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You see angel numbers everywhere

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Angel numbers are repeated digits, such as 11:11 or 20:20. It’s widely debated as to what each individual combination means, though one thing is clear – if angel numbers follow you wherever you go, you’re being guided and protected by your higher self. Essentially, it’s the universe telling you that you’re on the right track.

You think of something, then it happens

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Our minds are powerful, complex things. When you think of an old friend from decades ago and they suddenly text you out of the blue, it can be a startling experience. It’s nothing to fear, however, simply a sign that your spiritual side is going through an upgrade.

You want to spend more time alone

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A spiritual awakening is often regarded as being a lonely experience. Where you may have once surrounded yourself with friends and family, you’ve suddenly become highly introverted, wishing to spend time alone. It’s your mind’s way of trying to drown out outside voices and get you to listen to your own intuition.

You have vivid or strange dreams

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Your dreams have more meaning than you may believe. Pay attention to what your subconscious mind is showing you – no matter how obscure the dream may at first appear. Often, there’s a lesson to be learned, something that your mind is desperately trying to bring to your attention.

You see an influx of feathers

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Many spiritual folk believe that frequently seeing feathers is a sign that you’re on the right path. This is particularly true if these feathers show up in strange places – the middle of your bed, inside a home with locked doors and windows, or if they directly land on your shoulder.

You wake up in the early hours

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Waking up in the early hours is a huge sign of a spiritual upgrade. Usually, 3am is the prime hour. It’s believed that the lines between the mortal realm and spirit realm are at their thinnest at this time, resulting in strange, sometimes spooky, occurrences.

You feel a sense of sadness

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Sometimes, when you’re elevating your spiritual consciousness, you can feel an overwhelming sense of sorrow. This can come out of nowhere and be about nothing in particular. The root of the emotion is, in fact, you mourning your old life. Nothing stays the same after you go through an awakening, so you’re subconsciously grieving the existence you once held so dear.

Everything goes wrong

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Many people find spirituality in the midst of chaos. Their lives have been turned upside down, with endless mayhem seeping into every aspect of their existence. Sometimes, this can be a blessing in disguise. It may be that the universe is leading you to an outcome that will serve your highest good – even if it doesn’t seem that way in the current moment.

You feel other people’s emotions

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Energy is all around us, particularly in other humans. Becoming empathetic – being able to physically feel other people’s moods – is a natural byproduct of having a spiritual awakening. You may suddenly feel fatigued, happy, sad, or energetic around other people – with your soul letting you know who’s adding to your spirit, and who’s taking away from it.

You feel disconnected

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Going through a spiritual change can make you feel as though everything you’ve learned throughout your life was a lie. Therefore, you can feel suddenly detached from your daily life, feeling at a distance from everything that once brought you joy. Ride the storm – it’s just your old beliefs making way for the new.

Déjà vu is common

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We’ve all encountered déjà vu in our lives – the strange phenomenon that you’ve experienced an exact same situation before. If this odd feeling becomes a frequent part of your life, it’s a sign that your spiritual mind is going through a significant upgrade.

Your relationships shift

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As we delve into our spirituality, our relationships with those around us change. Some people that we thought would be by our side for years slowly fade away, while you get closer to people you never dreamed would enter your life. It’s your higher self getting rid of those who no longer serve you, while bringing in those who will enrich your existence.

You crave spiritual fulfillment

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Once you undergo a spiritual awakening, you may feel a deep-rooted need to explore all things mystical. Whether it’s discussing topics of the mind with a mentor, reconnecting with nature, or delving into tarot cards, there’ll be little that stops you from exploring your soul’s desires.

You trust your gut

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If you notice that your intuition is suddenly spot on when it comes to certain people or events, it’s a clear sign that you’re going through a spiritual upgrade. People who give you bad vibes may soon prove you right with their actions, showing that your intuition is a tool that can be trusted.

You’ll know when people are lying to you

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Discovering your spirituality can serve as a superpower. Some spiritualists are able to discern when people are being forthcoming or not, able to see through other’s guise of lies. Discovering the power of your own mind is a powerful thing, and an undertaking that shouldn’t be embarked on lightly.

You’ll be less judgmental

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Gossip will become a thing of the past when you embark on your spiritual journey. Putting down others will seem like a futile affair, knowing that what you put out, you get back. Friendships that are built on a foundation of judging and gossiping about others will soon fade away, leaving you to focus on more positive relationships.

You’ll realize that everyone’s on their own path

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Spiritual awakenings often give people a sense of self-confidence. You’ll no longer spend countless hours arguing with others, trying to change their opinions to match your own. Instead, you’re content in the knowledge that everyone is on their own journey, learning lessons as and when they need to.

You’ll want to help others

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You may find that you suddenly become more compassionate to other people, having a sudden urge to aid those in need. Follow your gut on this one – the world could always do with more kindness. Besides, you’ll soon learn that what you put out into the world is exactly what you get back.

You’ll find like-minded folk

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Or, rather, they’ll find you. When you connect with your spiritual side, you’ll often find yourself becoming acquainted with people who share similar views. These people will seemingly come out of nowhere, sliding into your life as if they’ve always been there, offering you sound advice you can always rely on.

You feel more connected to nature

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A sudden urge to immerse yourself in nature’s embrace is extremely common when undergoing a spiritual change. The need to reconnect and recenter yourself comes from your primal form emerging, with your higher self knowing that all forms of life on planet Earth are connected.

Your senses are heightened

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Your hearing, sight, and sense of touch may suddenly become heightened upon delving deeper into your spiritual side. Colors may suddenly seem brighter, while you may notice that you suddenly pick up on bird calls or the sound of the ocean. In reality, the strange sensation comes from living in the present moment, embracing every second of each day.

Your body may change

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Strangely, you may experience some physical side effects when undergoing a spiritual transformation. Aches can, at first, become more prominent, before gradually fading away as you delve deeper into your spiritual endeavors. Your body reacts to your mind, after all, so it’s only natural that you’ll see some physical manifestations of your changing thoughts.

Your habits change

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As you plummet further and further into your mystical interests, you may notice that your behaviors change. You may suddenly feel the need to quit smoking, or completely change your diet to lead a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Follow these urges – your life will be richer for it.

Your outlook has shifted

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Your view of the world at large may suddenly change. Instead of looking at the world through a gloomy lens, you may suddenly be filled with a sense of endless peace. This sensation is called surrender – allowing yourself to go with the flow in life and seeing where you end up, trusting in the universe.

You’re curious

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A curious mind leads to an eventful life. You may suddenly find everything interesting, whether it’s people’s thoughts and opinions or different forms of media. There could be an urge to pick up new hobbies, learning new skills that satisfy your mind’s ever-growing thirst for knowledge.

You have an aversion to negativity

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Negativity is a natural part of life. Without negativity, there can be no positivity, after all. However, you may notice that you can’t stand to be around people who endlessly complain. Their energy can be infectious, dragging you down to a lower vibe. Instead, you now surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.

Your triggers fade away

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The things that once caused overt emotional outbursts now have little power over you. You can look your triggers directly in the eye, knowing that you’ve grown as a person. This is a wonderful place to be at – knowing that things can cause you pain, but you don’t have to wallow in the emotion.

Your life doesn’t seem mapped out anymore

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Life is full of endless, unpredictable changes. When you awaken your third eye, you may find that you stop trying to combat these changes, instead choosing to roll with the punches. This can be an incredibly liberating experience, allowing you to be in flow with universal energies.

Your interests change

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Things that once lit up your soul may seem mundane or boring. It can be jarring to experience, but it’s a necessary part of growth. Don’t cling onto old patterns simply because they bring you a sense of comfort. Instead, get out of your comfort zone, exploring things that fill your heart with a fiery burst of passion.

You feel different

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This one differs from person to person. While you’re going through a spiritual transformation, you may just feel different. The sensation can be hard to pinpoint, being an overall feeling as opposed to a specific, notable change. This change in vibe is merely your mind trying to catch up to your new spiritual lifestyle.

Time moves differently

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For some, the speed at which time progresses can drastically change when they tap into their spiritual side. Some people report that time flies by at a rip-roaring pace, while others claim that their days grind to a halt. Life is experienced through perspective, and as your perspective changes, so do your views on the passing of the days.

Animals are drawn to you

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People who are constantly surrounded by animals have a wholesome, clean aura. This is due to animals being highly perceptive of frequencies, picking up on humans that can be trusted. If birds flock to you or random dogs approach you on a walk, it’s a sign that your soul is going through an upgrade.

You sleep more (or less!)

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Spirituality and sleep go hand in hand. You may find that your sleeping habits change. Some people end up sleeping more, allowing their minds to rest as they delve deeper into their spiritual journey. Others are awake for hours and hours, with their overactive minds unable to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

You get lost in your own thoughts

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You’ll find that as you spend more time in your own company, you’ll become lost in a world all of your own. This is a good thing – many people spend their whole lives quieting their inner voice through numerous distractions. Instead, you’re willing to sit in silence, with nothing but your own thoughts for company.

You get random pains

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On occasion, you find that you experience the odd flare up of pain here and there. These pains are usually your body trying to draw something to your attention. Pay attention to your thoughts prior to the sensation – the pain could be a sign telling you that whatever you were contemplating isn’t the right course of action.

Emotions may flare

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While you’ll likely experience a great deal of emotional growth when going through a spiritual awakening, you may also find that your emotions become highly volatile – at least for a time. These emotional outbursts can feel alarming at first, but it’s just your mind purging out your pent-up feelings.

You notice your past patterns

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Thoughts of your past may drift through your mind’s eye – thoughts that demand your attention. You may discover certain behavioral traits about yourself that were picked up throughout the course of your life. Once discovered, these behaviors are easy to unlearn, paving the way for a healthier mindset.

You get headaches

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You may find that you experience a slew of headaches or migraines. These pains are caused by your intense inner transformation, particularly if they’re felt around your third eye – the prime location for spiritual welfare. Of course, always seek medical advice if the pain persists.

You notice strange synchronicities

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As you venture on your spiritual journey, you may notice that synchronicities become extremely common. Whether it’s a friend mentioning the exact thought you were just thinking or things aligning perfectly for your highest good, it’s a clear sign that you’re delving deeper into your spiritual mind.

You have an urge to work on yourself

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Perhaps the biggest sign of a spiritual awakening is an intense urge to work on yourself. You may wake up in the early hours, filled with a sudden drive to turn your life around. Whether it’s hitting up the gym or finally working on that novel, these urges are your soul calling out to you. Just make sure that you pay attention.