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You always catch colds

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Constantly feeling drained, tired, and run down is no way to live. Perhaps it’s a weak immune system, or perhaps you’re just cursed with bad luck. Still, it can’t hurt to incorporate a few more fruits and veggies into your diet, along with more exercise. Luck is what you make it, after all.

You have frequent money issues

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Are you bad with money? Maybe you’re not to blame – maybe the universe has doused you with misfortune, meaning that money slips through your fingers no matter what you do. Instead of protesting to the sky about your money woes, set a budget to try and turn the tides on your fortune. Who knows – maybe your luck will turn around.

You’re unlucky in love

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Do you feel like you have absolutely no control over your romantic life? You’re not the only one, being unlucky in love is more common than you think. While chance can come into play with your prospective partners, it’s more likely that you’re subconciously keeping love at bay, scared to open up.

No matter how hard you try, you’re always late

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Some people are just always late – it’s practically in their DNA. If you always miss the train by mere minutes, or stroll into work 10 minutes after your allocated start time, you may be cursed with ill luck. Instead of resigning yourself to the fate of always being late, perhaps set your alarm half an hour earlier?

You have issues with broken belongings

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Are you forever misplacing things, blaming those you live with for taking your things? Perhaps everything you buy always breaks, leaving you in a constant cycle of forking over cash to replace them. Worse still is if you break a mirror – legend has it that if you do so you’ll be cursed with seven years of bad luck.

You have a negative mindset

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Perhaps you feel jaded by the world, with negative thoughts running a loop in your mind – dreading work, dreading that date, dreading getting up in the morning – all due to your bad luck. Ironically, it’s these thoughts that may be creating your misfortune, keeping you stuck in a perpetual loop of misery.

Nightmares keep you up at night

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Experiencing constant nightmares night after night is enough to drive anyone crazy. Being full of anxiety before you hit the hay, knowing that your mind is about to show you a personalized unfavorable movie reel, is a sign that bad luck clings to you like the plague. Look into sleep therapies to try and banish the negative dreams.

Why does it always rain on you?

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Another sign of bad luck is that you always get caught in the rain – quite literally. There could be beaming sunshine before you leave the house, then a monsoon as you step out, stranded without a coat or an umbrella. Sound familiar? As unpleasant as it may be, perhaps you simply need to change your perspective. It’s just rain, after all.

Technology isn’t your friend

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Glitches, crashes, and breakages are all common signs of bad luck when it comes to tech. Perhaps your phone is forever cracked, one of your headphones doesn’t work properly, or your laptop is forever crashing. It may not be a coincidence, it could be that you’re simply unlucky with technology.

You expect bad things to happen

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Ever heard the phrase “you make your own luck”? It goes both ways – positive and negative. If you’re constantly expecting the worst outcome, that’s usually what you’ll get. Each time something goes wrong and you feel validated, it simply shows that your view of the world is limited to the negative. When this is the case, you’re unable to forge lucky breaks or experiences due to your ironclad expectations.

You never have any energy

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Do you struggle to keep your eyes open, even when you’ve had enough sleep? Constantly yawning throughout the day, counting down the minutes until you can return to the warm embrace of your bed is a draining way to live. If you’re forever lacking in energy, your sleeping habits might not be the issue – you may have had a curse placed on you.

Jobs give you nothing but grief

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Angry bosses, impossible tasks, and stubborn customers now plague your working life, where once your job was a walk in the park. Worse still, you may have suddenly been let go, fired for reasons that you can’t quite wrap your head around. A curse, or divine intervention?

Animals act strangely around you

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This is deeper than a black cat simply crossing your path. Animals acting in strange ways can be an indicator that there’s something bewitching surrounding your energy. Perhaps cats stare just over your shoulder, or dogs feriociously bark at you for no clear reason. It’s believed that animals can see more than our human eyes, so perhaps you should take their behavior as a warning…

You experience random pains

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Sudden leg cramps and back spasms may not be a random occurrence – it could be a sign that someone has called on the powers of the other side to punish you. Or, more likely, it’s just a bit of wear and tear in your body, the physical demands of life catching up with you.

People suddenly leave your life

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Overnight, the people in your life may simply disappear. Friends may have ghosted you, ignoring your slew of phone calls and texts, when the day before your friendship couldn’t have been better. Family members may suddenly decide to move away, leaving you feeling alone and stranded.

Your home feels haunted

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The sanctuary of your home may have turned from your safe place into a waking nightmare. Hearing strange noises, catching glimpses of spooky goings on out the corner of your eye, and objects disappearing are all signs that your house is haunted. Perhaps someone you wronged called on their friends from the other side… Or perhaps you’re just seeing things.

You find strange things in your yard

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Strange objects may suddenly appear out of nowhere. Jewelry with unusual sigils, oddly-colored rocks, or old, children’s toys may litter your garden, leaving you scratching your head in disbelief. Either your spirit guides are trying to show you a message, or the items were dropped by passing birds. Birds is probably the more logical answer.

You feel like someone is watching you

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It’s the classic horror movie cliché – you’re certain that someone is watching you, tailing your every move. You turn around, only to find nothing there, breathing out a sigh of relief. Were dark forces really following you, observing your mundane life, or are you just letting your paranoia get the better of you?

You find bruises and marks on your body

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We all get bumps and scrapes from time to time, but some spiritual gurus believe that bruises can be caused by tampering with black magic. Another viewpoint is that bruises offer a spiritual insight into where we may be out of balance in our life, depending on where they appear on our bodies. More likely, you probably just snagged yourself on a door.

You experience frequent headaches

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Headaches occur right over our third eye – the area of our bodies that some believe allow us to become spiritually in tune. Frequent, intense headaches may be a sign a curse has been placed on you, preventing you from accessing your spiritual existence. On the other hand, maybe it’s a sign that you need a glass of water.

Your body is always aching

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When you wake up in the morning, does your body ache – even though you had a relatively relaxed day the day before? No matter what you do, you can’t shake the ache. Perhaps someone’s inflicted their vengeance on you through a spell, causing you to ache forevermore. Or perhaps you need to consume more vitamins.

You’re arguing with your partner more often

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One day, your relationship is perfect. The next, your day is full of arguments, crossed wires, and disagreements – seemingly striking you out of the blue. Curses are thought to impact your energy, interfering with romantic connections. Ironically, this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy – your paranoia about being cursed can lead you to act out unfavorable behaviors.

Your mental health is worse

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Our mental health is tied to our energy. Outside influences are thought to have the power to interfere with our energy, therefore granting curses the power to worsen our mental state. Maybe it’s a curse, maybe it’s just one of those days – whatever the cause, always make sure you take the time to look after yourself.

Your eating habits have changed

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Many people believe that black magic can cause your eating habits to drastically change. You may have no appetite at all, feeling repulsed by food, or you may be forever hungry, your stomach feeling like an empty pit no matter how much you consume. Aside from witchcraft, your appetite can be linked to a myriad of lifestyle factors, including diet, mood, and medication.

Your plants keep wilting

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Death and decay are hardly good omens, particularly if they seem to follow your every step. If your houseplants are suddenly wilting, no matter how much you water them, it may be a sign that dark forces are at play. Equally, it could be a sign that your plants simply need repotting.

Your car keeps having issues

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Punctured tires, overheating engines, and busted oil caps may seem like random acts of misfortune, but many spiritual folk believe that it can be a sign of cursed luck. Shift your viewpoint – perhaps you weren’t meant to drive that day, the supposed misfortunate saving you from a potential disaster.

You keep seeing broken glass

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Seeing shattered shards of glass everywhere you go is an ill omen, particularly if you notice it on your property. Some believe broken glass symbolizes dark fortune on the horizon. Conversely, others believe that it’s a sign of good luck – so perhaps it’s merely a matter of perspective.

You feel disoriented and confused

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Feeling disoriented is a clear sign that your juju is out of whack. It’s a way of your body letting you know that something’s wrong – you’re dehydrated, you need to eat something, or you need to rest. Many witchy folk believe that these are also symptoms of a curse, preventing you from enjoying your day-to-day life.

You keep losing your belongings

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If you’re forever asking yourself where you left your car keys, only to have them turn up in the most obscure of places, there may be a mystical explanation. Constantly losing your belongings is a direct reflection of your scattered energy, with your spirit guides trying to tell you that something is off balance. Or, maybe, you’re just forgetful.

Ill omens seem to follow you

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Magpies, the number 13, and coyotes howling are all considered by superstitious folk to be harbingers of doom. If your life is plagued with bad omens, perhaps you’ve got a curse lingering over your psyche. Typically, we tend to see more of what we bring our attention to, so it’s more likely that these signs are due to confirmation bias.

You have recurring dreams

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Dreams can show us what our subconscious mind is primarily focused on. Dreams of falling, for example, connote feelings of being out of control in regard to a specific situation. Cursed or not, it may be worth researching what your mind is trying to bring to your attention.

You feel different

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One of the most universal signs of having a curse placed upon you is feeling different within yourself. People who believe that they are cursed have reported unusual feelings – unable to pinpoint the strange phenomena, just knowing that something feels slightly off within their inner world.

Your spiritual guide has confirmed your curse

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If you’re spiritually inclined, you may frequent a psychic, seeking their guidance on the unseen world. If a psychic has confirmed that you are indeed cursed, not all hope is lost. There’s a significant lack of scientific evidence to support their claims, with mystics simply preying on people’s fears and insecurities in order to make a quick buck.

You have trouble sleeping

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You may feel forever cursed to not catch a wink of sleep, tossing and turning into the early hours. Some people believe that if you wake up at around 3am – the Devil’s hour – you’ve been touched by dark, evil forces. More likely, you’re just suffering from a bad bout of insomnia.

People notice a difference in you

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Others often know us better than we know ourselves. If your friends and family start pointing out changes in your behavior, there’s a chance that supernatural forces could be at play. Check in with yourself – and your mental health – and see if there’s anything in your life that you need to address.

Strange holes appear in your clothes

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Finding strange, sporadic holes in your clothes is enough to make anyone think that they’re cursed. Where did they come from? What is the meaning? Is it evil, malevolent forces causing tiny little holes in your clothing? Or is it moths? We’ll let you decide.

You have random bouts of rage

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Holding onto anger is like drinking poison, or so they say. Having random bouts of anger isn’t pleasant for yourself or anyone around you. While some may think their sudden rage is caused by a mysterious curse, it’s more likely that they’re using that as an excuse to evade taking any responsibility for their actions.

There’s issues with your home

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Your home should act as an oasis from the outside world, a slice of sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. If you’re constantly battling with broken faucets, smashed windows, and dodgy locks, you may feel like the universe has got it in for you. Realistically, it’s just a part of adult life.

You’re battling legal issues

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You may have had a squeaky-clean record when it comes to the law for your entire life. All of a sudden, you’re being sent imposing letters, keeping you up at night with worry. Many people believe that sudden legal matters are a sign that you’ve been cursed, sent by a foreboding spirit to disturb your happiness.

You feel disconnected spiritually

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If you’re a spiritual person at heart, you may be surprised to suddenly feel inherently disconnected from your craft. Rather than resigning yourself to a mundane life brought on by a curse, explore other ventures. Perhaps you need to meditate or practice mindfulness in order to bring your inner spark back to life.