Alabama: Most child smokers


Alabama recently increased the legal smoking age to 19. However, this action aimed at promoting better health is as ineffective as fast food restaurants disclosing the calorie content of their large burgers. Despite these efforts, it remains crucial to address the underlying factors that contribute to smoking and unhealthy eating habits in order to achieve significant improvements in public health.

Alaska: Highest chlamydia rate


The abundance of oil wealth in Alaska has influenced some poor decision-making. However, being the state with the lowest population density and the coldest average temperature, Alaskans often long for the company of another warm-hearted individual. Despite Alaska’s challenges and isolated nature, its residents find solace and resilience in their strong sense of community and the breathtaking beauty of their surroundings.

Arizona: Worst at going to the dentist


Approximately 60% of individuals in Arizona confess to neglecting regular dental check-ups. While this may be understandable for retirees with dentures, it is still concerning from a hygiene standpoint. Regular dental exams are crucial for maintaining oral health and preventing potential dental issues, making it important for individuals in Arizona to prioritize their dental care regardless of age or dental status.

Arkansas: Fewest advanced degrees per capita


With only 6.1% of its residents holding an advanced degree or higher, Arkansas may not be the most ideal destination for professors seeking job opportunities. Prospective educators should carefully consider the educational landscape and demand for higher degrees in the state before making any decisions.

California: Most polluted cities


The air quality in Los Angeles is notorious, resembling a scene from a Mad Max movie. However, cities like Bakersfield, Modesto, Sacramento, and Fresno share a similar air pollution issue. This only adds to the list of reasons why Fresno may not be a preferred destination for visitors.

Colorado: Greatest cocaine use


If you happen to be in Colorado and hear people discussing fresh-cut powder at a party, don’t assume they’re talking about skiing conditions. Instead, they’re likely referring to the high-quality cannabis that is popular in the state. Colorado’s reputation as a cannabis-friendly state has led to the use of terms like “fresh-cut powder” to talk about it discreetly.

Connecticut: Most unequal incomes


Connecticut boasts the highest school enrollment and per capita income in the nation. However, the income disparity is stark, with the top 1% earning 41 times more than the rest. The rich continue to prosper while the majority settle for the renowned New Haven pizza.

Delaware: Least regular exercise


According to a Gallup poll, less than half of Delaware residents engage in regular exercise, with the recommended duration of 30 minutes a day, three times a week. Interestingly, considering the state’s small size, it is unlikely that many of them are aware of how long it takes to walk from the northern to the southern part of Delaware.

Florida: Most recreational boat accidents


Florida takes the lead in boat accidents and fatalities, surpassing other states. Studies indicate that the level of boat operation by Floridians is comparable to that of highly caffeinated primates, highlighting the concerning safety record in the state. Furthermore, Floridians need to prioritize boating safety education and adhere to regulations to reduce the risks associated with their recreational activities.

Georgia: Least integrity


Georgia ranks lowest in terms of ethical conduct among its politicians, as evidenced by approximately 658 state workers accepting gratuities over a span of two years. State legislators seem to be elusive unless enticed with tickets to sporting events or honey-baked hams.