Us girls have been fantasizing about the moment our Prince Charming pops the question, (not to mention planning the subsequent fairy-tale wedding!). We’ve imagined how, when, where and by who it might happen and we’ve dreamed about our perfectly perfect acceptance long before it happens.

However, it’s not until the moment when he suddenly drops to one knee in front of you and you see his heart beating faster, his sweaty brow and shaky hands pulling out a small square box from his pocket that the realisation hits that it’s ACTUALLY happening! He’s actually going to propose!  Well when you reach this moment, it is neither the time nor place to then start chewing your lip, stammering out ‘um’s’ and ‘er’s’ whilst you hurriedly try to weigh up the pros and cons before coming to an actual decision! Really, when you do meet ‘the one’, the concept of getting married should seem like a no brainer.



So how do you know when you’re truly ready to settle down and can without hesitation slip that ring on your finger?  If you feel like you are ready to embrace the following with your beloved then you’re definitely one step closer to that aisle and one step closer to saying ‘I do’!:


If you feel that you have reached that point in your relationship where you can accept your partner warts and all and that you know you can be free to be yourself and are confident that they accept you for who are then you know you can enter into a marriage with them without any unrealistic expectations of changing each other.  If you trust each other wholeheartedly and you know you can rely on them in any situation then you can commit safe in the knowledge of a secure future with them by your side.


Although not a reason on its own to get married, it’s worth taking into account if you are in a happy loving relationship that marriage will give you your whole future with this special person by your side. The knowledge that there will be no more hugging the pillow in bed, instead a lifetime of hugging your hubby! Emotionally too, having a companion you know will be there for all of life’s twists and turns offers a huge comfort/safety blanket and can help you face all kinds of challenges you might not have otherwise felt able to.


And End to Disastrous Dates

Ok, so we’re being slightly tongue in check with this one as marrying somebody just to avoid having to put yourself through the dating game is obviously not wise, BUT if you know you love your partner and want to spend forever with them then you must made have already made the decision that your search for ‘the one’ is over and you are resigned from the dating scene. Which means you can rejoice in bidding farewell to those awkward first dates and dating disasters.

Have a Family (or not!)

If you are at the point in your relationship where one of you feels ready to pop the question then it’s likely you have discussed the not insignificant matter of having kids. It’s also likely that if after such discussions a proposal is still in the picture then you are both of the same mind set which is a BIG part of having a compatible future with someone. If you are both up for having children then marriage is a great foundation and the prospect of then being able to bring some little rug rats into the world is a great reason to say YES! Equally if you have both decided that you would prefer to not have children in your life then it’s fair to say you have been fortunate in finding such an equal pairing and you can enter into marriage knowing you are both on the same page.


Most important of all just be sure you want to be with them for more than superficial reasons (like their performance in the bedroom or how good they look on your arm!) Be sure it’s based on your feelings, thoughts and experiences with that person and that you know them well enough. You need to know how they react to different situations and that they are mature enough to be making this decision as well.  If you have been dating for a decent period of time (at least a year) then you will be past the honeymoon stage and you will be seeing your partner for who they really are, and, if you still feel the warm glow they bring you despite seeing their less than perfect habits then you are in love and ready to accept to live happily ever after!


A lifetime of memories

What could be more special than making a lifetime of memories with that one special person.  You will build an album of incredible moments to remember and share together that will start with the amazing proposal. Marriage will give you the security of a long-term future together that just living together may not, it will give you the strength and courage to fight for your relationship during times of hardship and make the rewarding moments more special. The ups and downs will be things you can remember together as you head hand in hand through life’s journey.