“Do they like me or are they just being nice?”

According to experts it is possible to tell whether someone likes you by their behavior and how they conduct themselves around you. This is known as the psychology of attraction.

The Subconscious Mind

It is normal for the majority of people to hide some of their emotions when it comes to the opposite s*x. They instead only reveal those emotions that are in their mind appropriate for the situation they are in at that time. For example the majority of us would never walk up to a stranger on the street and tell them you think they are attractive or even tell them how ugly you think they are. This may be the case, however your subconscious mind will be sending out signals about how you feel.

Our subconscious mind is pure and honest and will always give off our true emotions. By understanding these subconscious signals, it is possible to determine a lot about someone, including the answer to the question “do they like me or are they being nice”?



Signs That Show If Somone Likes You

Subconscious closeness

Our subconscuous mind is pretty basic and thinks in a primitive way. That is why we do things like getting scared at a horror movie even though we are in the comfort of our own home and totally safe. The same applies for matters of the heart. Our subconscuous mind will draw us toward someone while talking to them if we like them. So if you are talking to somoene and they appear to lean in or step toward you, they probably like you. Try stepping back a little and see if they continue to get closer. If they do, you are onto a good thing.

Rapport establishment

You may be interested to know that we usually mirror the gestures of those we are closest to without actually knowing it. Try looking at your friends when they are all together. You will likely notice each of them mirroring each others gestures and mannorisms in some way. Like I said this only happens with close friends who think a lot about each other so if you find somoene you don’t know too well doing it to you, it is a good sign they like you.


My toe loves you

This is all about line of sight. When somone likes you they will try to keep you in their line of sight without actually knowing they do it. Look at their feet and see if they are pointing in  your direction. This works in reverse too. If someone wants to get away, their toes will point away. Like in a job interview, the applicant may subconsciously point their toes toward the door if they feel uncomfortable.

Body language signals

These are all pretty easy to spot when you know what your doing.

  • Smiling
  • Maintaining eye contact
  • You see them staring at you
  • They hover round you
  • Leans in to you
  • Light touches on you
  • Grooming (fixing hair, clothes etc)
  • Laughing at your jokes
  • Takes one last look as you walk away

Not filtering what should be filtered


Imagine how much information your brain takes in every second. The tv in the background, are you hot or cold, the screen in front of you, other things on the page as you read this etc.  Usually all this information gets filtered by your increddible subconscious brain and leaves you with around 7 pieces of information at one time. If someone likes you, you will be one of the bits of info in their mind that comes through. If someone likes you he will notice the slightest changes in your appearance because this type of information won’t get filtered by his subconscious mind.