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While tapestries can add a fun flare to any room and liven up the walls, it’s easy to overdo it. They are usually covered in multiple colors and very busy patterns, which can be hard to match to other decor items. As you age, buying actual wall art is a great investment and makes your space have a higher value in appearance.

Plastic couch covers

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Plastic couch covers may feel like a good idea when you have nice couches you’d like to protect at all costs. But you still pay the price because it instantly makes your home look tacky and your designer sofa looks cheap. Not only this, but your guests aren’t going to feel comfortable sitting on these and conversations become difficult with the noise they make when you move.

Mason jars as decor

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A great way to help the environment and get crafty is by repurposing items. While mason jars are the perfect items to do this, there is a time and place to display them. They only look good when done to a high standard and appear dated very quickly, so sometimes it’s best to simply avoid.

Matching couch cushions

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Couches are bulky. More often than not, people opt for a neutral-colored couch to match everything they decorate with. So when it comes to pillows for your sofa, don’t get pillows that are the same or a similar color to the couch itself, mix it up to give visual variety.

Live, laugh, love signs

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The slogan “live, laugh, love” has been incredibly trendy in recent years, with people printing it on signs and pillows and even getting it tattooed. While the message can be uplifting, as home decor, it can appear tacky and overused. Be original and unique by avoiding words on walls or choose your own.

Color-changing lights

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It can be tempting to purchase lights that change to all sorts of colors as a way to upgrade your space. But this doesn’t add elegance to your house; it appears pretty tacky. If you’re looking for mood lighting, it’s best to purchase a lamp where you can adjust the brightness or light some candles.

DIY furniture

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DIY furniture can be a fun hobby and even a way to decorate your house with personal touches that make it feel homey. For instance, taking wooden crates and stacking them as a tv console may seem cool initially. It gives off a rustic vibe, but pallets are not reliable or sturdy.

Animal skulls

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Animal skulls have long been a favorite home decor item to hang on a wall, but there is a time when they’ve become outdated and that time is now. Whether they’re a trophy from a hunting adventure or a souvenir from a trip to the Southwest of America, it’s not a great look.

French country style

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A style called French country has been an incredibly common home design trend throughout the years. It is supposed to be a mix of rustic, antique and soft decor items. While this popular style can appear very feminine and pretty in some circumstances, it is often now considered too old-fashioned for the current design trends.

Matching couches and curtains

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Once upon a time, matching curtains and couches were a hot design fad. However, these days they’ve become become outdated and are a trend that should stay in the past. But there’s a simple way to fix this. The next time you feel inspired to redecorate, just give your curtains an upgrade and watch it transform the entire space.

Faux plants

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When it comes to decorating your home with plants, it can get tricky. Natural plants require proper care and attention to keep them alive and looking fresh and beautiful. Although it takes extra effort and maintenance, an alternative is filling your house with fake plant but, depending on their quality, you run the risk of looking cheap, or like a showroom.

Big mouth billy bass

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Big Mouth Billy Bass is quite a weird creation. One of the most memorable and iconic creations to come out of the 1990s is this singing fish wall plaque. It was once common in everyone’s home, and if you didn’t have one, you wanted to get your hands on it. Mainly because your kids bugged you for it but, hey, he was kind of fun.


Credit: Cambridge Futons

Futons can serve their purpose well. They are great for those who have little space, don’t have a ton of money to invest in furniture and maybe are decorating for the first time. But if you are looking for ways to spruce up your space long term, then ditch the futon and grow up.

Fluorescent lighting

Credit: Energy Performance Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is commonly used in hotels, health care facilities, grocery stores and parking garages. But some people have this lighting in their homes, which is a huge mistake. It doesn’t create a warm and comforting atmosphere like your home should feel. Consider other light sources that have warmer hues.

Famous artwork reproductions

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Famous artwork by talented artists like Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso is recognized worldwide. There are millions of recreations and copies of their work and it’s pretty common to find replicas printed on everything from pillows, tapestries and poster paper. At first, it might seem like a good idea to give in to this trend and decorate your home with items printed with their famous artwork, but it’s actually quite kitschy and can give off a discount look.

Wood paneling

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A typical design choice is to have wood paneling as your walls. However, this is supposed to be a rustic look, but it can quickly make your home look uninviting. It resembles a cabin rather than an incredible artistic design which nobody wants. Choose options that make it feel like you’re living in a house not a shed.

Ruffled furniture skirts

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Ruffled furniture skirts are a trend that you must avoid at all costs. Many people have these left over from decades ago, but if there is any time to upgrade your house and redecorate, it’s now. They can make your home feel old-fashioned and out of touch with current trends.

Untidy cables

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Oftentimes people don’t think of cables as decor pieces. Well, they’re not, but if they’re always in plain sight, then they unintentionally become a part of your home decor and that’s never the right move. They look messy and chaotic, so best to cover them up. You can use cable tidies to wrap them up or hide them under other pieces of furniture; that way, they are always hidden.

Plastic storage bins

Credit: Margot Cavin via The Spruce

While plastic storage bins are practical for organizing, using them as a prominent decor element can make your space look cheap and utilitarian. See-through plastic shares all of the things your trying to hide from those you invite into your house, so is best to avoid. Consider stylish alternatives that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Too many cushions

Credit: Rethink Home Interiors

It’s tempting to pile cushions on your sofa, but there’s a fine line between cozy and cluttered. Too many cushions not only make seating impractical but also create a visually overwhelming atmosphere. Opt for a balanced approach to maintain both comfort and style for both functionality and being more pleasing to the eye.

Wooden mallards

Credit: Structured Rebellion

Once a popular rustic decor choice, wooden mallards as wall hangings or sculptures now feel outdated. Their charm has faded and incorporating them into modern design may give off a nostalgic feel, but not in a trendy way. Consider updating your decor with more contemporary pieces.

Pallet furniture

Credit: DIY Enthusiasts

While repurposing pallets into furniture may seem like a sustainable and creative DIY project, the reality is often less appealing. Pallet furniture can lack durability and sophistication, making your space look makeshift. Invest in quality furniture for a more polished and enduring aesthetic, less like something pulled from a neighbours garden.

All white everything

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While an all-white palette can create a sense of purity and simplicity, an entirely white room lacks personality. Just because the most famous mansions are designed in this way, at home, it can feel clinical and sterile. Introduce pops of color or textures to break the monotony and infuse warmth and character into your living spaces.

Kitchenware racks

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Displaying pots, pans and utensils on wall-mounted kitchenware racks may seem practical, but it can make your kitchen look cluttered and disorganized. After using the items, they being to look worn making the overall aesthetic look tired too. Consider concealed storage solutions or stylish cabinets to maintain a tidy and visually pleasing culinary space.

Shot glasses as decor

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Using shot glasses as decor items might evoke memories of college days, but in a mature living space, they can come across as tacky. An eclectic mix of shot glasses might visually show your memories but look messy and busy together. Instead of displaying shot glasses, explore more sophisticated options for showcasing your personal style and experiences.

Glass furniture

Credit: Future Glass

While glass furniture may seem sleek and modern, it comes with downsides. Fingerprints and smudges can quickly mar the pristine surface, making maintenance a constant struggle. Additionally, the fragility of glass poses a risk, especially in high-traffic areas. Opt for sturdier and low-maintenance materials for a more practical and enduring choice.

Blanket ladders

Credit: Amy Vowles via SheKnows

While blanket ladders offer a trendy way to display throws, they can quickly turn into cluttered eyesores. Blankets may slip, and the ladder’s design can be visually chaotic. Consider alternatives like stylish baskets or dedicated storage spaces to keep your blankets organized without sacrificing aesthetics.

Chintz wallpaper

Credit: The Glam Pod

Chintz wallpaper, with its floral and often vibrant patterns, was once a classic choice. However, it now tends to make spaces feel dated and overwhelming. If you’re aiming for a timeless look, opt for simpler, more neutral wallpapers or explore modern, subtle patterns that don’t compete with other items in the room.

Small rugs

Credit: Matter Brothers Furniture

Small rugs may seem like a cost-effective decor solution, but they often disrupt the flow of a room. They create visual fragmentation and can make spaces feel cramped. Invest in appropriately sized rugs that anchor your furniture and tie the room together for a more cohesive and spacious feel.

Bold statement walls

Credit: Banyan Brothers

While a bold statement wall can add personality, it’s crucial to strike the right balance. Overly bold patterns or colors might dominate the room, making it visually exhausting. Consider subtler alternatives or use bold patterns sparingly to create focal points without overwhelming the entire space.

Overstuffed recliners

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While overstuffed recliners offer unparalleled comfort, they often lack aesthetic appeal. Their bulky appearance can dominate a room, making it challenging to integrate them seamlessly into your decor, not to mention taking up a considerable amount of space. Consider sleeker and more modern recliner options that prioritize both comfort and style.

All gold everything

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Embracing an “all gold everything” approach in decor can be overwhelming. Too much gold can come off as gaudy and dated rather than elegant, overpowering those who enter the room. Opt for subtle gold accents or strategically incorporate gold elements to add sophistication without overpowering the entire space.

One-of-a-lind lamps

Credit: Beth Schlanker via The Press Democrat

While unique lamps can be eye-catching, having too many one-of-a-kind pieces can create a disjointed look. Aim for a cohesive lighting scheme that complements your overall decor. Consider using a mix of statement and more neutral lamps to strike the right balance and if in doubt, choose options that are neutral over statement.

Too many patterns

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Mixing patterns can add visual interest, but an excess can lead to a chaotic and overwhelming atmosphere. Balance is key. If you have patterned furniture or decor, pair them with solid-colored elements to create harmony. Limiting the number of patterns helps maintain a polished and cohesive look.

Shag rugs

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Shag rugs, popular in the 70s, may evoke a sense of nostalgia, but their impracticality often outweighs their charm. Cleaning and maintaining shag rugs can be challenging, and they tend to trap allergens. Opt for low-pile rugs with easier maintenance for a more contemporary and functional choice.

Skip the bookcase wallpaper and buy real books

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While bookcase wallpaper may seem like a convenient way to achieve a library aesthetic, it lacks the authenticity and charm of real books. There is no shortcut to building your own library and a lot can be shown about a person from what they read. Invest in actual books to create an inviting reading nook and showcase your literary tastes.

Too many trinkets

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Accumulating numerous trinkets can clutter your living space and create visual chaos. Select a few meaningful trinkets to display, ensuring they enhance rather than overpower your decor. Minimalism often fosters a more sophisticated and cohesive atmosphere but lots of trinkets can make a space feel crowded and loud.

Plastic dishes

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While plastic dishes have their practical uses, they can make your kitchen appear unsophisticated. The material suggests childish and low value. Opt for glass or ceramic dishware for everyday use. These materials are more durable, environmentally friendly and elevate the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Velvet upholstery

Credit: Calgary Interiors

While velvet upholstery exudes luxury, overdoing it on multiple furniture pieces can overwhelm your space. The texture of velvet needs to be used sparingly otherwise the richness loses its charm, resulting in a heavy and overly opulent atmosphere. Consider one large item in this material or a handful of plush decor piece that are very selective.

Excessive wall decals

Credit: Wall Slicks

Though wall decals offer a fun way to decorate, using them excessively creates a cluttered and chaotic look. When every wall is covered, it diminishes the impact of individual designs, making your living space feel overwhelming. They’re also synonymous with children’s bedrooms so opt for strategic placement for a more balanced look.