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Give yourself a break from work and enjoy a healthy snack. This means actually closing your laptop and walking away from your workspace to grab a handful of classic in-shell pistachios! The process of cracking open a few shell makes snack time a more mindful practice, and many actually consider it to be therapeutic! It becomes a lot more rewarding than passively munching away while you work.

Hummus and Veggies

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‘Eat the rainbow’ is a known saying for a reason; when you eat different colored plant foods, you consume a wide variety of nutrients that support a healthy body. There is no better way to eat the rainbow than making a plant-based dip the center of your snack time. Hummus pairs perfectly with every veggie, from red peppers to carrots to cucumbers! It’s super simple to make and great on the go.

Avocado Toast with Pistachios and Tomatoes

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Ever feel like your midday snacks leaves you unsatisfied, grabbing more snacks until you overdo it? Your choices probably lack the satiating nutrients you need to feel full! Instead of binging on faux-healthy convenience food, try avocado toast. Avocado contains unsaturated fats and fiber, paired with wholegrain bread for energy, tomatoes for acidity and, of course, the pistachios for that crunch!

Seasoned nuts

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If you love snacks and want to get healthy but also get bored of repetitive flavours, try switching it up with seasoned nuts! Nuts like pistachios and peanuts are great source of plant-based protein, coming in a variety of flavors from sweet to salty – even spicy! You can find bold BBQ and classic sea salt and vinegar flavoured nut, both a healthier twist on classic potato chip flavors.

Roasted chickpeas

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If your snack stash is dwindling, head over to your pantry and get yourself that can of chickpeas lurking at the back. Roast them in the oven and you’ll find that those soft chickpeas will turn into a crispy delight! This simple snack only requires three ingredients; chickpeas, olive oil, and seasoning! Toss them all together in the oven and roast them until crisp. Delicious!


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Olives really do hit the mark. They’re controversial, but boast a sophisticated flavor profile. Briney, salty, tangy… olives all differ slightly, depending on which type you choose. You can eat them alone for a satisfying snack, or you can eat them together paired with crunchy, seeded crackers! They’re super diverse and easy to pair with so many other parts of your plant-based diet.

Kale chips

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Many people write this snack off completely, before even trying it! Despite how it may seem, kale chips are a delicious and healthy snack. Kale can be chewy and bitter when eaten raw but, once baked, some serious magic that happens. Simply chop some kale, toss it in olive oil, pop it in the oven, and watch as the chewy head of kale evolves into crispy, crunchy chips!

Trail mix

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Snacking on trail mix can actually give you one of the biggest energy boosts possible from plant based foods. This classic snack will never go out of fashion, due to there being very few things that compliment each other as well as the sweet and salty combination. It’s endlessly customizable, meaning you can make it exactly how you’d like it!

Tortilla chips and bean dip

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Chips and salsa is a classic game-day snack that we all love. If you want to turn up the health dial slightly, though, swap your salsa out for a black bean dip! This legume-based dip can offer a balance of protein, fiber, and fat that will make you feel fuller for longer.


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Is there anything better than a snack that you can relate to with fun family time watching movies? Nope! This snack is a true classic – reminding you of great times, even if you’re stuck at your desk. It also has a satisfying number of 3 grams of fiber per 2.5 cup serving, just make sure you steer clear of extra sweet or salty varieties.