Holiday Romance Rules!

Who doesn’t love a holiday fling! The heady combination of sun, sea, sand and cocktails can bring out the flirty side of even the most prim and proper among us and before we know it we’re entwined in a sun drenched romance with the handsome stranger we’ve been eyeing up from behind our Ray Bans.

BUT, as in all relationships there are rules to remember and if you’re thinking of jetting off to foreign parts, here is our guide to surviving a holiday romance;

 Remember your friends

It is quite likely that you will not be holidaying alone and you must make every effort to remember your travelling buddies before you head off into the sunset with your holiday romance. Don’t leave your friends alone whilst you pursue what you believe to be a better option. It is after all their holiday too and the chances are that your holiday fling will have been flung out before your tans have faded, whilst your friends will be around to share many more holidays together.

 Beware false impressions!

Remember that the bloke on the beach probably bears little resemblance to the bloke they are back home! As soon as we hit foreign soil, brains invariably get switched off and libidos get switched ON! Vacation escapism can transport us so far from our own realities that we are suddenly open to and up for anything and the laid back looking guy holding court with a bevy of beauties at the bar, might actually be an up-tight insecure guy who is making the most of his holiday anonymity to behave like someone else. It’s maybe only as the vacation draws to an end that you catch glimpse of their real character as the slow realisation that they will be heading back to the real world dawns on them.



 Everything ups tempo

The normal rules of dating to go out the window when you meet a guy on vacation. There is no time for the usual dating subtleties or game playing – the object of your affections might leave the bar and disappear forever if you don’t act quickly.  You have to be clear (and quick!) about what (who!) you want and take control of getting it (them!).

 Don’t make hasty decisions

Stay aware of where you are and be conscious of just how easy it would be to find yourself in an awkward situation should you decide you’ve made a rash decision a few days in.  Your holiday is likely to be confined to a small community, especially if you’re on a Cruise or at a Club resort and you really don’t want to find yourself 1) Stuck being viewed as in a ‘couple’ before you’ve really had chance to check out ALL the options or 2) Spend the rest of your holiday trying to shake off/avoid the guy that had initially seemed so ‘hot’ whilst under the influence of those 1st night Margheritas!

 Keep it real!

Remember that holiday romances barely last the distance so be sure to keep in mind that no matter how much it might feel you’ve met the love of your life, the chances are that you won’t hear from them once your back home. Be aware of the fact that any ‘hooking up’ is more likely to be as a result of you both being in the same place at the same time and under the same influences (namely spirits and sunstroke!) and less likely as a result of chemistry!


 Manage expectations

It’s not to say he’s being a total ba*t*rd  when he declares his undying love and makes promises to keep in touch, it’s probably that he’s just got swept up in the romance of the final sunset together or intoxicated by the sun sea and sangria! As long as you remember this and don’t take him too much at his word you can enjoy the romance for what it is and ultimately keep it as a good memory.

 Stay sober (ish!)

The cheap booze that is abundant in foreign climbs can be a somewhat irresistible temptation but as in any social situation you need to urge caution and remember to show some restraint and not let too many cocktails lead you into making a bad decision.

 Focus on fun…..not finding love!

It’s important to remember why it is you went on holiday in the first place. No doubt it was to get some rest and relaxation, not to get caught up in the stresses and strains that come alongside any relationships. Concentrate on having fun and enjoying the holiday experience. And, if a super-hot guy happens to land on your lap, well just regard it as a bonus!

 Stay safe

Don’t forget, no matter how much ground you might feel you have covered in a few days getting to know each other, this person is essentially still a stranger. Don’t take any risks and always let your travel buddies know where you’re are and what you’re up to.


 Don’t revert to type

There is nothing wrong with using a holiday romance to try-out something (someone!) a bit different.  If your type is usually tall, dark and handsome then try a hunky sun bronzed ‘sufer dude’. You might find yourself missing your ‘usual’ or you might end up freeing yourself from the confines of having a ‘type’. Whatever the outcome, when it’s such a short term proposition it’s a great chance to experiment!