1. They can’t congratulate you


If someone is experiencing intense jealousy towards you, they may find it difficult to offer congratulations even when you’ve accomplished something exceptional and well-deserved. Rather than feeling happy or proud of your achievement, they may feel a deep sense of resentment that it was you and not them who accomplished it. As a result, they may be unable to acknowledge your success in a positive way.

2. They are super competitive with you


The individual in question has a strong desire to outdo you in everything you do. Their envy towards you creates feelings of insecurity within themselves, leading them to compare themselves to you constantly. As a result, they attempt to turn every situation into a competition. For example, if you purchase a new car, they will strive to purchase a superior one to yours.

3. They make constant snide comments


One of the most prominent indicators of jealousy towards you is when someone continuously makes snide remarks. Regardless of what you say, they respond with a derogatory comment. This behavior stems from their envy towards you and their resentment that they do not possess certain qualities or possessions that you do.

4. They downplay your success


Even if you were to achieve a world-class medal, someone who is jealous of you would not be happy for you. They wouldn’t celebrate your success or support you. Instead, they would try to diminish your accomplishment as much as possible. This is because their jealousy prevents them from acknowledging your achievement, and they struggle to come to terms with their envy towards you.

5. They give you FAKE praise


It’s comparable to the scene in Mean Girls where Regina George compliments someone on their bracelet, saying, “OMG, I love your bracelet. Where did you get it?” You can sense the insincerity behind each word. Their envy prevents them from offering genuine praise, so instead, they resort to offering phony compliments.

6. They flaunt their success to you


When someone continually boasts about their accomplishments, saying things like “I did this” or “look how good I am,” it’s often a sign of jealousy towards you. This behavior stems from their desire to compensate for their feelings of envy towards you. They want you to view them in a positive light to help them cope with the fact that they feel inferior to you.

7. They copy how you act


Perhaps you’ve noticed that this individual has begun to mimic your mannerisms, jokes, and even your voice. While this can be quite irritating, it’s likely because they are envious of you and desire to emulate you. This behavior stems from their jealousy and their aspiration to be more like you.

8. They talk about you behind your back


Highly self-assured and confident individuals typically do not gossip or speak negatively about others behind their backs. Therefore, if someone spreads rumors or speaks poorly about you, it’s not necessarily because you’ve done something wrong. Instead, it may be a result of their jealousy towards you. They may attempt to turn others against you because they do not want you to succeed or have everything they desire.

9. They love it when you fail at something


Failure is a natural part of life, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, there are individuals who, metaphorically speaking, push you down and revel in your mistakes. They take pleasure in your misfortunes because they no longer have to feel envious of you. Their satisfaction comes from your failures rather than your successes.

10. They don’t like you


It’s a fact of life that not everyone will get along with everyone else. Personality clashes can happen, and it’s perfectly normal. However, when it comes to this particular individual, they dislike you without any apparent reason. This is due to their jealousy towards you. They cannot bring themselves to like you because you embody everything that they aspire to be.

11. They NEVER compliment you back


We’ve all encountered those individuals who refuse to reciprocate compliments. No matter how often you praise them, they never seem to return the favor. This behavior stems from their intense jealousy, which prevents them from acknowledging your positive qualities. They cannot bring themselves to compliment you because doing so would require them to confront their jealousy.

12. They start to dress like you


Have you ever had someone copy your style, buying the same clothes as you and imitating your look? It can be incredibly frustrating. However, as the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While it may be annoying, please take it as a compliment that you are a trendsetter and a fashion icon.

13. They’re mean to you


We have all experienced someone being mean to us for no apparent reason. However, it’s often a response to jealousy. This behavior stems from the fact that the person is envious of you. If they weren’t jealous, they would have no reason to be mean to you, and it would be a waste of their energy.

14. They try to misguide you


If someone close to you, such as a friend, is jealous of you, they may attempt to lead you astray from the right path. They might provide you with bad advice or misguide you intentionally because they want you to fail. Their intention is to feel better about themselves by seeing you fail so they don’t have to suffer from jealousy.

15. They ask you loads of uncomfortable questions


When you accomplish something, you may notice that this individual starts asking you a lot of questions. However, these inquiries are not motivated by genuine interest; rather, they’re attempting to trap you or extract information to satisfy their own desires. They’re hoping to uncover something negative, so they can revel in the fact that your life is not flawless.

16. They look you up and down


We are all familiar with that glance, the one that starts at your feet and goes all the way up and down again. As they say, a single look can convey a thousand thoughts, and this one communicates many things, with envy being the most prominent. Though their expression may appear very negative, the truth is that they secretly wish they had your looks.

17. They’re not there when you need them


It’s likely that a person who is consumed by jealousy towards you may not have your best interests at heart. As a result, they may not be reliable when you need support. In tough times, when you require a friend, they’ll probably be absent, revealing themselves to be a fickle and fair-weather friend.

18. They try to put you down in front of other people


Lowering someone’s self-esteem through humiliation is a despicable act. Even worse than that is when the person encourages others to do the same. This is a form of bullying, and it shows that the person is consumed by jealousy because they are secretly envious of you.

19. They try to steal credit for your work


If someone has ever tried to take credit for the work you’ve done, it’s likely because they are jealous of your accomplishments. Rather than admiring your achievements or seeking guidance on how to do something similar, they opt to steal credit in an attempt to receive recognition for themselves instead of you.

20. They speak over you


Interrupting someone while they are speaking can be disrespectful and demeaning. It suggests that what they have to say is less important than what the interrupter has to say, which is not true. The only reason someone would do this is that their jealousy is consuming them, and do not want to give you a fair chance to express your thoughts. Addressing this behavior and asserting your right to be heard is important.

21. They shut down your ideas


This behavior is similar to speaking over someone, as shutting down your ideas is an attempt to diminish your self-worth and make you feel like your ideas are not valuable. In reality, they likely believe that your ideas are exceptional, but they don’t want others to see you in an even better light than they already do due to their jealousy.

22. They try to act the opposite of jealous


Jealous people often say, “Why would I be jealous of YOU?” as a defense mechanism to avoid admitting their jealousy. They don’t want to acknowledge how great you are and give you the satisfaction of knowing that, so they try to act the opposite. However, their jealousy is often quite obvious despite their attempts to hide it.

23. They want to be around you


Jealous people often have a peculiar compulsion. Despite being envious and bitter towards you, they still want to be around you. It’s as if they seek to be influenced by you in some way so that you can become more like them.

24. They are always watching you


They loathe the reality that they are envious of you, yet instead of maintaining their distance to avoid being affected, they feel the need to keep a constant watch over you. In any given space, this person will have their eyes fixed on you, observing your actions and who you are interacting with.

25. When someone compliments you, they disagree


A clear indication of jealousy is when someone despises when others compliment you. They cannot tolerate that it is you who is receiving compliments instead of them, as it intensifies their jealousy. Furthermore, they dislike that you are getting positive attention rather than them.

26. They’ll put your achievements down to luck


You succeeded because of your own skills and talents, but jealous individuals won’t acknowledge that. Instead, they’ll attribute your accomplishments to luck. They refuse to give you credit because their jealousy prevents them from truly appreciating your abilities.

27. They act differently around you alone than when you’re with a group


We have all encountered those fake friends who seem extremely friendly and try to get close to us in private. However, they behave horribly in public, making it seem like they want to be liked by us but want everyone else to hate us because of their jealousy.

28. You know any words of good wishes are not genuine


The insincerity in their words when they express any goodwill towards you is palpable. You can sense that beneath the surface lies a completely different motive and agenda. Their words serve as a facade to mask the intense jealousy that consumes them.

29. They don’t like your photos on social media, but they follow you


A significant indication of jealousy is when someone views all your stories, photos, and posts, but never likes anything. They may only like a picture if you’re not in it, but if you are the star of the show, they won’t hit the like button.

30. They laugh if anyone else makes a mean comment to you


Jealous people are quick to join in when someone else says something negative or unkind about you. They eagerly jump on it because they enjoy the idea of someone else putting you down. They might even laugh along because they’re happy that they’re not the only ones who secretly envy you.

31. They’ll try to make you seem weak


If someone is envious of you, they may try to undermine you by making you appear weak. They want to bring you down, and making you seem vulnerable is one way to achieve that. By making you think that you’re not strong or convincing others that you’re a weak person, they hope to make you an easier target for their jealousy-fueled actions.

32. They’ll make you feel like you’re nothing


After making you feel weak, the next step for jealous individuals is to make you feel like you’re worthless. They want you to doubt yourself, even though you have value. If they can convince you that you’re nothing, then they won’t have to deal with their jealousy toward you. They try to destroy the things they envy about you.

33. They’ll go out of their way to make you fail


As they chip away at your self-esteem, jealous individuals will also strive to make you fail. They know that if you fail, you’ll feel worthless, and people around you won’t see you as successful. This is all part of their plan to bring you down.

34. They’ll ruin any plans you try to make


No matter what plans you make, whether it’s for yourself, with other people, or with the jealous person included, they will try to ruin them. They may start by planting a seed of doubt, telling you that your plans are “stupid” or not worth pursuing.

35. They’ll probably spread rumors about you, too


Jealous people aim to undermine your success and bring you down because they feel that you’re doing too well, and they’re envious of that. To tarnish your reputation, they might resort to spreading rumors or lies, as they have no other means to do so.

36. They will actually try to annoy you as much as possible!


When you have many great things happening in your life and feel positive, the jealous person will try their best to ruin your mood. They will want to irritate you as much as possible because they believe it will make you feel less happy about your accomplishments.

37. They’re obsessed with you


A person who is jealous of you may also have an unhealthy preoccupation with you. They constantly fixate on the things they envy about you and want to keep tabs on your every move. They may exhibit this behavior by frequently checking your social media accounts as a way to validate their feelings of jealousy.

38. They’re never going to let you have the spotlight


If someone is envious of you, they will not want you to have any more good things, including attention or the spotlight. It doesn’t necessarily mean they want the spotlight for themselves, but rather they don’t want you to have it.

39. They’ll ruin your ‘moment.’


No matter what occasion it is, whether it’s a big event like a wedding, a birthday party, or getting a promotion, or even just a day when you’re receiving many compliments, a jealous person will do everything in their power to spoil that moment and prevent you from enjoying it.

40. They’re never going to act grateful toward you


Expressing gratitude towards someone may create a sense of indebtedness, which a jealous person would not want to experience. Moreover, it would undermine their feelings of resentment towards you if they have to acknowledge any kindness you have shown them.

41. They’ll pretend to be diplomatic


When someone is being diplomatic, it can be challenging for you to make a valid point, particularly when you’re venting to a jealous friend who should be able to understand why you’re angry about something. However, the jealous friend will intentionally refuse to agree with you and try to consider every perspective, which can make it seem like you’re mistaken.

42. And they’ll fake solidarity with you


Despite their inner envy, a jealous person may pretend to support you, putting on a façade of positivity through their words and actions. They may act two-faced in this way, trying to make it appear as though they truly care about your success and well-being.

43. They never stop complaining


Jealous individuals will express their bitterness through constant complaints, whether it’s directly to you or to others. This is because they hold onto their envy, and the only way to release it is by finding faults in the things they are envious of, making it appear as if they are actually negative things.

44. Critical is just their middle name


If someone is jealous of you, they’re unlikely to give you a genuine compliment. Instead, they may constantly criticize you for everything you say, do, or even the nail polish you wear. It may seem like you can’t do anything right in their eyes, even though you’re doing everything right, which is why they feel jealous.

45. They’ll do everything to demotivate you


When you are feeling motivated and confident, you are likely to continue doing what you are doing, achieve more success, and remain happy. However, a jealous person will not like that. They may fear that you will accomplish even more and gain more attention, so they will try to demotivate you.

46. They want to know every single detail about you, and your life


This refers to the obsessive behavior of jealous people who constantly monitor your social media activities. Even if they know that this behavior makes them feel bad, they cannot resist the temptation, similar to how one might feel jealous of a celebrity’s mansion but still look at all the pictures.

47. They’re going to try and control you


One of the primary tactics a jealous individual can use to bring you down or attempt to undermine your successes is manipulation and control. By having the ability to influence what you say and do, even in minor ways, they can feel a sense of power over you, and it may lead to a reduction in your accomplishments.

48. They might even go through your belongings


This behavior is typically exhibited by someone who is very close to you. They may take advantage of your carelessness by peeking into your handbag or work drawer. They do this to find something that contradicts your image of perfection or something that can be used against you.

49. There’s a chance they’ll get upset if you talk to others


A person who is jealous and obsessed with you may become upset when you spend time with others or bond with them. Although they feel jealous and bitter towards you, they may also want to keep you to themselves because they want others to think highly of you as well.

50. You might even have a stalker


In severe situations, an envious individual may become extremely fixated on you and may resort to stalking, not just on social media but in real life as well. They may intentionally position themselves in places where you usually go to keep a watchful eye on you.