Hollywood may portray diamonds as a girl’s best friend, but there’s an alternative: cubic zirconia. It’s more affordable and available in a wider range of colors. While diamonds may hold traditional value, cubic zirconia offers a stylish and budget-friendly choice for those seeking beauty and variety.

Patterned Wallpaper


Patterned wallpaper haunted every room, leaving no space untouched by its horrors. Its overwhelming designs rendered it tacky and unappealing. Opting for a solid paint color is a safer choice, provided you can apply it smoothly without the hassle of dealing with bumps and ridges that often come with wallpaper installation.

Unpaid Internships


“I’ll compensate you with valuable experience!” Claims the CEO. Unfortunately, the experience doesn’t cover rent, and bills, boss. If you’re a strong advocate of unpaid internships, feel free to apply for one yourself without delay. And remember, fair compensation is not just about experience; it’s about recognizing the value and contribution of the individuals who work for you.



Crocs were initially designed as boating shoes and were introduced in 2002, quickly gaining popularity throughout the United States. However, their appeal extended beyond boating enthusiasts. While they are convenient to wear and offer comfort, it’s safe to say that they are not considered fashionable by most standards.

Blaming Millennials


Let’s address a common stereotype: “snowflakes” are often labeled as “whiny” and “unable to take a joke” due to their frequent disagreements. However, it is important not to solely attribute this blame to millennials without considering other factors or personal introspection. It’s essential to have open and respectful discussions that promote understanding and empathy across generations.

Home Shopping Channels


Home shopping networks constantly strive to sell you products every moment of the day. With numerous ways to obtain items nowadays, why resort to TV shopping? Instead, explore online platforms and local stores that offer convenience, variety, and better control over your shopping experience. By embracing alternative shopping methods, you can make informed choices and avoid the constant marketing pressure imposed by home shopping networks.

High-Waisted Jeans


High-waisted jeans have lost their appeal, despite the opinions of older individuals. High-waisted jeans may not complement your body shape unless you have a slim figure. Instead of flattering you, they tend to accentuate curves in unflattering areas. However, fashion is subjective, and if you feel confident and comfortable in high-waisted jeans, go ahead and rock them with pride.

Writing Checks


Writing checks in a store only delays the line. Carrying a single card instead of a bulky stack of checks is more efficient. While personalized checks can be charming, using them for everyday transactions, like paying for a medical procedure, may not convey the desired level of professionalism.



Landline phones used to be common, but cell phones have made them almost obsolete. While landline services can be obtained for free now, people prefer the convenience and mobility of cell phones. They have become indispensable, providing constant connectivity, internet access, and a variety of applications. Cell phones are the preferred communication choice in the digital age.

Fossil Fuels


Investing in green, sustainable energy is a crucial and widely supported effort. It tackles environmental challenges, benefits our planet, and secures our future. Renewable energy sources combat climate change, reduce pollution, enhance energy security, and drive economic growth. The global community recognizes the value of green energy as a responsible choice for a sustainable and prosperous future.