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Find a gentle moisturizer

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Keeping your skin properly hydrated is essential to maintain its elasticity and glow. You don’t need something super expensive that promises to time-travel your face back 20 years. Just make sure it absorbs well and avoid any harsh perfumes or chemicals that can irritate your skin as it ages.

Use sun protection every day

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Ultraviolet rays, aside from increasing the risk of cancer, heavily damage and further age your skin. Be sure to use sunscreen whenever you’re out in the heat, and incorporate skin products that provide some additional SPF. This doesn’t just apply to your face, remember to care for your entire body!

Science is your friend

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Some people fear using anything too chemical-sounding, opting instead for more organically sourced ingredients. This is fine, but cosmetic scientists have highlighted some naturally occurring and powerful ways to keep skin healthy with age. Retinol, a type of vitamin A, reduces signs of aging, and hyaluronic acid can reduce inflammation and trap moisture.

Exfoliate once a week

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While exfoliating, by nature, can be abrasive to the skin, it remains a necessity. The production of dead skin cells increases with age, so a gentle scrub once a week with a light exfoliant will keep your skin smooth and your pores unclogged. Serums, masks, and toners all take much easier to exfoliate skin.

Healthy life, healthy skin

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An often overlooked favor you can do for your skin is to live a healthy life! Your diet, sleep schedule, and exercise routines are all key. Getting a sweat on and encouraging blood flow will keep your skin producing collagen, and everybody knows the most important item in any make-up bag is a good night’s sleep. And, as always, stay hydrated!

Skip the long showers

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As relaxing as they are, they won’t do your skin any favors. Excessive exposure to hot water and steam will dry out your skin and undo all your hard work to keep it healthy. The same goes for baths, keep them short and sweet, and be sure to apply a full body lotion afterward to get some extra vitamins into your skin.

Remember your skin type

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Everybody’s skin is different and has unique needs. This doesn’t change with age, but your skin can change a little over time. Keep an eye on your face during the day to see if your oily or dry areas have developed since you last checked. With this knowledge, you can make sure your routine is built around you.

Look after your mental health

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Stress and anxiety are as bad for your skin as they are for your mind. By being kind to yourself, you’re also kind to your body. All sorts of stress-related symptoms affect the skin, from eczema to rashes. Some basic things you can do are to go for a walk once a day, and have someone close you can confide in.

Treat yourself to treatments

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Instead of opting for formulas only found in hyper-expensive lotions, save money and treat yourself to professional services. Not only will they relax you and feel fabulous, but you get the benefit of somebody who knows exactly how to care for your skin. Get a glow massaged so deep into your skin that it lasts for days!

Keep a close eye on any changes

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At 50 plus, the risk of conditions like skin cancer, fungal infections, and rashes increases. It’s a completely natural process and nothing to be afraid of, but you can minimize the risk by keeping your skin safe, protected, and healthy. Doctors recommend a yearly skin check-up to document any changes, but you can give yourself a quick scan every few months.