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Redheads are fierce, fiery, and live life on their own terms. If you love the idea of a jaw-dropping red hair shade that is going to encapsulate the firecracker inside you, this is the perfect guide for you. Here are some of the most stunning red hair color ideas that are trending in 2023.

1. Fierce red mid-length hair with loose waves

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This wavy red mid-length hair is jaw-droppingly impressive, and sets you up perfectly for the day ahead. This is something you can do from home, but it will need a color conditioner. You’ll want to lighten your hair in advance as well, which we recommend to get done professionally, unless you have hair that is already pretty light.

2. Amazing copper red makeover

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Check out this stunning copper red makeover that will enhance your facial features and add a vibrancy and sophistication to how you look. The rich, deep color is great for turning heads and making a statement, and blends amazingly well with a range of different skin tones.

3. Apple cider red hair color

Credit: Instagram via MELEA.K.HAIR

If you’re looking for a brighter color, and you want the red that really encapsulates your tenacity and free spiritedness, this apple cider red is the one for you. You can buy a color shampoo for home use that is ideal for keeping your hair nourished and colorful between visits to the salon.

4. Reddish pink mid-length hair

Credit: Instagram via @MATTRAZOOK

This is one of the most iconic and attention-grabbing dos on this list, and the perfect option for those looking to blend pink and red together. The ideal way to reflect your colorful personality and vibrant enthusiasm, this is a style that takes the redhead color to new heights.

5. Fire engine red long hair with fringe

Credit: Instagram via @HAIR_SALON_BY_HADIS

The height of sophisticated sassiness, this vibrant red color with smart fringe is great for helping improve color and comfort, and can help to enhance the appearance of super long hair. The hairdo has a softness that catches the eye, and makes you feel a million dollars.

6. Vibrant red and orange tones

Credit: Instagram via @GERILYNGHAISARZADEH

Add some fire to your life with this amazingly iconic color combo, that enhances your hue, and allows you to experiment with vibrant and colorful mixtures. To maintain his you’ll need a color-safe shampoo, as well as visiting a creative and skilful stylist to bring your ideas to life.

7. Dark rooted vibrant red hair

Credit: Instagram via @LISAHEROFFICIAL

For those ladies looking to add edge to their lives, this is a bold and breathtaking change that can have a transformative effect on the way you look. The great thing about this option is that it allows for a wonderful contrast, and still manages to look natural at the same time too.

8. Red coral long hair

Credit: Instagram via @SHELL.VEGA

Free spirits, lone wolves, go-getters, and trend-setters will feel at home with this stunning red coral color that is bold, vibrant, makes a statement, and shows you mean business. If you want to look cool, edgy, and a little left of middle, this is the ultimate do for you.

9. Berry red hair

Credit: Instagram @TODCHUKSTUDIO

If you’re seeking something a little more rustic and regal, berry red is the ultimate choice for standing out in a classy, elegant, and understated way. Instantly and effortlessly enhancing your complexion, whilst beautifully contrasting with your skin, this is one of the best colors you can go for.

10. Long red hair extensions

Credit: Instagram via @BEAUTYBYJM_

Copper and chestnut tones combine with pumpkin spice hues to make this a hair color for the ages. These extensions are the perfect way to add some pop and panash to your life and are a wonderful way of being able to enhance your natural hair color without making long-lasting changes.

11. Dark red balayaged hair

Credit: Instagram via @HAIR_SALON_BY_HADIS

Having fun with color is always great, and this elegant and suave dark red is the ideal choice for anyone with dark to medium dark brown hair. It will last longer, and provides the perfect accompaniment to any skin tone. This is the ideal color for anyone wanting to try something different.

12. Bright and vivid all-over red hair

Credit: Instagram via @WE_PROFESSIONAL

For the most eye-catching color imaginable, this is the perfect option for women seeking an intense hue to their hair that is bound to make a statement. Perfectly suited to warm and neutral skin tone, this is a vibrant and playful hair choice, and one where it’s important to maintain the popping color.

13. Dark scarlet red

Credit: Instagram via @HAIRBYFRANCO

If you’re interested in dying your hair properly, revamping the way you look, and coming up with a color that is going to transform your locks, dark scarlet red is the perfect choice for you. It’s bright, it’s bombastic, and it’s effortlessly elegantly; the ideal way to revolutionize your hair.

14. Sunset-inspired red roots


The purple, crimson, orange and gold of a sunset is truly a stunning sight to behold, and using this color palette on your hair is a game-changer. Now, this is going to be a very high-maintenance choice, but it’s certainly going to be worth doing it, and washing with cooler water is the perfect choice.

15. Wine-inspired long wavy hairstyle


If you love a glass of vino, why not be the kind of girl who transforms your hair with that husky, dusky red wine-inspired hue. This is something that you can ask your stylist to create for you to get it exactly the right shade. Soft waves can help to really accentuate and show off the color, and this is going to make you feel a million bucks.

16. Black cherry with sexy curls

Credit: Instagram via @ONGIGA4__

This cherry red hue is effortlessly sexy, sensual, and sultry, and the absolute perfect choice for helping you to find the ideal color that suits your hairstyle. If you want a daring and bold new look, this is the optimal color idea for 2023, and can become the color that is most associated with you this year.

17. Gorgeous red curls

Credit: Instagram via @SLICKBACK_BUTTAHTOAST

Red is not just a color that fits with straight or wavy hair, as this trendy choice shows. Gorgeous red curls are the perfect way to make a major statement, and to take on the world in style this year! Big, bouncy ringlets are going to stand out and ensure that you have your own unique style.

18. Long dark brick red hair

Credit: Instagram via @Gorge_Kali_Hair_Salon

If you want to go for a color choice that is a little different, as well as one that is ideal for lighter complexions, this fiery brick red is the perfect option for you. Choosing the right tone can actually make it look incredibly natural, and a toning shampoo will keep it looking full of life as much as possible.

19. Cherry cola long hair

Credit: Instagram via @TK.COLORSS

If you’re wanting to go for a more edgy and enigmatic color choice, we would recommend the cherry cola alternative. You can work with your stylist on being able to get exactly the right shade here, and you’ll need to use the right specialist products in order to maintain the richness of the color.

20. Striking straight red hair

Credit: Instagram via @ALYSSAMIKAYLAHAIR

This striking straight red hair is ideal for when you want to shake things up, and this is something that plays a massive role in your life moving forward. This is a brilliant color palette, and would be effortlessly doable for anyone with darker hair. It’s the perfect shade of red to stand out and still look classy.

21. Beautiful red hair color

Credit: Instagram via @ENERGY.HAIR

Stop traffic, turn heads, and own the high street with this amazingly bold, vibrant, and rich hair color. Pre-lightening the hair will help you to get the vibrancy you’re looking for, and then adding the red over the top is one of the best things you can do to make your hair stand out.

22. Dark strawberry red mid-length hair


All eyes will be on you with this sumptuous dark strawberry, which perfectly toes the line between pink and red. It’s the ideal combination and will certainly be perfectly suited to blondes, or brunettes with light hair. Top tip: by washing your hair with cooler water, the pastel colors will last longer.

23. Rich and glossy long reddish-orange hair

Credit: Instagram via @GUY_TANG

This stunning amber color is a warm, cozy and inviting hair style, and one that is going to have a massive impact on the way you look and feel. Adding different hues of copper and red will energize your hair and keep it looking vibrant, with a beautiful fade-out to boot.

24. Radiant cherry bob


If you’re looking for one of the best color schemes for the Christmas or festive period, choosing this radiant cherry bob is one of the best things you can do. This shade is popping, and provides depth and brightness, and you can maintain this well by choosing red-colored conditioner.

25. Copper red long hair

Credit: Instagram via @HAIRBYEMILY325

This copper colored hairdo is one of the most beautiful, elegant, and stunning shades on the market right now. Copper is in right now, and with the gorgeous, flowing tones on display in this hairstyle, it’s easy to see why. It’s the perfect diverse choice for pretty much any skin tone.

26. Light brick red bob with curtain bangs

Credit: Instagram via @NATALIAROK

If you have shorter hair, you can still experiment with gorgeous red color, and this light brick red bob provides you with an effortlessly stylish hairdo. Mix a few different reds to get a custom color, and speak with your stylist to figure out the best ways of maintaining this.

27. Stunning long red hair with curled ends

Credit: Instagram via @COCOON_STYLING

This sumptuous and gorgeous flowing dark red hair with curled ends will give you Little Mermaid vibes. Dying your hair red can be high-maintenance, and a darker richer red gives your hair greater vibrancy and better longevity, and this is a great option for helping enhance your looks.

28. Stunning ginger red color

Credit: Instagram via @XCELLENT_JESSIE

This sensational ginger red color is a wonderful way of being able to add a youthful glow and complexion to your style and fashion sense. Warm skin tones will stand out and look great with this sort of hair color, and the red and copper tones help your hair shine and look amazing.

29. Vibrant fire engine red

Credit: Instagram via @HAIRBYKASEYOH

Spicy, sexy, stunning – this is the ultimate color style to go for if you want to improve your personality, and look as amazing as possible. If you want to let your personality shine through, one of the best ways of doing this is to go for this stunning and vibrant red option. Stunning!

30. Brick red middle-parted hair


Choosing a brick red color, and combining it with a classy middle parting is a brilliant combination. You’re going to look amazing in any setting, and whether gearing up for a date, an Instagram snap, or family Thanksgiving, this is one of the best hair options that you can use to stand out.

31. Deep mahogany for women over 70

Credit: Instagram via @HEADSPACEHAUS_SALON

Red isn’t just a color for younger women, as this amazing option shows you. Women over 70 can cover their gray hairs by choosing this deep and classy mahogany color. The great thing about using reddish/purple hues is that they are great for giving a more pleasant and natural look.

32. Perfect coral red hair color

Credit: Instagram via @STOOLISSAMINJA

Coral red is one of the smartest and most captivating choices any woman can use, and is the ideal combination for any kind of skin tone. However, you need to understand that red tones tend to fade more easily, and this is why you will need to visit your salon regularly.

33. Vivid & bright strawberry red hair

Credit: Instagram via @_DANIELLEDOESHAIR

Bright strawberry is a gorgeous color, but it’s even better when you compare and contrast it with rich copper, and radiant, luminous, vivid color schemes. Showing off your fiery red locks is a great way of being able to look amazing and improve your confidence as much as possible.

34. Warm copper tones for women over 60


Hair color choices are an amazing way of being able to revamp your looks when you hit your later years. This is something that plays a huge part in helping you look amazing, which is why warm copper tones are amazing for women with medium skin tone, who are looking to stand out.

35. Peachy pink undertones on red hair

Credit: Instagram via @GEIRLYNGHAISARZADEH

Peachy pink is the perfect way of being able to revamp your hair with a mixture of pinkish red and orange, and this is the perfect color match. You can combine some of the best colors together in order to ensure that you improve the way you look, and enhance your hair color in the process too.

36. Transitional auburn highlights

Credit: Instagram via @HOLLYWIIT

Auburn highlights are one of the best understated ways of being able to add some highlights to your locks. Breaking up bright red hair with darker dye is one of the best ways of giving you that sassy and trendy look that is ideal for pretty much any situation, be it work or play.

37. Fabulous hints of strawberry ombré

Credit: Instagram via @CONSTANCEROBBINS

Hints of strawberry ombré combined with stunning red hair makes for a fabulous and unique effect. You can enjoy this kind of color combination, and flaunt your lush new color with long, lustrous, and great looking hair that will help you to stand out, look great, and make a statement.

38. Color melted auburn red hair

Credit: INstagram via @NATALIAROK

If you want to enjoy a more understated and subtle red in your hair, this is one of the best options you can enjoy. This stunning copper melt color evokes a Christina Hendricks vibe, and will make you look classy, elegant, sensual, and mysterious. Speak with your stylist about how you can maintain this.

39. Vivid red highlights

Credit: Instagram via @THE_HAIRBEND3R

If you have dark hair, you can make it stand out by adding color pops with edgy red highlights, and this is something that can make your hair stand out and look great. You need to try to use color-safe products to keep the color as vibrant and rich as possible, and this makes a huge difference.

40. Peachy pastel red hair

Credit: Instagram via @SYDNEYANNLOPEZHAIR

One of the sexiest and most stunning red color tones on this list, this gorgeous peachy pastel red hair is a mixture of pink and peach, and has the ideal color combo for women with a fair to neutral complexion. A great way of being able to improve your looks and make a great fashion statement.