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Aries exhibit traditional habits

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Aries may be the youngest sign in the zodiac, but they have an old-fashioned view when it comes to matters of romance. These hot-headed fire signs are willing to put in the time to court and romance their prospective partners, expecting the same treatment in return.

Tauruses will keep their love a secret


The stubborn Earth sign of the bull will tell everyone and anyone about their love interest – except the person they’re infatuated with. They crave a stable, reliable partner but are often unwilling to put themselves out there in order to find their love connection.

Geminis may take a while to open up

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Naturally guarded, the Twins may come across as being cold and aloof. Once they find the right person, however, they’ll transform into one of the most doting people you’ll ever meet, doing whatever it takes to make their partner happy. It may be a long road to build trust, but once a Gem has a connection with you, they’ll be your ride or die.

Cancers want commitment


As one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, Cancers desperately seek emotional fulfillment. They take matters of the heart very seriously, seeking a partner to shack up with. The crabs may crush on others, but once they fall in love, all eyes are strictly on their partner.

Leos will brag about their partners


When a Leo is in love, everyone will know about it. The flamboyant fire sign will boast about every aspect of their partner, from their appearance to their personality. Leos have a tendency to be dramatic, expecting their partner to constantly lavish them with compliments, gifts, and attention.

Virgos use their head, not their heart


These steely-gazed Earth signs are likely to keep an initial distance, surveying their partner before they make a move. When a Virgo falls head over heels in love, however, all rationale goes out of the window, leading to them chasing their partner at great lengths.

Libras will turn up the charm


If a Libra likes you, they’ll shower you with attention. Using their charming ways to beguile their partner, they’ll go to extremes in order to shack up with their potential boo. If a Libra is on the fence, however, they’ll make little effort – only committing to someone when they’ve truly made up their ever-changing mind.

Scorpios are scared of love


Dating a Scorpio is an intense experience, with the mysterious water sign keeping potential partners at bay. The water signs have their guard firmly up, putting people through a series of tests before they’ll truly open up to them. Once they become comfortable around you, they’ll love like no other – almost to an overbearing degree.

It takes a lot for a Sagittarians to settle


A Sag romance will be filled with idealism. As time goes by, however, the sign will struggle with the reality of day-to-day relationships, leading to them becoming dissatisfied. Thankfully, these signs are forthcoming about their feelings, letting you know exactly where you stand. If they haven’t vocalized their feelings yet, then take their silence at face value.

Capricorns are led by realism

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While Capricorns love a good romance, they also spend a great deal of time thinking about their actions before making any moves. They’re reserved at heart, protecting themselves by refusing to show any sense of vulnerability. Once they do let their guard down, however, they’re an incredibly loving partner.

Aquarians hide their feelings

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Those born under the sign of the water-bearer will keep their feelings on the down low, acting cool, calm, and collected. On the inside, they’re likely experiencing a whirlwind of emotions – but they’ll never let you know it. Once they tell you they like you, however, they’re 100% sure on their decision.

Pisces crave communication

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While they aren’t pros at it themselves, Pisces need communication in order to thrive. This emotional sign often acts out in dramatic ways, painting themselves as the victim. It’s all a front – they just need someone to validate their feelings to give them a sense of protection and comfort.

An Aries will have little patience

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More specifically, an Aries is likely to have next to no patience for mind games. These rams appreciate their partners being upfront and honest with them – feeling incredibly hurt if their spouse purposely withholds information. The more upfront you are with an Aries, they more they’ll fall in love.

A Taurus might ignore you

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As counterintuitive as it may seem, a Taurus has a tendency to ignore their potential romantic partners. It isn’t to play mind games, per se, but more that they’re trying to get a grasp on their own feelings, with some still being in denial. If a Taurus suddenly acts awkward or shy around you, it’s a clear sign that they’re into you.

A Gemini may be possessive

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When a Gemini likes you, they’ll want all of your attention, all of the time. Ironically, if you fulfill their desires, they’re likely to act disinterested, valuing their alone time. Essentially, the twins are a complex sign, leaving you never quite knowing where you stand.

Cancers will be outwardly affectionate

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Once a Cancer has decided that you’re the one for them, they’ll display constant acts of affection. Whether it’s in small, subtle actions like brushing their arm up against yours, or more obvious displays like holding your hand as you walk down the street, a Cancer craves the physical touch of those they love.

Leos want their partners all to themselves

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As proud creatures, Leos don’t wish to share their romantic partner with anybody else. Bouts of jealousy may arise, causing potential issues within the relationship. It may take months – or even years – for a Leo to relax around their partner, releasing their possessiveness when they realize their boo is in it for the long haul.

Virgos love language is acts of service

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A typical Virgo loves nothing more than doting on their partner, seeking out ways to provide for their loved one. Whether it’s something as simple as making a cup of coffee or simply lending an ear for their partner to vent to, Virgos will aid their loved one no matter the cost, sometimes putting others’ needs before their own.

A Libra loves to engage in conversation

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If a Libra views you as someone they hold dear, they’ll often start intriguing conversations. Discussing deep life topics, they’ll want to know everything about you, from your favorite color to your childhood trauma. They’re not simply being nosy, they’re trying understand their boo on a deeper, more intimate level.

Scorpios will, eventually, show their emotions

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It can take scorpions a while to feel comfortable while falling in love, acting out in strange ways. One way to truly understand where a Scorpio’s head is at is by observing their emotions. If a Scorpio cries in front of you, for example, they consider you a trusted, valued confidant.

Sagittarius will discuss the future

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If someone born under the sign of the centaur discusses the future with you, they’re head over heels in love. Sags always mean what they say, being direct and upfront about their intentions. If they’re talking about vacations, engagement rings, or moving in together, they’re in it for the long haul.

Capricorns will prioritize their partner’s needs

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If a Cap puts your needs before their own, they’re absolutely smitten with you. When a Capricorn falls truly, deeply in love, they’ll do everything in their power to make their partner happy, remembering small details about their boo in order to provide caring, attentive actions.

An Aquarius will make time for you

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Aquarians are guarded, private beings, valuing their quiet alone time. If they’re willing to sacrifice the time they spend alone to be with you, consider yourself greatly honored. When someone of the Aquarian horoscope falls in love, they’ll want to spend all of their free time with you, whether it’s intimate evenings in or wild nights out on the town.

A Pisces will have a sixth sense

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Pisces people are, at their core, deeply spiritual. They can anticipate their partner’s needs before they’ve been vocalized, able to pick up on body language tells. Whether it’s knowing you’ve had a bad day, or sensing that you need extra attention, those born under the sign of the fish will understand their partner on an deep, intimate level.

An Aries will defend you

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When an Aries is in love, they’ll defend you to their last breath. They won’t tolerate people speaking ill of their partner, no matter how small the critique may be. They’re fiercely loyal – almost to a fault – placing their partner high on an unbreakable pedestal.

Geminis will want constant reassurance

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A lot of Geminis spend too much time in their heads, overthinking their relationships a thousand times over. Due to this, they’ll seek constant reassurance from those that they love, desperately needing their validation. They fear losing their partner above all else – needing frequent contact to ease their anxieties.

Cancers will spoil their spouses

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A Cancer partner will often want to display their affection, usually in the form of gift-giving. They’ll also want to celebrate big milestones in your life, whether it’s a birthday, a promotion, or an anniversary. If a Cancer starts spoiling you, they’re catching big-time feelings.

Leos won’t shy away from PDA

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When a Leo starts to love someone, they’ll want to frequently exhibit overt signs of affection. They won’t feel embarrassed about kissing their partner in a public setting. In fact, they’ll relish in it. Not only is it a way of marking their territory, they also see the reciprocation of public affection as confirmation that their partner has feelings for them.

Virgos will constantly text you

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Although communication isn’t always a Virgo’s strong suit, they’ll always manage to sneak in a few texts here and there when they’re developing feelings. They may not be overly mushy or emotional messages, but the mere practicality of remaining in contact is a trait that Virgos highly value.

Libras will prioritize romance

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Although Libras constantly crave balance, everything goes out of the window when they get the feels. They’ll want to romance their partner, taking them out for candlelit dinners or leaving thoughtful notes scattered about the house. Their sweet actions ensure that the relationship is constantly fueled with romance.

A Scorpio will let you into their space

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A Scorpio’s home is their sanctuary, with the Scorp feeling somewhat possessive about their material belongings. If a scorpion invites you into their home, it’s a sign that they’re letting their guard down, allowing you a closer insight into their complicated minds. If they allow you to touch their belongings without complaint, it’s a clear sign that they’re falling in love.

A Sagittarius will want to go on adventures with you

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There’s nothing quite like getting in a relationship with a fun-loving Sag. They’re always seeking the next exciting thing in their lives, looking for that next hit of dopamine. If they invite you to join them on their wild adventures, it’s clear that they want to create lifelong memories with you.

A Capricorn will be reliable

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If a Capricorn loves you, they’ll be there for you – no matter what. No matter the time of day, they’ll be available to take care of their partner, whether it’s by immediately replying to a text or by driving to their house in the middle of the night.

An Aquarius will make an effort with your friends

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Despite their sometimes cool exterior, an Aquarian cares deeply about the opinions of others – especially when it concerns matters of the heart. They’ll go out of their way to impress your friends and family, earning their approval. If they’re important to you, they’ll be important to an Aquarius.

A Pisces will accept your flaws

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Pisceans are understanding and kind – albeit somewhat dramatic. When they’re in love with someone, they’ll accept them wholeheartedly. Sometimes, this can be at a detriment to themselves, looking past red flags in order to be accepting. Still, Pisces’s warm hearts create sustainable, loving relationships.

An Aries will tell you

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An Aries won’t leave you wondering about their feelings. If they see something they want in life, they’ll be upfront about getting it. While they’ll respect your space, they aren’t of afraid being upfront about their feelings, creating a relationship with a mature, stable foundation.

A Taurus may take things slow

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Don’t be offended if a Taurus doesn’t immediately confess their feelings for you. As an Earth sign, they’re typically slow moving, taking time to process their complex emotions. They usually don’t have a straightforward approach, instead choosing to play it safe and – on occasion – timid.

A Gemini will introduce you to their social circle

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Geminis are naturally social creatures, constantly needing mental stimulation from their friends and family. When a Gem falls in love, it’ll seem like they want to introduce their partner to everyone they’ve ever met. Don’t take offense at the lack of one-on-one time, they’re simply trying to include you in their busy lives.

Cancers will fall in love fast

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Don’t be taken aback if Cancers want to take things quickly. They may even confess their feelings for you early on in the relationship, eager to take it to the next level. While it may be off-putting for some, the crabs have pure intentions, simply craving emotional fulfillment.

A Leo will keep it real

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Leos are hardly known for their delicate tact. When they get deeply involved with someone, they’ll be brutally honest. If there’s anything they dislike about their partner, a Leo will be sure to let them know. While this may come across as rude, a Leo will see it as effectively communicating, preferring to say it to their partner’s face than behind their back.