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Now you may see this breed, known as the ‘little devil’, as small and cute – but that’s only when they’re asleep. It’s not recommended that you buy this dog with the idea of having youngsters around them. This is because it’s in their nature to be territorial and they always want to stay the youngest in the family. Therefore, they may become overly aggressive and stubborn.


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Rottweilers are well known for their size and expertise in bringing livestock together. They are naturally brave and will be extremely devoted to their owners, meaning they tend to scare away strangers which may lead to violent tendencies. Now, this may be good for kids, but please be careful with them as they tend to misinterpret rough play with true danger.


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This breed seems to think they are some small creature, but this often leads to aggressive outbursts, They are trainable and can be your child’s best buddy since their loyalty is heightened to a whole new level. However, your youngster has to develop control over them for this to happen. Bullmastiffs see their owners as leaders, so dominance is a necessary thing.

Saint Bernard

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Saint Bernard dogs are known to be the biggest and sweetest dog breeds out there, however they can also be a very dangerous dog breed due to their playfulness. They have a tendency to knock things over when they get over-excited. Therefore, before committing to this giant, but sure you have enough space to accommodate for both yourself and the dogs needs.


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Just like the breed Saint Bernards, Weimaraners will knock things over every-single-time. This can include your toddler whose learning to walk! They are always overly energetic and find it hard to handle themselves due to their stature. And, if you have little kids around, you’ll feel like you’re handling a daycare rather than a home.

Australian Shepherd

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The Australian Shepherd breed will need constant physical activity, unless you want to handle their bothersome behavioural problems! They can get overly excited and often over stimulated – not to mention their anxiety over meeting new strangers! Because of this, they may not be too friendly when it comes to weekly get togethers or play dates.

Siberian Husky

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Continuing the list of energetic dogs; next up comes a Siberian Husky. They are also extremely clingy and are in need of constant affection! However, when it comes to kids who also need the same amount of attention from you, the dog may end up feeling like the kids are their competition for attention! Although, thankfully, this breed is easily trainable.


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This is another overly energetic breed, but this time the breed actually has additional pranks up its sleeves! Their size makes little kids mistake them for toys and therefore may play roughly with them, forgetting that they’re live animals. This may cause the dog to act violently if they become anxious.

Chow Chow


Due to their thick fur and large size, kids often see this breed as a life-sized stuffed toy. But this breed can (and will) get aggressive if they feel threatened. And with their size, you are almost certain that they will knock things over and may harm your kids in the process. They are also in constant need of affection and may compete with your actual human babies.

Afghan Hound


These sassy Afghan Hounds are very dominant by nature, which means its crucial as an owner to be dominating when handling them. Showering them with gentleness is also very much needed when you are an owner to this breed, as they can be relatively sensitive at times!