She Looks Like A Model But Bakes Like a Psycho. This Girl is Uber Cool



This is Christine McConnell, and she is one of the most interesting women we have come across all year. As well as being a model, artist and photographer, Christine has got an incredible imagination and skill for baking.

Christine shares a lot of her baking on her Instagram account as well as other photos of herself.

The creation below may look like a creepy scorpion but it is actually a cookie she glazed with milk, sugar, and nutmeg, using caramel as glue.

“Most everything I do is on a shoe string with my supplies coming from estate sales, Walmart, and Home Depot,” she said.
Which is why it so amazing she can produce cakes that look as good as this.


And this.

On the photo below she set out to make waffle cones and ended up with this creepy but amazing looking creation. The strawberries are decorated with melting chocolate and the tentacles are made of a frosting/fondant hybrid that McConnell said tastes like a Tootsie Roll.

This won “Most Beautiful” this morning at the Beverly Hills Farmers Market 😀 It’s Apple pie with crushed pecans and salted caramel 

She baked this for her baseball loving niece on her 10th birthday.



“I really just bake for friends family and fun. The baking work is so complicated I wouldn’t even know how to charge for it,” she said.

Another skill such a great baker is that she still manages to hold on to an awesome figure.

As well as cakes, she also bakes an awesome pie.

The best part is that she is not giving up any time soon. “I have a new idea almost every other minute and I hope I never lose the energy to keep learning and trying new stuff,” she said.


I say you go girl. Her work is an inspiration.