Calling a Spade a Spade


Alright, this teacher is about to be brutally honest, and it seems like they’ve completely run out of patience. No doubt this note will be sent straight to Josiah’s parents, leaving them to handle the situation. Best of luck to Josiah. We all hope he eventually discovers a job that he genuinely enjoys, as that’s the ultimate goal in life for everyone.

Liar Liar


Mrs. Shapiro clearly prioritizes honesty, even if it means tattling on little Charlie to his parents. The intriguing King Cake incident is bound to give his parents quite the surprise. Let’s just hope nobody was harmed during this mysterious episode. My imagination is already running wild. Best of luck, Charlie!

Meme Expert


Teachers are often seen as grumpy, making them an easy target for kids to tease. That’s why it’s so unexpected when young students leave bold comments on their tests. However, when you encounter a teacher who cleverly outsmarts these kids by using meme references, even if it wasn’t the missing, partial fractions that caused the student to fail, the teacher still hilariously blamed it on “Scumbag Steve”!

An Interesting Kind of Volcano


If you’ve witnessed Gary Busey’s performances, you’d agree that this answer is undeniably correct. Even scientists who have studied both Gary Busey and Yellowstone Park might reconsider their research after this revelation. Despite the teacher deeming it an incorrect answer, they definitely shouldn’t have tempted fate by including it as an option!

Who is the Real Teacher Here?


Lucky Dakota’s learning journey never ends. With talented parents, education follows him everywhere, whether it’s in math or dance. It’s not just his classmates who are influenced; even some teachers have caught the inspiration bug! Maybe Dakota’s parents could trade dance classes for free tuition. That sounds like a solid plan!

Forgetful Parents


Judging by this review card, it seems David is a kindergartener, and unfortunately, an alarming note suggests something unpleasant occurred concerning a shortage of underwear. Let’s hope this card reaches the appropriate recipients. Underwear is essential for everyone, and let this serve as a lesson for David and his parents.

The Potty Poet


Slowly but surely, mastering the art of poetry takes time, but occasionally, your thoughts just flow naturally. No matter what those thoughts may entail, it can be challenging to filter oneself within a poem, especially for Sandra. We’re all curious to discover what Sandra unleashed in the middle of her poem. Apparently, it was substantial enough to warrant a written warning!

A-Grade Sleeper


Ah, those were the days when sleeping was not only a regular part of our daily routines, reminiscent of kindergarten but also contributed to our grades. If that were still the case, I’m certain I’d receive an A+. But, alas, it’s not the reality we live in, especially for Richone.

Substitute Teacher


This teacher has supernatural eyes in the back of their head, even in a drawing on the board. The resemblance is uncanny and eerie. If this doesn’t terrify the students, nothing will. It’s as if the drawing comes to life at midnight. The kids better behave, or nightmares await. This teacher means business and doesn’t joke around.

The Knight Who Said “Ni”


In the classroom, we have a para-knight aiming to ignite students’ fascination with medieval England. Alternatively, it might just be a Halloween costume. Is it possible that he’s imitating John Cleese from Monty Python and the Holy Grail? If so, which subject did he choose for this costume? Could it be drama, geography, or history? Let’s hope it’s not physical education.