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A Natural Purgative

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One of the best known uses for caster oil is it’s ability to relieve your constipation. Before going to see a doctor, try using a dose of 50g caster oil mixed into warm milk. This remedy should get the waste from your body moving through the colon and eventually out of the body. This is because the oil has lots of fatty acids in it, which allows it to move quickly through the body and bring other wastes with it due to it not being easily absorbed into the intestines.

Boosts the Immune System

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The immune system’s responsibility is to defend the body against infection and disease. However if you have a weak immune system, then you body will be more prone to developing serious illnesses and conditions. Taking caster oil can help with your blood flow, which then encourages the creation of lymphocyte white blood cells which will fight away any bacteria.

Improves sleep

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Caster oil is great relaxer, therefore if you can’t sleep, it’s a great use of the oil to be used by consumption or applying it directly onto the body. If you are suffering with insomnia, then this is a great alternative rather than sleeping pills or any other man-made remedy, as caster oil is a natural way to enhance your sleep at night. Another thing which may help with lack of sleep is coming off your phone screen 2 hours before bed.

Fights fungal infections

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Caster oil has an acid called undecylenic within it which is known to help to block the development of fungal infections. Caster oil is a great remedy used to cure yeast infections and athletes foot. It’s also known to stop infections without the possibility of developing the potential side effects of prescription antifungals and antibiotics. Therefore, it’s, again, a great natural way to cure any infections you may develop.

Eases burns

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It’s a known fact that you need to apply sunscreen when your outside under the sun, however we often forget! Caster oil is a great way to avoid those painful burns and peeling even after you’ve forgotten to apply the sunblock. It can alleviate the effects of a painful sunburn as it contains ricinoleic acid that can block out infections whilst guarding the blistered skin.

Cosmetic effect

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Lots of shop-bought skincare will contain treatments that can often actually dry out the skin. However, caster oil is a great alternative which will do the opposite. Caster oil is great natural skincare element which will moisturise the skin whilst cleansing it. Some people actually use it as a general cleaner and will apply it onto a cloth and wipe the face. However, ensure you aren’t allergic to it beforehand and apply a small patch test to the arm before applying it to the face.

Aids in childbirth

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Most people know that there are increased risks when a women gives birth prematurely, however, did you know that there are also multiple complications if the mother’s pregnancy goes well past the due date? Some women take caster oil as it’s known to stimulate the bowels and start contractions – an again natural way to begin labour without having the need to have intrusive or painful induction techniques.

Eases migraines

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Eating caster oil in small doses has anti-inflammatory benefits which may relieve the symptoms of migraines and severe headaches. Migraines are linked to gastrointestinal issues, therefore caster oil can detoxify the gut and make the migraines reduce in symptoms. Many find that tablets and medicine do not also help with the pain of headaches, so caster oil is another option for you to try before calling the doctor.

Reduce hair loss

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Researchers have been trying to find a cure for hair loss for a very long time, and although it might not work for everyone, caster oil seems to be the nest big thing. Caster oil is cheaper than shop-bought products and could be a potentially effective way to increase the growth of your hair. Apply caster oil to the roots of the hair on a regular basis and the oil’s vitamin E and omega-6 will act as an encouragement for your scalp to produce more hair.

Treats arthritis

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Some practitioners believe caster oil can alleviate joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Animal and test-tube studies have shown that the ricinoleic acid can reduce the pain and swelling thats often seen in arthritis patients, caused by rheumatoid arthritis cells. Simply massage the caster oil into the joints.