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Avoid caffeine

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As tempting as it may be to reach for that iced coffee on a hot summer’s day, if you’re a heavy sweater it’s best to avoid it. Caffeine is a stimulant, which can lead to increased activity in the nervous system. This activity can result in your glands working overtime, causing you to sweat more than normal.

Wear darker colors

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When the sun’s out, the last thing you want to do is sheath yourself in shades of black. However, darker tones are more likely to hide sweat stains – meaning that you may want to consider adding navy, black, and burgundy tees to your summer wardrobe.

Avoid spicy food

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Delicious as they may be, spicy foods are best avoided for chronic sweaters. Spicy foods such as curry, salsa, and chilli contain capsaicin, a component that makes your entire body think it’s hot! This triggers a sweat overload in an attempt to lower your body temperature.

Wear cotton or linen

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To avoid your clothes becoming a sticky mess, you want to try to wear items made from cotton and linen, avoiding heavy man-made fabrics such as polyester. Cotton and linen are lightweight, soft, and breathable, making them the best choices to avoid a heavy sweat session.

Put baking soda in your shoes

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It may sound strange, but it’s true – putting baking soda in your shoes can help combat that sweaty odor. While the baking soda won’t actually stop you from sweating, it’ll still reduce the pang when you take your shoes off – a feat that your friends and family will surely be grateful for.

Get the right antiperspirant

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If you’re religiously applying deodorant several times a day and find that you’re still sweating, it may be time to make a change. Heavy sweaters may require something that’s a bit more heavy-duty – ideally antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride, a compound that helps to keep those embarrassing sweat marks at bay.

Wear tops with large arm holes

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The more ventilation you can get to your armpits, the better. Opting for tank tops helps to increase the airflow to your pits, keeping them that much cooler. If you’re in a pinch, simply roll your t-shirt’s sleeves up – it’ll have the same cooling effect.

Invest in a fan

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If you haven’t already got one, grab yourself a fan. Leaving it on overnight can keep your body temperature nice and cool, preventing you from waking up to sweaty bedsheets. Better yet, grab yourself a handheld fan, allowing you to stay cool on the go.

Wear an undershirt

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It may seem counterintuitive to wear an extra layer on hot days, with your initial instinct wanting to strip back as much as possible. However, wearing a hidden undershirt is an easy hack that can prevent your underarm sweat stains from becoming visible, saving any unnecessary embarrassment.

If you’re desperate, Botox can help

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Botox isn’t just cosmetic – it can also lower the amount that you sweat. Several injections are pierced into your armpits, blocking the nerve signals that are responsible for sweating. The entire process only takes around 20 minutes, though it can take several days for results to be noticeable.