The Most Unlikely But Most Beautiful Friendship

Sometimes if you want to see the best friendships or even relationships, it is good to look away from human connections and look to the animal world. The way in which some animals behave can be truly heart warming and I do feel we can learn a lot from them in terms of how to treat each other.


None more than in the case of Bubbles the African elephant (rescued from poachers) and Bella the black Labrador who can often be seen playing together at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina.


Bubbles the elephant was adopted after being rescued at an early age. From day one, it was clear Bubbles loved the water.




The whole of Bubbles’ family was shot and killed by 1981, leaving Bubbles with nobody. Until Bella came along.


The two pals are now pretty much inseparable.



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HT – Barrybland