will not stand for it and if they continue, show them they will lose you if they continue.

7. Its not all about looks

You may have all the looks and be focussed on looking perfect for your partner which in the early stages may be a real positive. However as the relationship develops, it becomes about much more than just looks. If you want things to carry on and develop and for your relationship to really grow into something special, you need to focus on your inner self.

8. Be honest and fair

Don’t hide any emotions or problems from your partner. Always be straight with them and tell them how you feel about everything. Be fair about things they share with you and situations you may face together. If you ever argue, listen to their point of view and don’t act like a spoiled child when trying to reach a resolution. If you follow this tip all the way through your relationship, you will have many less arguments and will get on with each other even better than before.

9. Do your fair share

You need to help out and muck in with jobs round the house or whatever it is you both do together. You will not earn your partners respect by sitting round all day or night having them do things for you while you do nothing to help in return. If they cook you dinner, off to clean it up. If they

10. Be consistent

With all the above tips, it is so important to be consistent. You can’t just start behaving in a certain way for a week and expect peoples opinions and feelings toward you to change. It is a slow process but the longer you stick to following these tips, the more it will help you in all areas of your life including relationships, friendships and work.


Follow these and you will see the difference. Your relationship will take on new exciting levels and you will feel stronger inside. You deserve to be respected so never ever let anyone walk all over you. You are better than that!