1. Pregnant sister-in-law is entitled to all her nieces clothes?

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This pregnant mum revoked her sister-in-laws christening invitation after she found out she got rid of all her nieces baby clothes instead of handing them down to her. Okay, we have some questions: did she get money or did she just literally ‘mutilate’ them? She may have needed the money! If not, we can kind of understand why she’s mad – everyone loves a hand-me-down!

2. This cousin didn’t want to pay $25 for his relatives heartfelt drawing:

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‘You get what you pay for’ – maybe this was the kids plan all along… just a shame he didn’t take payment before he draw the picture! We don’t think he’ll ever get the payment he seems to think he deserves. He seems young, though, maybe it’s a little harsh to say its not the best drawing ever. Should he have just payed him the money?

3. This relative didn’t pay the bills, but was annoyed when the Wi-Fi shut down:

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Best friends or housemate from hell? If these guys are living together, then maybe he should refrain from pointing the finger at the guy who literally pays for all the bills! But, I mean, come on…who doesn’t have Wi-Fi nowadays? It’s basically a given everywhere you go. They better watch out or maybe his Wi-Fi will get shut off again until he pulls his weight!

4. We can all just go out and buy new phones… right?

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We’re pretty sure most children have this idea that ‘grown-ups’ have unlimited money to go out and buy new things whenever they feel like it and boy do we wish that was true! But the real question is – how old is her cousin? A vape and a new phone? Maybe this isn’t a young child that has no concept of money. If it is – then these items are something to worry about!

5. This mom was ungrateful for their child’s birthday present:

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Did this mom have a right to call out her friends gift? Normally, if a gift is bad, you can just slyly re-gift it to someone else or sell it… right?! Only a small handful of people would confidently complain about a gift they (or their child) had received. Whose the bad friend in this situation – the bad-gifter or the ungrateful one?

6. This cousin had an suspicious request…

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Yeah that’s not suspicious at all… What we want to know is where and why? 5km is not very specific. Is this a case of literally leaving him in the middle of the ocean? This bizarre request leaves very little detail – no location, nothing. Which begs the questions – why do you want to be left in the middle of the sea?

7. This father never checks in but always demands money:

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Erm, yes Dad I would love for you to ‘check in and see how *I’m* doing’?! But the fact that the sender still offered to send him $50 after being treated like that is both sad and sweet. Hopefully, these too will rekindle their relationship at a later date!

8. ‘I want the ticket, but I want YOU to pay for it!’

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There’s something highly respectable about this sister’s genuine positivity thinking that she’ll get her ticket paid for. She must have thought there’d be no way she’d refuse – who wouldn’t want to have her pay a visit?! One things for certain, sisters will always be sisters… and the older ones will always pay for everything!

9. This cousin expected a family discount!

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Okay, it’s one thing asking for a family discount, especially with smaller boutiques whose profit most likely won’t be a lot, but it’s another to not even be invited to the event! The audacity of some of these family members is crazy. Maybe if the cousin had followed the question up with wedding invitation, it might have softened the blow just that tiny bit more.

10. ‘But I’m your cousin! Don’t I have the rights to your Netflix account?!’

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Sharing Netflix accounts is something that is only done with close family and friends… with the person actually knowing you’re using it! This family member felt so entitled to her cousin’s Netflix account that she actually stated that she doesn’t need it all for herself! Well, if she’s paying for it, then she can do what she likes with it, thank you very much.