When They Went For A Swim That Day They Did Not Expect to See This Come Out of The Water. Tissues at The Ready



When Bethany Bronson took her kids for a swim that day she was was not expecting for something or someone to emerge from the water giving her the surprise of her life… But a nice surprise.

The guy holding the camera is friends with Bethany’s husband and he can be heard asking the mom and the two little daughters a few questions.

What would you tell your daddy if he was here today?

One daughter replies “I’d tell him I will love him for always”


Her sister Lucy replies – “I love you daddy”

Mommy then goes on to say – “Love you, miss you and I want your body”.


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 09.02.25

As they are answering the question, you can see a few bubbles start to appear out of the water behind them. After a few more seconds you start to realise this isn’t some scary sea monster. It is in fact their daddy/husband.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 09.04.12

Daddy – “Mrs Bronson, your husband is here reporting for duty”.

Now that is how to make an appearance.