Top Ten Tips for Fabulous Flirting!



The language of love is an age old and universal form of communication. It translates across ages and genders, places and social statuses and, if we want to make the most of our relationships and get the most from them, it pays to get fluent in the language!

As when learning any language it is always best to learn and be clear on the basics before progressing onto the more advanced communications! In the case of love speak, that means flirting! Once you feel you have mastered the flirting fundamentals then the key is to practice, practice and practice some more. After all as we all know, practice makes perfect!


To help you master the art we have put together our top ten tips and techniques to get you flirting like a pro!

1.     Consider Your targets

We suggest you adopt a somewhat scattergun approach to your flirting and don’t limit yourself to just one ‘target’! Remember flirting is intended as the very lightest form of communication in the dating game, therefore it is perfectly acceptable to practice your technique on any number of people! You don’t have to have the intention of marrying them in order to have full license to get batting those eyelashes! If you can iron out any difficulties on your practice targets then when it comes to someone you really like, you will be perfect!

2.     It’s all in the Eyes

Establishing eye contact is essential to a successful flirt! Without it you will create the impression that you are not interested, or worse still that you are bored. If the prospect of gazing into their baby blues makes you feel too self-conscious, a handy tip is to focus between their eyes instead….they won’t notice the difference and it will help you feel more comfortable. Be sure to avoid looking like your staring – there is a difference and staring at someone can come across as creepy rather than complimentary! A glance, followed by a few seconds holding eye contact before looking away again usually nails it!



 3.     Compliments are Key

We all know how a compliment can create the feel good factor and as result have us feeling relaxed and open with the giver of the compliment Practice getting the flattery flowing by dishing out compliments on peoples hair or what they’re wearing. It will soon become second nature to you – just beware of sounding too insincere!

4.     Smiling is sexy

A flirty exchange is never going to be successful if you exhibit a sultry sulky demeanour. You don’t need to smile inanely (never a good look!) for no good reason, but given that you are trying to establish a friendly rapport and dialogue you need to learn how to flash those pearly whites with ease at all the appropriate moments. Be sure to laugh any little jokes and don’t be afraid to inject a little humour of your own into the exchange.

5.     Body Talk

It isn’t just our mouths that are used for communicating, our bodies can play an invaluable role too. Body language brings with it a whole other articles worth of understanding but in its most basic form we need to remember the way we move our bodies and use them during exchanges with others can in fact be a more powerful communication tool than any words. Of course being touchy feely doesn’t come naturally to us all so you need to practice getting used to what makes you feel comfortable, from the odd touch of someone’s arm, to a more personal kiss on the cheek. And to the same end, be sure you’re not conveying negative vibes through your body language – avoid crossing arms and/legs, turn your body towards them, not away from them


6.     Keep the Flo

There is not much that is cringeier than a flirty conversation becoming stilted and reaching the dreaded awkward silence point! To try and avoid this happening it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan you can use to extract yourself from those sticky situations when things start to fall a bit flat.  At the very least, a good tip is to keep your exchanges short and sweet so neither of you has time to run out of things to say.

7.     Short and Sweet

Know when to either give it up as a bad job or simply get what you want and get out. Don’t drag a flirtation out unnecessarily. It can lead to awkward moments (as per #6) and you can end up totally missing the point of what a flirt is all about. The key to leave them wanting more is to give them the minimum!

8.     Confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to flirting. It does take a bit of courage to be able to select a target and then make that first move, no matter how small a gesture it might be! By not limiting your hit list though you can build your confidence through trying out your techniques time and time again and it won’t matter if you fall flat a few times….no one will have any expectations or be holding you to anything. Chances are they will welcome a bit of flattery and it will brighten their day and if you don’t quite master it first time, they will probably be none the wiser!

9.     Keep it Light

Remember flirting is supposed to be fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Don’t be traumatised if your experiences don’t always run according to plan and don’t dwell on elements that make you nervous, just work around them. There is no set rule book to the art of flirting, just different suggestions to help make life easier. Flirty exchanges are not designed to cover anything deep and meaningful, all that can come later!


10.  Flirt, Flirt and Flirt Some More

As with most things is life, perfection comes with practice so get out there and get flirting with anyone you feel like, from fellow commuters to work colleagues. The key is to keep positive and keep at it. If it fails on one person just move on to another!