The 2012 Nissan Titan is almost a Titanic failure

Credit: SsmIntrigue via Wikimedia Commons

The Nissan Titan’s only saving grace is its discounted online prices, which reflect its poor quality rather than a market advantage. Nissan aimed to create a sleek, competitive pickup but fell short due to various shortcomings. Despite spaciousness and towing capabilities, the Titan’s overall lack of quality, including belt, pulley, and mount issues, hinders its competitiveness. Owners report leaks and body cracks, making it an undesirable choice.

The 1978 Subaru BRAT was a fake pickup truck


Subaru excels at affordable, reliable vehicles, but their pickup trucks fall short compared to their sedans. The 1978 Subaru BRAT, essentially a sedan with a flatbed, highlights the need for focus on core cars. Reagan’s endorsement boosted its popularity. Subaru’s current truck attempts, like the Baja, face challenges but are genuine trucks. Now, let’s dive into Dodge and Ford’s latest worst pickup truck contenders.

The GMC Canyon has leaky fuel


GMC’s Canyon truck may look fierce on the outside, but it falls short on reliability. Customers report transmission, fuel system, and cabin electronics issues. It even had a recall due to a damaged fuel line that could cause a fuel leak and fire. It doesn’t meet competitors’ standards, making it a sub-par choice in its price range. Skip this pickup truck for your offroad vehicle purchase.

The Mitsubishi L200 was also a rusty pickup


Mitsubishi’s Triton pickup truck mirrored the company’s style with a compact size and flatbed design. Despite being sold as the L200 in the US, it could’ve been called the Mitsubishi Rusty. Owners reported rapid rusting underneath within a year of purchase. It’s unexpected that a country known for minimalism and technological prowess produced such a letdown.

Ram Rumble Bee was their attempt to glamorize pickup trucks


Dodge’s Super Bee was a popular muscle car in the ’60s and was later revived. However, the 2004 Ram Rumble Bee truck didn’t appeal to pickup drivers seeking reliability, power, efficiency, and price. So the short-lived yellow truck with a strange name and comedic retro styling was discontinued. Stick to the regular Ram models for a better choice.

The Suzuki Equator was a Nissan Frontier


Suzuki had two options to enter the American pickup truck market: invest in engineering a remarkable truck or copy an existing model. They chose the latter. Suzuki licensed Nissan’s Frontier model and added their logo, but consumers saw through the scheme. The Suzuki Equator, discontinued after four years, was a costly venture for the Japanese automaker, resulting in minimal profit and a damaged reputation.

It’s a good thing the Nissan Navara wasn’t sold in the USA


The Nissan Navara, known as the D22, D23, and D40, faced significant rust issues worldwide, except in the United States. This widespread rust problem compromised the chassis, posing safety risks and making it one of the least secure pickup trucks available. Fortunately, the Navara never reached the US market, sparing Nissan from potential bankruptcy due to lawsuits.

The Mazda Rotary was ahead of its time


The Mazda Rotary pickup featured a groundbreaking Wankel engine ahead of its time. However, it didn’t appeal to traditional pickup truck drivers who value reliability. Despite this setback, rotary engine technology has gained popularity, offering the potential for a reboot. Next, Chevy makes an appearance on this list with an infamously out-there truck.

The Chevy SSR is the quirkiest pickup truck ever made


The Chevy SSR is infamous for its unconventional and unattractive design. Despite its name, the truck falls short in terms of performance, comfort, and interior quality. While it has decent acceleration and horsepower, the SSR is polarizing, with most people disliking it. It turns out that standing out from the crowd isn’t always a good thing.

The 2006 Nissan Titan should be avoided


The Nissan Titan’s discounted prices online stem from poor quality, not market efficiency. Despite trying to compete in the American pickup category, it falls short due to various issues. While its cabin and towing capabilities receive praise, belt, pulley, and mount problems hinder its competitiveness. Owners report leaks and body cracks, making it an undesirable pickup. Best to avoid it.

The 2007 Toyota Tundra has received complaints and recalls

Credit: Jason Lawrence via Flickr

You can pick up a used 2007 Toyota Tundra for around $10,000 – making it a real bargain. That cheap cost, however, comes with a price. The truck is reported to be littered with issues, from engine problems to radio failures. The NHTSA even issued 14 recalls for the truck, with owners filing 372 complaints.

The 2012 Toyota Tundra is full of issues

Credit: Encima Gfx via Flickr

When a troubled vehicle gets a remodel, it’s usually for the better. Unfortunately for owners of the 2012 Toyota Tundra, the issues from the prior model still persist. There were four recalls for this vehicle, namely due to oil leaks and issues with the airbags.

The GMC Sierra is unreliable


With a reliability rating of two out of five, it’s probably best to avoid the GMC Sierra. Reliability is the number one most important thing when it comes to buying a pickup, after all. Issues with the vehicle’s climate control and its transmission are reported to be its biggest issues.

The 2005 Chevy Silverado is a rusty mess

Credit: Frank Denardo via Flickr

If there’s one part of a vehicle you don’t want rust on, it’s the brakes. Unfortunately for the 2005 Chevy Silverado, that’s exactly what a lot of drivers have reported. It’s also full of technical problems, from faulty speedometers to gearbox issues, meaning that this pickup is just an all-around mess.

The 2014 Chevy Silverado has issues on every level

Credit: Kevauto via Wikimedia Commons

Looks can be deceiving. While the Chevy Silverado looks like a great big beast of a car, angry and muscular, it’s littered with issues on every single level. From seatbelts to brakes, poor steering to faulty airbags, this pickup truck isn’t just bad – it’s straight-up dangerous.

The 2004 Ford F-150 is a stain on Ford’s legacy

Credit: Chad Horwedel via Flickr

While the Ford F-150 is heralded as one of the pickup greats, the 2004 model leaves a lot to be desired. There have been 14 recalls for this model, along with Consumer Reports giving it a one out of five ranking for reliability – the lowest score possible. Ouch.

The 2015 Ford F-150 has a dodgy fuel system

Credit: Tino Rossini via Flickr

When you spend big bucks on a pickup, you rightfully expect it to be reliable. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the 2015 model of the Ford F-150. Owners have reported an array of issues with the ride – namely with the fuel system and the exhaust. If you pick up this pickup, it’s likely just to be a money pit.

The 2003 Dodge RAM offers a bumpy ride

Credit: harry_nl via Flickr

The biggest concern around this full-size pickup truck is its suspension, which owners say leaves much to be desired. With an overall owner satisfaction score of one out of five, the 2003 model of the Dodge RAM should be avoided at all costs – no matter how cheap it may be.

It’s best to avoid most models of the Chevrolet Colorado

Credit: Chad Horwedel via Flickr

The Chevy Colorado may seem like the ideal pickup if you’re looking for something on the smaller side and you aren’t worried about towing capabilities. However, the 2004, 2005, and 2008 models are all known to have repeated engine issues. Worst still, every 2004-2005 model of the Colorado was recalled due to a faulty child seat and brake light.

Chevy Avalanches end up discolored

Credit: SsmIntrigue via Wikimedia Commons

Chevrolet stopped the production of the Avalanche in 2013 – and for a good reason. The pickup was rife with problems, including a plastic body that discolored over time due to UV exposure, giving a streaky, oily look. If you see one of these on offer secondhand, it’s best to give it a miss.

The Dodge RAM 3500 needs plenty of pricey repairs

Credit: Kevauto via Wikimedia Commons

The Dodge RAM 3500 is a brute of a car, boasting an array of impressive engine feats. Unfortunately, the pickup costs a lot on upkeep. On average, the vehicle is thought to cost around $1,079 each year in repair costs alone, hardly making it an affordable option.

Dodge the Dodge Dakota’s brake problems

Credit: Rutger van der Maar via Flickr

The 2000 model of the Dodge Dakota was discontinued – mainly because of its slew of oil and braking problems. The 2004 and 2005 models don’t fair much better, either, with the same problem haunting the later builds. For your own safety, it’s recommended that you steer clear of this truck.

Avoid any Ford with the ‘Triton’ engine


Avoid the 3V Triton V8 engine like the plague. The engine is full of flaws; the timing chain, blown spark plugs, oil problems, and ignition problems, just to name a few. Eventually, Ford swapped the three-valve system for four, solving a large chunk of the engine’s previously fatal issues.

The Toyota Tacoma had 700,000 recalls

Credit: Ed Uthman via Flickr

Vehicle recalls are a manufacturer’s worst nightmare – let alone 700,000 of them. The 2005-2011 Tacomas were recalled across the States due to high levels of corrosion on the spring leafs. Once these important parts corroded away, they could cause further issues, like damaging the fuel tank.

The Nissan Frontier leaks antifreeze into transmission fluid

Credit: Rudolf Stricker via Wikimedia Commons

The Nissan Frontier’s radiator is known to repeatedly crack, causing coolant to leak into the transmission – creating an absolute disaster that completely destroys your engine. Unless you want to fork out hundreds of dollars in repairs, it’s best to leave this truck at the garage.

The Honda Ridgeline blows out blue smoke

Credit: Rutger van der Maar via Flickr

The Honda Ridgeline is a troubled, expensive pickup. One of the cylinders in the 2006 model would often rot, pumping puffs of blue smoke out of the exhaust. While a change in spark plug could delay the issue, to ensure the problem never, ever returned would mean a complete change in the engine.

The Ford Ranger Splash faded over time

Credit: Audiogodz1 via Wikimedia Commons

While the Ford Ranger Splash may look like an iconic, all-American pickup truck, it’s still best to avoid this particular vehicle. The paint job was done with cheap, non-lasting materials, causing it to severely fade over time. Even the most vibrant reds fall victim to a washed-out, dull look. Best to pick a truck that actually keeps its gleam.

The Mazda B Series frequently short circuits

Credit: Greg Gjerdingen via Flickr

The Mazda B Series 4×4 mode is known to frequently short circuit, leading to frustrated drivers. After all, when you drive a pickup, one of the most important features is a functioning 4×4 ride. The engine’s electrical problems unfortunately let down an otherwise solid pickup.

The Toyota Hilux has an outdated interior

Credit: Vauxford via Wikimedia Commons

The Toyota’s on-road performance is pretty disappointing, offering a noisy ride, poor grip, and a bouncy journey. The cabin is pretty narrow, especially for a pickup! It also has clunky, outdated controls on the dash. Thankfully, this truck was never sold as brand-new in the US – but let this be a warning if you’re considering buying one second-hand.

Just over 3,000 Lincoln Blackwoods were ever made

Credit: Greg Gjerdingen via Flickr

A mere 3,356 Lincoln Blackwoods were ever made – which should tell you everything you need to know about the subpar truck. Only made for one year, they’re the rarest vehicle Lincoln ever produced, and for good reason. The truck reportedly had issues with spark plugs shooting out of the engine making it far from ideal.

The 2003 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson was a hot mess

Credit: Kieran White via Flickr

Ford and Harley Davidson are two of the most reputable manufacturers in the world – so what went wrong? A lot, according to the pickup truck’s disgruntled drivers. Issues ranged from recurring fuel system errors, faulty spark plugs, and poor ignition. It just goes to show that named brands aren’t everything.

The Isuzu D-Max isn’t available in the US – thankfully

Credit: Chanokchon via Wikimedia Commons

The Isuzu D-Max isn’t available on American shores, but don’t fret – you’re not missing out on much. The Isuzu offers one of the most uncomfortable rides going, with vibrations from the engine felt all the way to the steering wheel. Furthermore, the interior is pretty uninspired – much like its ride.

The 2006 Mitsubishi Raider is dangerous

Credit: Mr.choppers via Wikimedia Commons

The main issue with the 2006 model of the Mitsubishi Raider is a big one – the airbags. The housing of the airbags is known to rupture in high levels of humidity, meaning that passengers may get pelted with sharp shards of metal when the airbag is deployed. For your own safety, avoid this pickup at all costs.

The 2004 Ford Ranger Edge has head gasket woes


If the head gasket goes, you may as well kiss your truck goodbye. That’s exactly the trouble that plagues the 2004 model of the Ford Ranger Edge. The 4.0 SOHC engine is renowned for having severe engine problems, leading to a pricey process of repair.

The 2006 Lincoln Mark LT is full of expensive fixes

Credit: Terry Bone via Flickr

The 2006 Lincoln Mark LT is the epitome of class and wealth – featuring an obscene amount of chrome fittings to bring a level of glam to your ride. Despite its sleek appearance, the pickup is littered with valve and air suspension issues that all contribute to making it a needlessly expensive purchase.

The Fiat Fullback is an uninspired mess

Credit: Alexander Migl via Wikimedia Commons

Fiat is the last car manufacturer you’d expect to produce a pickup truck – but they went ahead and did so nevertheless. The car had a bland, uninspired interior with poor suspension. The truck never made it to sale in the US, being discontinued due to poor sales and a change in emission regulations.

The 2018 Mercedes Benz X-Class is just a pretty face

Credit: Vauxford via Wikimedia Commons

A lot of thought and consideration went into the Mercedes Benz X-Class’s design. It’s a shame, then, that not as much thought went into its performance. Its flatbed is too tiny to be of any actual use and its speed isn’t anything to brag about. Snore!

The Chevrolet K2500 has rust problems

Credit: BlueCrabRedCrab via Wikimedia Commons

With a pickup, you want to be able to get it dirty. With the Chevy K2500, you might want to reconsider those plans. The truck is notorious for getting rust underneath the front of the car, namely by the front seats – which can be an expensive and lengthy repair process.

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is too small to be useful

Credit: RLGNZLZ via Flickr

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is an SUV turned into a pickup truck, essentially by just dumping a flatbed on the back of the vehicle. This leads to a pickup truck that’s actually too small to be used efficiently, making the entire thing pretty redundant.

The Dodge Dude – a terrible name for a terrible truck

Credit: dave_7 via Flickr

Let’s face it – the Dodge Dude has a pretty awful name. While the truck is relatively rare, maybe even iconic, there are very few differences between the Dude and the Dodge D100. Both models leading to plenty of disgruntled pickup drivers. Unless you’re a car collector, it’s best to leave this truck to become relic of the past.