1. They can’t congratulate you


If someone is experiencing intense jealousy towards you, they may find it difficult to offer congratulations even when you’ve accomplished something exceptional and well-deserved. Rather than feeling happy or proud of your achievement, they may feel a deep sense of resentment that it was you and not them who accomplished it. As a result, they may be unable to acknowledge your success in a positive way.

2. They are super competitive with you


The individual in question has a strong desire to outdo you in everything you do. Their envy towards you creates feelings of insecurity within themselves, leading them to compare themselves to you constantly. As a result, they attempt to turn every situation into a competition. For example, if you purchase a new car, they will strive to purchase a superior one to yours.

3. They make constant snide comments


One of the most prominent indicators of jealousy towards you is when someone continuously makes snide remarks. Regardless of what you say, they respond with a derogatory comment. This behavior stems from their envy towards you and their resentment that they do not possess certain qualities or possessions that you do.

4. They downplay your success


Even if you were to achieve a world-class medal, someone who is jealous of you would not be happy for you. They wouldn’t celebrate your success or support you. Instead, they would try to diminish your accomplishment as much as possible. This is because their jealousy prevents them from acknowledging your achievement, and they struggle to come to terms with their envy towards you.

5. They give you FAKE praise


It’s comparable to the scene in Mean Girls where Regina George compliments someone on their bracelet, saying, “OMG, I love your bracelet. Where did you get it?” You can sense the insincerity behind each word. Their envy prevents them from offering genuine praise, so instead, they resort to offering phony compliments.

6. They flaunt their success to you


When someone continually boasts about their accomplishments, saying things like “I did this” or “look how good I am,” it’s often a sign of jealousy towards you. This behavior stems from their desire to compensate for their feelings of envy towards you. They want you to view them in a positive light to help them cope with the fact that they feel inferior to you.

7. They copy how you act


Perhaps you’ve noticed that this individual has begun to mimic your mannerisms, jokes, and even your voice. While this can be quite irritating, it’s likely because they are envious of you and desire to emulate you. This behavior stems from their jealousy and their aspiration to be more like you.

8. They talk about you behind your back


Highly self-assured and confident individuals typically do not gossip or speak negatively about others behind their backs. Therefore, if someone spreads rumors or speaks poorly about you, it’s not necessarily because you’ve done something wrong. Instead, it may be a result of their jealousy towards you. They may attempt to turn others against you because they do not want you to succeed or have everything they desire.

9. They love it when you fail at something


Failure is a natural part of life, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, there are individuals who, metaphorically speaking, push you down and revel in your mistakes. They take pleasure in your misfortunes because they no longer have to feel envious of you. Their satisfaction comes from your failures rather than your successes.

10. They don’t like you