Horoscopes are without a doubt interesting.



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They may not be everyone’s favorite past time, but you have to admit, it is pretty cool to tap into your traits, passions and desires from a different point of view. Sometimes their prediction of the future can be a bit shaky, but I really do think they can predict out internal state.

There is hardly a lack of information each month when it comes to signs, but I have noticed those born in the cusp tend to get overlooked. I’m talking about the ones born in the middle. Some horoscopes claim they are one sign while others claim they are another.

I happen to have a friend who was born on the Leo-Virgo cusp. I call her a Leo-Virgo hybrid.

She isn’t the only one I’ve seen either. Many are born in the cusp and find themselves with many of the traits from each sign. Why is this so interesting? Because, in her case, Leos and Virgos are totally different. Leos are strong and passionate while Virgos are sensitive and wise.


This creates a whole new type of being.

Leo-Virgos are the Perfect Balance Between Unforgivably Bold and Cautiously Considerate

Leos are known for their assertion while Virgos are known to be calm and collected. It helps bring down the intensity of the Leo.

This is an amazing combination because the Leo trait can still be powerful, but the Virgo balances it out with logical thinking instead of emotional reaction. It keeps the power of Leo emotions centered and under control. It doesn’t get too overpowering.

In tough situations, the hybrids can work through a problem cautiously, but still assertively.


Leo-Virgos Will Make The Best Lovers

Leos obviously already rock in the bedroom because of their passion and assertion. They are intense beings. That’s great in the bedroom. But what does the Virgo add to that?


Perfectionism and observation. Not only do you get passion, but also attention to details and needs. You get what you need emotionally and physically because they are paying attention and want to give you the best possible experience. The Leo version can also help the Virgo version be more bold where they may be timid.


Leo-Virgos Will Thrive In The Spotlight, But Not Steal It

Leos love the spotlight. While this is a great trait because they know how to handle attention; and don’t get stage fright, the Virgo allows them to tolerate someone else having the attention. You won’t see a hybrid stealing the limelight or getting jealous of someone else who has it. The consideration brought by the Virgo lets others be recognized too, and with ease.

Leo-Virgos Are An Intellectual Force To Be Reckoned With

Virgos are intelligent while Leos are instinctual. This is a dangerous combination because when you mix intelligence and instinct, you not only can charm someone, but you can back it up. You know what is good for you and when it’s time to let go and stop trying to prove yourself.

Leo-Virgos Know How To Have A Good Time And, More Importantly, They Will Always Have Your Back

Virgos are known for being skeptical while Leos are known for being more spontaneous. This is good because when you combine the two you get someone who knows how to have fun but without being reckless.


Leos are also incredibly loyal, making them the perfect friends to go out with. These hybrids will always have your back. You can count on them to have a good time, and you can count on them to be there when the good time is over.