Credit: Abloy702 via Reddit

“My uncle just got this at a yard sale for two bucks”

Credit: wondersanchez via Reddit

Check out this incredible yard sale find this Redditor’s uncle scored for just two bucks! He picked up The Old Man And The Sea, with an inscription that reads: “To Carleton and Suzanna Tweed with all best wishes always. From their friend Ernest Hemingway.” Can you believe someone would let go of this?

“This wedding dress had £1,595 on the tag. I got it for £25, and it fits like a glove”

Credit: dollymoo via Reddit

A lucky find by a friend of theirs, a brand new wedding dress worth £1,595 spotted at a charity shop for only £25. It’s as if it was tailor-made for them. What a lovely find! Proof that you can find anything in a thrift store if you look hard enough.

“Thrift shop score”

Credit: Bored Panda via Reddit

This thrift store find is perfect! The shirt bears a striking resemblance to the person who found it. Perhaps it’s a sign from the universe to flaunt your hair with confidence. Hopefully, he bought his t-shirt doppelgänger as those kind of opportunities don’t come up often!

“I found this random painting in a thrift store that looks unsettlingly similar to me”

Credit: thriftstorehauls via Reddit

The person stumbled upon a random painting in a thrift store that bears an uncanny resemblance to them. He could even buy it and pass it off as a self-portrait! It’s an astonishing doppelgänger encounter that makes one wonder if a time traveler had a hand in it. Such a discovery would undoubtedly be quite unsettling!

“Best find yet”

Credit: thriftstorehauls via Reddit

The guy who found this proudly declares their latest discovery as their best find yet. After conducting some online research, they concluded that it’s actually the lid of a trinket box. The unique appearance of the lid, resembling an ostrich from above and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle from below, adds a touch of fun to the piece.

“Thank you, thrift store Gods. Just found the missing piece to my 1978 Creators hanging rain lamp, at the same thrift store.”

Credit: FraternityMan via Reddit

The person excitedly shares their recent discovery of the missing piece to their 1978 Creators hanging rain lamp. Surprisingly, they found it at the same thrift store a month and a half after finding the lamp itself. Visiting thrift stores in search of treasures is among our favorite activities, and this fortunate find has undoubtedly made them feel lucky indeed.

“Prom night! Our outfits and accessories, minus the headband and hat, are entirely thrifted”

Credit: thriftstorehauls via Reddit

It’s prom night, and the pair proudly reveal their outfits and accessories, all of which was thrifted except for the headband and hat. They receive compliments on their stylish appearance, with someone mentioning that they look much classier than many other prom outfits they’ve seen recently. Some even suggested they would work well for a 1920s-themed prom.

“I found some new pictures for my bathroom. $1 each”

Credit: thebayallday via Reddit

This person discovered some new pictures for their bathroom, each priced at just $1. As a cat lover, who wouldn’t be delighted to find these cat-themed pictures as part of their bathroom decor? Not only are they well-drawn and high-quality, they add a touch of humor to the home.

“I collect old purses from thrift stores. I used one yesterday for the first time and found this”

Credit: bluemavis via Reddit

To their surprise, they discovered something intriguing in a concealed zip pocket on the side while exploring the newly acquired purse. It was a stack of two-dollar bills, which appeared to have been stashed there for quite some time. Notably, these bills were in remarkable condition, despite the fact that it has been a considerable duration since Canada last minted two-dollar bills.

“Not the best find I’ve ever had, but definitely my favorite. $.99 at Goodwill”

Credit: dahlor via Reddit

This lucky buyer hit the jackpot when he stumbled upon a signed copy of A Brief History Of Time by the one and only Stephen Hawking. While he claims it may not be the most valuable purchase, he says it’s his personal favorite – and it’s easy to see why.

“I found this vintage pitcher for only $8!”

Credit: deimhit via Reddit

What a find! This pitcher and bowl combo is from The Witches Pursuit set, depicting Robert Burn’s poem Tam O’Shanter. While it’s best to use this ceramic pitcher as a decorative piece, it’s still an absolute steal for only $8, with a value that’s likely to only increase as time goes by.

“I won this at an auction – $110 for an all-suede dresser!”

Credit: dixiechamb via Reddit

This dressing table and mirror look like something straight out of an Austin Powers movie, epitomizing the style of the 70s perfectly. Forking out a mere $110 for such a unique piece of furniture is a wise investment – even if it was purchased simply for the bragging rights!

“I bought this mug for $1 – turns out it’s worth $80!”

Credit: emdelgrosso via Reddit

There’s nothing like a good bargain – particularly when that sale has the potential of generating a huge profit. This buyer bought this funky-looking mug simply because they liked the design. When they got home, they realized it’s actually a vintage piece by Health Ceramics. Quite the bargain indeed.

“Picked up this gift at Goodwill for my mother for $4.99 – it’s worth $150”

Credit: tenglempls via Reddit

Goodwill is a treasure trove for bargain hunters, with rare antiques being sold off at shockingly low prices. This eagle-eyed buyer managed to snag this beautiful ornament depicting the baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph for less than $5. It’s the perfect centerpiece for the holiday season.

“I got this huge circular couch for only $300 – my dogs love it”

Credit: Ch3wbacca1 via Reddit

This steal was found on a virtual thrift shop – Facebook Marketplace. The user claimed it’s their “best purchase yet”, adding that they’re going to use it as a karaoke area, placing a mic stand in the center. For now though, his dogs have taken over, using the couch as their personal race track.

“I needed an emergency dress – I found one for £6.99 at a charity shop”

Credit: ohh-word via Reddit

This UK shopper was in a pinch, needing a quick dress to attend an event that very night. Thankfully, she managed to find a beautiful garment at her favorite charity shop – snagging this stunning blue dress for a mere £6.99 (equivalent to $9).

“I’ve been looking for this glass for THREE YEARS – I finally found it”

Credit: epicfamilydecals via Reddit

This video game-obsessed shopper checked the glassware section of their local Goodwill every single day for three whole years, seeking a particular Mario-themed glass. After popping in for 1095 days, their patience was finally rewarded, with the geeky glass showing up for them to buy.

“I found this vintage pan for only 50 cents”

Credit: RockyMountain970 via Reddit

Snagging an antique for only 50 cents is almost unheard of it – but this savvy shopper managed to snag a Le Creuset vintage pan for less than a dollar. After giving it a deep clean, the unusual piece of crockery is now hanging proudly in their kitchen.

“I bought diamond earrings for $6.99 – they’re worth $4,682”

Credit: Radiantlyred via Reddit

This is what all thrifters dream of. Spending mere a $6.99 on a pair of earrings is a bargain at the best of times, but imagine when she got them appraised and discovered they were authentic, coming to a value of over $4,000! The shopper said she plans on keeping the earrings rather than selling them on.

“These rugs are valued at $2,500 – I picked one up for $1.49”

Credit: xiuhxochitl via Reddit

Navajo rugs are usually considered to be pretty expensive, primarily due to their high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship. This shrewd buyer spotted the rug at Goodwill, stating that they’re keeping the item and hanging it up on their wall – rightfully noting that it’s too beautiful to be left on the floor.

“I found a jacket made by my grandfather 30 years ago, in a store 400 miles from where I live”

Credit: oShockwave via Reddit

Talk about sentimental! This Reddit user stumbled upon a jacket tailored by their late grandfather, 30 years after he made it. Stranger still, the garment was found 400 miles away from where the user lived. The jacket even fits! A lucky find, or the will of a passed-on loved one?

“I found this retro dress for $5 – it fits me like a glove”

Credit: Pjuskemoster via Reddit

This fashion-forward shopper couldn’t resist this vintage dress when she spotted it in a thrift shop – especially when she noticed the low price. The dress didn’t need any alterations or tailoring whatsoever, fitting the buyer perfectly. It’s almost as if the dress was just sat there, waiting for her to take it off the hanger.

“I snagged never-before-worn Doc Martins for $10 – I’m shook”

Credit: infinitelyystrange via Reddit

Now that’s what you call a bargain! This shopper couldn’t believe their eyes when saw a never-worn-before pair of Doc Martins at the thrift shop, with a price tag of a mere $10. Better still, the boots were even in their size! Even second-hand Doc Martins sell at high prices, meaning this shopper picked up an absolute steal.

“I went to the thrift shop and found three versions of the very shirt I was wearing”

Credit: Piripiripi-Pao via Reddit

What are the chances? You wouldn’t expect to see the very shirt you were wearing to appear before you in a thrift shop – let alone three times! What’s stranger still is the one he’s wearing, the green shirt, and the purple shirt are all the same brand – but the shirt on the far left is a different make, despite looking identical.

“I had to drive in a snow storm with this couch hanging out of my trunk – but it was only $10”

Credit: 0934883947520 via Reddit

This velvet couch was bought for $10 from Goodwill. There are few things wrong with it, as one area is slightly sunken, some of the tufts need fixing, and some of the velvet is worn, but this bargain hunter couldn’t turn it down for 10 bucks – especially as they’d been searching for a similar coach for two years.

“I found the matching part to my suit at a completely different thrift shop”

Credit: dudesiiick via Reddit

This fashionista spent several months seeking the matching pants to her suit jacket – searching high and low. Eventually, she stumbled upon the pants at Goodwill. She’d saved up $200 for the entire piece, but her thrifty ways meant that she only had to fork over a mere $20.

“I thrifted my wedding dress for $60”

Credit: vnvovtvhvavnvkvs via Reddit

Wedding dresses are expensive, so it’s no wonder that many people turn to thrift shops to find a dress for their big day. She claims that even with alterations and cleaning fees, it still worked out hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying one brand-new. She’s even inspired others to donate their dresses – helping future brides snag a bargain.

“I’m an opera singer – my dress for my performance cost me $15”

Credit: thriftstorehauls via Reddit

When we see stars perform on the stage, we imagine that their outfits must cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. That’s not the case for this opera singer, who only spent a mere $15 on her Chiara Boni gown – valued at around $1,000 when brand-new.

“I should’ve checked inside”

Credit: evenflowdj via Reddit

Flea markets aren’t always filled with bargains. This shopper learned a hard lesson in checking before you buy when they picked up what they thought was a Guns N’ Roses cassette – only to discover a children’s tape was inside. Make sure you thoroughly check your goods before you hand over your cash!

“I haggled to get this ring for $42… turns out it’s worth $8,000”

Credit: jnseel via Reddit

The seller of this beautiful ring thought it was a green amethyst, eventually parting ways with it for just over $40. As it turns out, the ring was actually a rare green diamond that’s over 100 years old – being valued at a minimum of $8,000. That’s what you call a steal!

“I bought a locked safe for $15. Inside were wads of cash and bars of silver”

Credit: MakerofThingsProps via Reddit

Sometimes, the risks you take can pay off – quite literally. This thrifty shopper took a gamble and bought a locked safe for $15 – not knowing what was inside. When they pried it open, they found stacks of cash, bars of silver, and some jewelry. It came to a value of roughly $2,500.

“I got a three-piece suit for $30”

Credit: thriftstorehauls via Reddit

Suits don’t always have to cost hundreds of dollars, as this savvy spender found out. Costing only $30, he picked up a pale pink suit at a thrift store that fit him perfectly – requiring no alterations. It appears as though the thrift shop Gods were smiling down upon him that day!

“I ran away with a $1,200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50”

Credit: randomlybev via Reddit

This coffee machine is the cream of the crop – used by talented baristas across the world. This lucky shopper managed to snag it for less than $10. When the cashier asked what it was, the savvy shopper mumbled it was for coffee, and ran out of the store before the worker realized what a sought-after piece of kit they’d just sold.

“I got a signed copy of The Shining for $1.99”

Credit: jennabunnykins via Reddit

Stephen King is one of the greatest novelists of our time, so imagine this shopper’s surprise when he found a copy of The Shining for just $1.99 – signed by the iconic horror writer himself. It even has the date of the signing, proving it to be an iconic piece of personal history.

“I found $2,000 in cash hidden in a jacket pocket”

Credit: Abloy702 via Reddit

Sometimes, second-hand items can give you more than you bargained for. This lucky shopper was checking the pants on a suit when a $100 bill fell out of a pocket. They quickly snagged it up, before checking the other pockets – not counting their cash until they were in their car. The total came to a whopping $2,000 of free cash.

“I turned an old TV into a bed for my cat”

Credit: neatflaps via Reddit

A 1960s Zenith television is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a functioning cat bed, but this bargain buyer had a vision and ran with it. What’s even better is that the speakers in the TV still work – meaning it can double up as a cat bed and a Bluetooth soundsystem!

“My entire room is comprised of items from thrift shops and garage sales – each piece of furniture was under $20”

Credit: s_t_ella via Reddit

Who says redecorating has to be expensive? This creative soul decorated their entire bedroom with second-hand items, finding them at garage sales, flea markets, and thrift shops. Each item was supposedly purchased for less than $20, creating a unique Bohemian style with a low price.

“10 years ago, I was in a band. Today, I found my band’s tee at Goodwill”

Credit: thriftstorehauls via Reddit

What a small world! The buyer’s band was only a small affair, offering three songs on Myspace. The shirt in question was only produced for a limited time, being sold at local venues in the area. A strange coincidence, then, that the buyer would stumble upon their own tee a decade later.

“A thrifted necklace I bought ended up on Antiques Roadshow”


This thrifter spent $6.10 on a necklace. Little did the seller know, the value of the jewelry was between $50,000 to $60,000! The buyer took the piece onto Antiques Roadshow, featuring on the show earlier this year. The high estimation makes it one of the best thrift store finds of all time.

“I got a working iMac for $18”

Credit: vvonderboy via Reddit

$18 for an iMac is an incredible buy. All the buyer had to do was install some new software (which didn’t cost them a cent) and the computer was good to go. It’s a little old in tech terms – a 2010 model – but you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper price anywhere else.