Getting someone you likes number is both a thrilling and sometimes a terrifying experience.

Follow these simple rules and you will no longer need to agonise over when or what to text anymore.

1. Remember you are not dating yet

Yes you may have their number but you are not officially their boyfriend / girlfriend yet. try to avoid telling them what to do at this early stage. Take it easy and come across as an easy going person that will be a dram to get into a relationship with.


 2. Tip: Flick off Read Receipts

It is sometimes better to switch this feature off so they cannot see when you have read their message. This gives you more chance to craft the perfect response without them thinking you are a bit rude reading and not responding right away.




 3. Not Too Many

If you reply to each message right away and send too many messages each day, things will get boring. You need to save some interesting stuff to talk about when you next meet.


 4. Don’t listen to this “Leave it 2 days” rubbish

Ignore the things your friends tell you about not replying for 2 days and all those other games people play. Much better to go by your own rules and just go with the flow.



5. Don’t send one word texts

Better to text nothing at all than to send lazy one work texts. Take the time to come up with a good reply that will make them know you care.


6. Sexting at this stage is a no no

Enough said. Do not send any sexy messages in the early stages. You don’t want to come across as easy or desperate now do you.


7. Never bicker or fight via text

If you have an issue you wish to discuss, do it face to face. One thing about text is that people can misread your tone or intention.