men show affection
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Want to know if he’s head-over-heels for you?

Here are the top 10 ways you will know for sure…

#1 He opens up to you

Emotional intimacy isn’t the easiest for everyone. Bearing one’s soul to another takes a lot of effort. This is more than one just liking to hear themselves talk – this is really opening up and sharing what’s going on inside. Warning: this is precious stuff – handle with care.

#2 He handles the dirty work – without complaining

Taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn might not seem romantic, but it can be his way of demonstrating that he cares. Doing things around the house becomes part of what he does because he knows it makes you happy.


#3 He asks for help or advice

Whether he requests input on a situation at work or asks you to help pick out a birthday present for a family member, his asking for your thoughts is awesome. It shows he respects your thoughts and cares about your opinion – he’s smitten for sure.

#4 He’s all about publicly displaying his affection for you

It’s a complement if he can’t keep his hands off you – it doesn’t have to be sexual touch. It’s just having his arm around you or holding your hand. He’s basically telling the world, “This is mine and I’m proud!”

#5 He thoughtfully chooses the perfect present

Even if the gift isn’t super right-on – the fact that he took the time to think about what to get, where to get it, etc. is huge.



#6 You are introduced to his family

You can put money on the table that as soon as he introduces a girlfriend to his mom, the discussion will shift right away to when she can expect grandchildren. So if he is making introductions, he is fully aware of what he is getting himself into and that there just might be a future in store.

#7 You become part of his inner circle

Adding you into his circle is more than just a few meet-and-greets with his friends. When a man goes gaga over a woman and can see a future with her, he will make the effort to make her a part of his life. Scheduling standing double dates with his coupled friends and including you in his weekly drinking night with his friends are likely signs he wants you to stick around for a while.

#8 He becomes a part of your life

If he’s also interested in becoming part of your inner circle – joining you for a night watching TV with your roomies or cuddling on the couch, he’s in it for the long haul.

#9 He compromises with you

When he loves you – he wants you to be happy. That does not mean you get your way all the time, but it does mean he is eager to reach middle ground when possible.


#10 He tells you how he feels

If he musters up the words to express to you how he feels, there’s no secret to it anymore – he loves you. Let him say all that he wants to say. (Need I remind you to smile and tell him how you feel too? Probably not. **grin**)