They appear in your dreams

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It’s common to see people in your dreams. Every night you dream approximately 4-10 times and forget most of them. If you dream of a deceased loved one and you remember it, that’s a strong tell that they might be trying to communicate with you.

You frequently lose things

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Some believe that those on the other side might try to get your attention by moving your possessions. So, if you keep losing things and finding them in expected places after one of your loved ones moves on, they might be trying to send you a message.


Orbs of light appear

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Are you seeing strange orbs of light? Many believe that the dead can draw upon physical light energy and that they can create balls of energy, or orbs of light. The orbs are a clear sign that your deceased loved one wants to make themselves known.

You can feel their presence

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Do you still feel your loved one’s presence, like they’re there when you’re sitting all alone? According to some, that’s because they’re sending you a signal that they’re still with you. Some individuals who feel the presence of their loved one, claim that they can even feel their emotions on the other side.

A psychic detects their energy

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Gifted psychics can detect and understand energetic changes and know that spirits use electrical currents to communicate. If you feel a shift in energy, or you notice flickering lights, random phone calls, or out-of-place songs on the radio, it’s possible that your loved one is trying to contact you from the other side.

Strange phone calls

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Are you receiving unusual calls, or even dreaming of them? Calls from spirits can sound far away or feel authentic even when they’re happening in a dream. When you pick up the phone, you might hear a message but be unable to converse.


You frequently see butterflies

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In many societies, butterflies represent the human soul. Some believe that spirits can communicate through animals, including butterflies. If you keep seeing butterflies, a butterfly lands on your shoulder, or allows you to hold it, then it’s possible that a loved one is reaching out to you.

You keep finding their belongings

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Beyond seeing signs and symbols either in your dreams or the world around you, you might come across your loved one’s belongings. If you keep finding their things, no matter what it is, in strange places, it’s a sure sign that they’re sending a message.

Their voice is audible

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Do you sometimes feel like you can hear your loved one, or that your voice isn’t your own and is connected to another entity? It’s common for deceased loved ones to try to communicate through sound, so if you’re having unusual auditory experiences then they may be reaching out.

You spot signs and symbols

Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels

Sometimes, when we miss our loved ones, they’ll choose to communicate by repeatedly sending signs or symbols from the beyond. So, take note if you keep seeing the same signs and symbols. Your loved one might just be trying to talk to you.