It’s your area of expertise


There’s nothing worse than being mansplained about something you are the expert on. Your partner may not know that you studied a particular subject at college, knowing more about it than they ever could, while he rambles on with his unfounded opinion. Whatever the case may be, if your partner constantly thinks that he knows more than you do, it’s likely he’s a mansplainer.

He talks over you


Never giving you the opportunity to speak is one of the most annoying habits in a partner. Worse still is if he talks over you, cutting off your thoughts to give his unwanted insight. If this happens frequently, stand your ground and finish what you were saying – your opinion is just as valid as his.

He gives advice you didn’t ask for


Sometimes, you just want to vent without hearing a solution. If your partner is forever pointing out obvious answers to problems you could’ve figured out yourself, he’s probably a mansplainer. Not only is it irritating to experience, it also perpetuates outdated gender stereotypes, where the male always thinks he’s in the right.

You feel belittled or embarrassed

Credit: Julia Taubitz via Unsplash

If after every conversation with your partner you feel belittled or embarrassed, it’s likely that he’s always talking down to you. Not only does this show a lack of respect, but it also highlights how he functions as a person – putting down others in order to inflate his own ego. Not a good look.

They repeat themselves


When losing an argument, a mansplainer tends to repeat themselves, potentially raising their voice as they do so. As if you didn’t hear them the first three times, they rehash the same argument they’ve been trying to hammer in over and over, until you either concede defeat or completely zone out.

His tone is condescending

Credit: Iwaria Inc via Unsplash

Showing off his supposed superiority when talking to you, if your partner constantly speaks to you like you’re a ten-year-old, it might be time to reassess the relationship. Using a condescending tone doesn’t get his point across, it only shows that he has misogynistic, mansplaining tendencies.

He uses smaller words


Your partner may reduce the scope of his vocabulary in order to help you understand his point of view. The problem here, however, is that you understand everything he’s saying perfectly clearly – he’s just talking utter nonsense. If your other half resorts to this catty tactic, you’re likely in the company of a mansplainer.

He gets into your personal space


If a mansplainer doesn’t get his point across, quite often he’ll revert to encroaching on your personal space. Whether it’s by pointing a finger in your face or by flexing his muscles, your partner could resort to primitive measures when he feels like he’s losing the battle.

He uses incorrect facts to back his point


Relying on incorrect news sources or his buddy from the bar’s opinion, your partner could trust other people’s views more than yours. Taking to Googling false articles, he may shove these inaccurate facts in your face to prove a point. Truthfully, the only point he’s making is that you’re better off without him.

Other people may feel awkward around you both


If your friends, family, or colleagues are constantly sinking in their seats when your partner is around, or are forever making excuses to leave the two of you to it, it’s probably because your partner is talking down to you. Other people’s reactions are an unbiased, clear way of figuring out someone’s behavior – so pay attention to the signs.