She’s Got That Something: This Is Why Funny Girls Are The Best Kind

Being funny is more than just having a good sense of humor.



I think people often times confuse the two. Recognizing the humor in something doesn’t necessarily mean you yourself are funny, it just means you enjoy a good laugh. Being funny is a very special gift not all people acquire.

It requires you to be smart, creative and a little twisted. You have to pay attention to detail and be able to read people. No one will think you’re funny if you run around offending everybody. You have to be intelligent, but also lighthearted and a little sensitive to people, which basically makes you totally lovable.



These women are far and few between.

It’s not every day you find a woman who is brave enough to crack a joke, intelligent enough to make it funny and smooth enough to deliver it without being offensive. There is something sexy about this.

What is it? In my own personal opinion, I think it’s easier for men to be funny. They can act sensitive or immature and pull it off with flying colors. It’s harder for women. We have to have real skills. I mean, no one will think you’re funny if you act masculine, unless of course you are extremely good at it…no…scratch that. It’s awkward. My point is, men can be funny by exaggerating us or acting like fools in public. Women usually can’t get away with that. We have to think outside the box. We have to be a little unconventional.

We are so used to men taking the cake when it comes to being funny, I think when we meet a funny woman we are not only refreshed but incredibly impressed. They turn the tables. Now, the man is the one with the cute giggles who is blushing over her jokes, staring into her eyes and getting embarrassed when he lets out an accidental snort. She is the one building an ego and using her skills to charm her way through life. Who wouldn’t think that’s awesome?


Funny women are awesome.

We prove that there is more to us than appearance, feelings and the lingering scent of cotton candy. We are walking proof that there is more to life than what you see on the outside. We challenge you to see beyond first appearance and appreciate depth. We are slowly teaching the world to fall in love with our minds instead of becoming infatuated with our bodies. We are making society value us for what we bring to the table, not how we look sitting at it.

Funny girls break the pressure that society places on women to look perfect, act dainty and pursue that golden reputation grandma always preached. We embrace our twisted minds, our witty intelligence and we appreciate our weirdness.We prove that weirdness is, in fact, a valuable trait. It makes life interesting, hilarious and keeps us all on our toes. I mean hell, weirdness isn’t something you can control. We stay on our toes just as much as you do.

We show society that appearance is a lie. You can’t fall in love with someone just because you think they are gorgeous. You can’t assume how intelligent someone is by what kind of glasses they are wearing. You can’t determine self-esteem by the price tag someone leaves hanging on their new coat. It’s not about making assumptions in a matter of minutes. That’s what they are teaching the world. They are teaching people that attachment, feelings and appreciation come in time. Funny women unfold slowly. The more you get to know them the more you like them. You fall in love with their quirks, their charm, their ability to brush off embarrassing situations with humor. You appreciate their positive outlook on life, their daring attitude, their honesty.

Looks don’t last my friends.

Don’t go after the girl that is hottest one in the room. Don’t go after the woman who has an amazing career that will set the two of you up for life. The looks will fade and even our minds will fade eventually. But personalities, those will stay the same. Positivity, humor, sarcasm, and weirdness will only grow as you do. The funny women will keep life’s stress at bay and force you to see things in better light. They will lift your spirits, be your best friend, and make you see the world as a better place.


Go for funny, not for looks. Chase the weird, not the normal. Pursue a life that lets you live out of the box and pursue it with someone who isn’t afraid to be different.