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All your conversations are surface-level


There’s nothing wrong with having connections where talking about the weather or a shared hobby is the norm, but romantic relationships should go a little deeper than that. If you aren’t able to share your emotions or be vulnerable with one another, then maybe one or both of you aren’t comfortable with each other.

If you are not able to find that level of comfort and allow yourself to be vulnerable, a romantic relationship is not going to work out.

You share every moment on social media


If you start out your relationship sharing every moment of your relationship on Instagram, Facebook, or wherever else, you will always have people watching. Every date and every problem will be up for friends and followers to analyse for themselves.

No one needs to know about your arguments, and having other people’s input on your relationship can cause strain between the two of you! There’s nothing wrong with sharing an occasional cute couples pic, but sharing every date makes it seem like you have to prove your relationship is a good one.

You’re overly critical of one another from the start


If you start out criticizing each other for any and all things, it’s unlikely to get any better from there. Constructive criticism can be OK, but intending to make the other person feel bad never is. This criticism can come from feeling a sense of competition from your partner, resulting in you tearing each other down instead of building each other up.

A relationship shouldn’t be a competition, though. If you start out that way, there’s probably no coming back from it.