Credit: Business Insider

1. Lascaux Caves – France

Credit: history.com

The Lascaux Caves are caves that have some of the finest examples of prehistoric cave art ever found. Shockingly, they were once open to the public. However, due to the humidity and carbon dioxide increase from the visitors, the caves were then closed in 1963. Therefore, visitors are banned from seeing the original caves, and are instead encouraged to see the incredible recreations instead!

2. Area 51 – America

Credit: Business Insider

Area 51 is a place we all know we are forbidden to go. Whether there are aliens or not, Area 51 is a place for US Air Force testing… apparently. But the place is happily bathed in conspiracy theorists’ and historians’ attention for decades, and so we think its actually Earth technology.

3. Coca-Cola Recipe Vault – America

Credit: theaustralian.com.au

Coca-Cola’s recipe has been one of the best-kept secrets in America – and everyone wants to know what’s actually in it! So, forget their unique marketing strategy, because the fact that their recipe is a forbidden secret from us all is unique enough! The legendary recipe is kept in the Coca-Cola Vault in Atlanta – now if that isn’t iconic, then I don’t know what is!

4. Moscow Metro-2 – Russia

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This metro line has a huge secret. The secret is that no one knows if they actually exist of not. Apparently, Joseph Stalin commissioned secret metro lines to transport heads of states and weapons before WWII, until his death in 1953. The Metro-2 still remains as an urban legend to this day!

5. Bank of England Vault – UK

Credit: Getty Images

This forbidden place contains the vault of significant content, including one of the largest gold reserves in the world. For example, the gold vault stores over 400,00 bars that are exclusive enough to get the late Queen Elizabeth a private tour of it in 2012.

6. Room 39 – North Korea

Credit: Wikimedia

There is absolutely no way of getting inside Room 39 – and you wouldn’t even want to attempt to. North Korea has a secretly funded organization, which raises foreign currency for their leader, Kim Jong-Un. The office was, however, once accused of holding illegal narcotics and arm trades by the US government and the UN. So again – I would not attempt to get inside this forbidden room.

7. Pine Gap – Australia

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Everyone understands that the US government has lots of secrets that they keep from us. Another secret they have is that they run secretive base in partnership with the Australian government. How do we know this, you may ask? Well it’s all thanks to leaked NSA documents! The forbidden area is for maneuver operations and you will regularly encounter activists protesting there.

8. White Gentlemen’s Club – UK

Credit: Stock Photo – Alamy

The White Gentlemen’s Club was established in 1693 and it’s probably the most traditional and exclusive social club in the world. You’d be surprised of it’s members, some are highly prestigious, such as; Prince Charles, Prince William, and Tom Stacey! It clings onto its male-only policy to this day, and still follows traditional patriotic rules.

9. Mezhgorye – Russia

Credit: Reddit

Mezhgorye is known as Russia’s Area 51 as it holds a significant number of nuclear warheads, or at least it did when it was first found in 1979. Nowadays, it is more of a closed town with a small population, many of whom work on military programmes there. It is still believed to hold some unknown secrets to this day.

10. National ‘Spy’ Museum – China

Credit: Deposit Photos

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum open in 2009 and it’s nowadays known as the spy museum. This is because it was originally closed to foreigners, as they were scared they would leak their national secrets. However, it is now open to the public and have withheld information put on display.