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Being in the public eye comes with its fair share of security and safety concerns, and this is what has led to so many celebrities hiring bodyguards. They play an integral role in personal protection, and here is a list of some of the celebrities with the highest-paid bodyguards in Hollywood.

1. Jennifer Aniston – $240,000

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It should come as no surprise to see A-lister Aniston on this list. The former Friends actress is one of the most successful and recognizable actresses in the world, so it’s understandable she would travel with a pretty sizeable entourage. It is believed she shells out upwards of $240,000 per year on protection.

2. Katy Perry – $350,000

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Popular songstress Katy Perry is best known for hits including ‘I Kissed A Girl’ and ‘Firework,’ and her popularity grew when she became a judge on American Idol. After giving birth to her first child in 2020, the star upped her security, and it is believed she spends around $350,000 annually on protection.

3. The Beckhams – $1 million

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David and Victoria Beckham are something of a British institution these days, and the pair have become pop culture icons even overseas. As one of the biggest and best-known power couples on the planet, it makes sense that they would want to protect their family. They never travel with a security entourage, but have splurged $1 million enhancing security at one of their properties.

4. Halle Berry – $300,000

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Academy Award-winner Berry is one of the biggest and most recognizable movie stars on the planet, so it’s not hugely surprising she pays top dollar for security. Over her career, the X-Men star has employed numerous bodyguards, and even takes them with her when she’s working out!

5. Adele – $75,000

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Pop megastar Adele is best-known for hit songs such as ‘Hello,’ ‘Easy On Me,’ and ‘Someone Like You,’ which have earned her a personal fortune of around $190 million. The British songstress is no stranger to splashing out on round-the-clock security and, with celeb status like that, we can understand exactly why.

6. Barbra Streisand – $125,000

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Singing and acting legend Streisand is darn-near entertainment royalty these days, and her success has earned her a cool $400 million fortune. Streisand recognizes her need for protection, and, as such, always has her bodyguards close at hand. She has splashed out $125,000 on personal security in order to keep her safe and secure as much as possible.

7. Bella Hadid – $250,000

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After taking the fashion industry by storm, Hadid has developed a wildly successful career as one of the go-to designers in the world. The media attention and success has increased her need for better security, and she has splashed $250,000 annually on bodyguards. Judging by the look of this guy, the fashion icon will not have anything to worry about any time soon.

8. Britney Spears – $600,000

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At one point in time the Princess of Pop was one of the most famous women on the planet. With a slew of hit records, Spears even branched out into movies, but her tumultuous relationship with fame caught up to her, and she suffered a breakdown. Though she is somewhat back to herself again, paparazzi harassment has led to her having to hire a security team for around $600,000.

9. Kylie Jenner – $4.8million

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At one point believed to be the world’s youngest-ever self-made billionaire, the breakout success of the Kardashian-Jenner empire has made a fortune from her cosmetics line. This has, of course, led to safety and security concerns, and there is no surprise than Jenner has shelled out close to $5 million on a personal security team for protection.

10. Taylor Swift – $400,000

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Swift is one of the most successful and popular musicians on the planet, beginning life as a country music star, before evolving into pop royalty. With her meteoric rise and huge global profile, Swift remains a highly popular celebrity, with fans and press alike. Luckily for her, she has a crack security team on hand to make sure she’s always taken care of.

11. Rihanna – $500,000

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Rihanna has some of the most dedicated fans in the world, and they have helped her to amass a personal fortune of around $400 million. With responsibilities as a recording artist, as well as creating her own fashion and beauty line, RiRi is certainly a busy lady, and she needs to be sure she’s protected when heading out – hence splurging half a million on her own security team.

12. Jennifer Lopez – $500,000

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J-Lo is one of the biggest and most successful artists in the world, and the levels of fame she has reached are only experienced by a few. Accomplished actress, successful singer, and marriage to A-lister Ben Affleck, J-Lo has a fortune of close to $290 million, and has spent a cool $500,000 on security detail, in order to make sure she is protected as much as possible.

13. Amy Adams – $75,000

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One of the finest actresses currently working in Hollywood, Adams has had a colorful and diverse career, and the Oscar-nominated star has generated a personal wealth of close to $43 million. Though she doesn’t need round the clock security, Adams is often seen hitting the red carpet surrounded by her own security team.

14. Kesha – $75,000

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Due to her turbulent personal life and her elusive nature, when Kesha is spotted out and about it can attract a lot of press attention. Obviously she doesn’t have the wealth of people like Rhianna, but she is still able to drop a cool $75,000 on security. It’s unlikely that these are permanent bodyguards, and rather that they accompany the star to specific events.

15. Daniel Radcliffe – $50,000

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Harry Potter star Radcliffe is best-known for his turn as The Boy Who Lived, but he has also carved out a pretty successful movie career post-Hogwarts. With legions of die hard fans, and a cult following that dates back many years, Radcliffe is sometimes seen with a security detail when he’s out and about, though this is not always the case.

16. Jason Momoa – $125,000

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Nobody is disputing the fact that Jason Momoa is a man mountain, and it would take a bold person to try to anything with the Game of Thrones giant. Despite the fact he could most likely bench press a dump truck, the star still likes to take a security detail with him occasionally. Due to the the success of Aquaman, Momoa is likely to require protection from time to time, shelling out $125,000 for bodyguards.

17. Michael Jackson – $1 million

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The King of Pop had millions of adoring fans during his hugely successful career, although his later years were marred by controversy. Due to his fame and notoriety, it is estimated that MJ spent close to $1 million per year on security. He hired round the clock security at his Neverland ranch, as well as arming himself with a security detail at events and performances.

18. Beyoncé – $2-4 million

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Ever since Destiny’s Child hit the charts, it’s been clear that Beyoncé was born to be a star. The songstress has embarked on one of the most successful solo careers in all of modern music, and she’s never been one to do things by halves. This is clear see from the levels of security she hires, and Queen B and her husband Jay-Z spare no expense on keeping themselves safe and secure.

19. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds – $125,000

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As one of the most popular and beloved couples in Hollywood, Reynolds and Lively have enjoyed successful careers on the big and small screens, with Reynolds also recently becoming co-owner of Wrexham A.F.C., and this has led to the couple upping security. Now that the two are parents, they can’t be too careful, and this has led to them shelling out $125,000 on security detail.

20. Meghan Markle – $20 million

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Though she and Harry might have left the Royal Family officially, Meghan Markle remains one of the most iconic and recognizable women in the world. Due to the risk associated with their backgrounds and responsibilities, Meghan and Harry have one of the highest security bills in the world, spending close to $20 million to and sure they and their children are as safe as possible.

21. Madonna – $500,000

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Madge is one of the most famous women in the world, as well as enjoying near unprecedented success in a career spanning over 40 years. With the ability to constantly reinvent herself, and her continued musical evolution, the Queen of Pop remains one of the most recognizable people in the world. This is why she has shelled out $500,000 for her security detail.

22. Floyd Mayweather – $750,000

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The idea that Money Mayweather should need bodyguards might raise a chuckle or two but, as one of the most successful boxers of all time, the Welterweight champion is always going to be a target for troublemakers. This is one of the key reasons why the ostentatious 46-year-old is more than willing to shell out an eye-watering $750,000 for his security detail.

23. Lady Gaga – $125,000

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Gaga is one of the most iconic and successful musicians in the world, making her a big target for the media and paparazzi, not to mention hardcore fans. The New Yorker shells out close to $125,000 on her security detail, including one of her favorite bodyguards, Pete Van Der Veen. The Dutchman is a popular bodyguard to A-list stars, and is sure to give Gaga the peace of mind she needs.

24. Kate Middleton – $20 million

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The Duchess of Cambridge will one day become the Queen of England, and this makes her among the top priorities in the world for security details. This is one of the reasons that she has one of the biggest security bills in the world, at around $20 million. However, this is an outlay that is covered by the Crown, and doesn’t come out of her pocket.

25. Jennifer Lawrence – $125,000

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Lawrence exploded into the limelight when she followed up her Oscar-winning performance in Winter’s Bone with a career-making turn in The Hunger Games movies. This put her on the map as one of the most successful and famous actresses in the world. Considering her personal wealth of close to $116 million, the actress can afford to shell out on important security measures.

26. Heidi Klum – $250,000

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Supermodel Heidi Klum is one of the most glamorous women in the world, and has transitioned from the catwalk to being one of them world’s leading entertainment personalities. Well-known in the public eye, and with four kids, Klum needs to take steps to look after herself, and this is why she has been known to drop north of $250,000 on personal bodyguards to keep her and her family safe.

27. Ezra Miller – $15,000

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With his recent rise to mainstream fame, as well as his well – off-screen problems, The Flash star Miller has had to take great steps to ensure his personal protection these days. The young actor has dropped $15,000 on hiring flamboyant bodyguard Gu Rubee, and the two are regularly pictured together.

28. Iggy Azalea – $500-$1,000 per day

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Rapper Iggy Azalea has one of the most recognizable voices in modern rap, but the Australian has admitted to getting creepy Tweets before gigs. This has led to her decision to enhance her security, and make sure she is protected and looked after as much as possible.

29. Fergie – $10,000

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Rising to fame as the singer of the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie has career earnings that exceed around $45 million. She and her husband Josh Duhamel splashed out around $10,000 for personal bodyguard (and trained medic) Pascal, and we bet they don’t have to worry about any potential problems with him by their side.

30. Kristen Stewart – $100,000

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Twilight star Stewart has become one of the most successful and highly paid actresses in all of Hollywood, and she is rarely seen without her personal bodyguard. A notoriously private person, the famous actress’ head of security also has a fan page due to his apparently dashing good looks.

31. Justin Bieber – $1 million

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Justin Bieber is one of the most famous and popular celebrities on the planet, and the Canadian is definitely too famous to be leaving the house without a security entourage. The ‘Love Yourself’ singer has calmed down in recent years, but he still shells out on head of security Michael Arana, who himself has 194,000 followers on Instagram.

32. Amber Rose – $50,000

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Model and entrepreneur Rose is a huge star on social media can often be seen in a MUVA shirt, which is a nod to her fans name for her and now her very own clothing brand. The feminist icon hired a full-time bodyguard in 2017, after a man broke into her home whilst she slept. She was unscathed, but this caused her to shell out so that she could up her security detail.

33. Selena Gomez – $500,000

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Gomez rose to fame as a child star, and her popularity has continued to endure after all this time. Uniquely, Gomez’ personal bodyguard is not just her protector but the two are also firm friends, and she even attended his wedding. Sometimes she also has a group of bodyguards, who look out for her at places like the airport.

34. Tom Hardy – $20,000

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Hardy is one of the most talented actors currently working in Hollywood, and is known for playing an array of tough-man roles. So, it might then come as a surprise to hear that Hardy has his own protector. His bodyguard is known as “Big John” and he definitely looks like someone you wouldn’t want to be messing with.

35. Geri Halliwell – $65,000

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Former Spice Girl Halliwell has enjoyed a successful career both during and post-Spice Girls, and the pint-sized popstar likes to make sure she is looked after properly. Her bodyguard Tim Blakeley is also her personal trainer, and he looks absolutely huge in comparison to the diminutive Ginger Spice.

36. Brad Pitt – $2 million

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Pitt is more or less Hollywood royalty by this point, and, as one of the most famous actors in the world, it stands to reason that he would have top of the range bodyguard. Though Pitt does have a team of security guards, one of the best-known is former S.A.S. soldier Billy Billingham.

37. Harry Styles – $1 million

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Pop icon Harry Styles is one of the biggest musical stars in the world, and the former One Direction singer has made the decision to boost your security. Following a mugging and stalking incident in 2020, he reevaluated his security needs, and make changes to his entourage.

38. Katie Holmes – $200,000

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Being a famous actress is enough of a reason to seek some personal security, but Katie Holmes is also a former member of the Church of Scientology, and this probably increases her need for strong security processes. The paparazzi also continue to hound the former Mrs. Cruise, so she employs a team of bodyguards to keep her and her daughter safe.

39. Demi Lovato – $500,000

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After rising to fame as a child star with Disney, Lovato has enjoyed a successful career as a singer, and has a slew of die hard fans. This has caused her to increase security, by hiring her personal bodyguard Max, and a security team. The two seem to have a strong bond, and Max has spoken out in defence of the singer when she received criticism from fans in 2018.

40. Kim Kardashian – $7 million

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As one of the world’s most iconic women, Kardashian needs to have plenty of protection. In 2018, the businesswoman and TV personality was robbed, and wound up suing her bodyguard at the time as a result. This caused her to consider a complete security overhaul, and she’s dropped $7 million per year to have round the clock security.