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New York, New York City

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New York, New York City has been ranked the most rudest city out of the whole of the US. When tourists travel there, you often find them complaining about how everything is so closed together and there not being much space to breath. And on the other hand, people that actually live there are known to get annoyed at the sheer volume of tourists that visit there. Maybe this is why New York City has been considered rude since the 1700s…

Los Angeles, California

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L.A comes a close second for the rudest states in America and its not known why. Many people think it may be because of the amount of ‘rough’ people that live in the area – a lot of schools have actually had problems hiring crossing guards for numerous reasons (one reason being the parents of the children!). It may also be because of how hot it can get in the area, or because many people who work there have intense jobs so more people are stressed.

Riverside, California

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California is not looking good, as another California town is placed at just third! Riversides biggest issue is the lack of parking, apparently residents often complain about this – so tourists taking their spots won’t be their favourite thing in the world!

Dallas, Texas

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Dallas, Texas is a known town that’s to be extremely rude. There could be a few reasons for the rudeness; the sweating hot weather, the culture, their football team not doing much… could be a lot of factors! The states lack of politeness forced a young boy named Michael Smith to create a now-well-known rap which talked about how he wishes people weren’t so mean.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Ann Arbor is where the University of Michigan lives, but just because the town is full of intelligence – it doesn’t mean they won’t be rude! Even though Ann Arbor isn’t at the top of the rudest ranking, this town is actually known to be the most extreme with their rude – although you won’t see it as often as New York City!

Austin, Texas

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Next up is another Texan city! Austin is the 16th most rude city in America, and we all know why! All residents with Austin are not afraid to portray some road rage! Some dashcam camera footage from Austin got released and it went viral. This is because of the mass amount of recklessness, cars turning straight into traffic, and lots of bad language!

Laurel, Nebraska

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Laurel Nebraska only has 968 residents living there – its an extremely small town. So the fact that its so high up on the rudeness scale says a thousand words! A lot of the locals are isolated and aloof, and since there isn’t much to do here, there aren’t many tourists visiting.

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago is one of the ruder city’s in the US, and boy do people know it. Chicago’s rudeness is known to be ‘chronic, thoughtless, and utterly pervasive’. Although, this is another city that has a huge population, maybe the more people, the higher chance of getting rude people?

Wilmington, Delaware

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No one knows this city even exists, although it is a home for 70,000 people. It’s got a whole lot of history dating back to the seventeenth century, and a whole lot of rudeness dating back to the seventeenth century! The rude encounters seem to exist most at restaurants and other place of business.

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Why is Cincinnati so rude you may ask? Well many think its because the city court stated that peoples rudeness is just exercising their freedom of speech. There was actually one time a women got pulled over for a second time for showing a rude gesture to a police officer, she argued being pulled over was a violation of her rights… and the courts actually agreed!