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My boyfriend signed into his FB account on my phone. He forgot to sign off. I thought I was in my own account until I went into the inbox.

We’ve only been dating 3 months and I found that the whole time he has been trying to holla at other girls.


To be honest the earlier messages show him being ignored, but the most recent message show him being more aggressive giving out his number and other contact info!

I don’t understand how he could be doing this the whole time and meanwhile, my parents are liking him, his parents are liking me. We are early 20′s and yeah its too fast but he’s spoken bout marriage and moving into together!


And let me tell you guys, he’s genuine as s**t! Its like hes living a double life!

[sigh] Logically, the only thing to do is break up. Confronting him will just make him hide it more and lie right?

I told him from the beginning that cheating was a deal breaker… the weak part of me says well theres no evidence that he has, but there is evidence thats he’s trying :-/


Talk to me guys…