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Captain Hooker the mermaid murderer

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In The Little Mermaid, Ariels mother is revealed to have been killed by a huge pirate ship… a huge pirate ship that looks exactly like Captain Hooks from the move Peter Pan. It’s been noted that Captain Hook had a known rivalry with Queen Coralie, queen of the mermaid. This means he may have had a motive to kill her. However, the timeline is a little sketchy.

Undercover Genie

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Disney Fans are convinced The Peddler, who sets the tone for the movie Aladdin at the beginning, is The Genie. This is due to them both sharing in-depth knowledge about the power of the magic lamp. The directors of Aladdin actually confirmed this and stated that this revelation would have more clear if they had stuck with the original ending.

Up to heaven

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Warning: This theory may upset you. In the movie Up, Carl tries to avoid selling he and his late wife’s home to developers. He ties balloons to his house and floats away on his late wife’s dream adventure. Fans coined the idea that Carl actually passed away after his wife did due to a broken heart, and this ‘adventure’ was actually his journey to heaven.

Boo becomes brave

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Fans believe Boo from Disney movie Monsters Inc. actually tried to relive her childhood adventures and find Mike and Sulley. In doing so, she travels back in time to the world of Brave and gains mystical knowledge Brave protagonist Merida. Why did fans figure this out? The wood in her cottage carved in the shape of Sulley!

Finding nobody

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Similar to Up, this is another heartbreaking theory. Let’s start this theory with the fact that Nemo means ‘nobody’ in Latin. After Marlin’s wife is killed by a Barracuda, along with all of his children, he ventures out to find his last remaining son who survived the attack. But the story portrays someone going through the stages of grief, suggesting Nemo is a figment of his imagination to cope.

Gaston gives way to the heroine

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In Beauty And The Beast, Gaston is the arrogant villain with a huge crush on Belle. Fans believe that Gaston was designed to end the damsel and distress stereotype that was often shown in previous princess movies. Therefore, Belle was made the person to save the day, rather than a prince.

Anna and Elsa’s jungle brother

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This theory is another that was confirmed by directors. The director stated that Anna and Elsa’s parents did not sink to the bottom of the ocean in their shipwreck. This leads fans to think that they were left stranded on a desert island which then leads them to become pregnant with Tarzan on the island. Therefore, it’s a family of a brother and 2 sisters.

Ariel finds the frozen shipwreck

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Now that we have confirmed Tarzans is Anna and Elsa’s brother, there is another leaf that remains untouched. And that’s the theory that Ariel found their parent’s shipwreck. Ariel explores a shipwreck with flounder in The Little Mermaid, and the movie is set near Denmark which would make perfect sense as Frozen is set in Denmark.

Cars voices from beyond the grave

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In Cars, all the vehicles seem to have different accents in Radiator Springs, and this left fans stumped. However, a producer of the movie confirmed that the accent were inherited from the previous owner of the car. Pair this with the fact that the Cars characters eliminated mankind and it makes for a horrifying conspiracy.

The Peddler Profits

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This theory still remains unconfirmed, however fans actually believe that when The Peddler explains the story of the lamp, he was actually lying. The Peddler sells multiple broken and non-functional wares, so it makes sense that to make an actual sale – he sold us a lie.