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Peanut butter and carrot sticks

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Veggies are great, but they aren’t really a food that many people will eat on their own. However, dipping a raw carrot in peanut butter will make your veggie snack more satisfying. This is due to the healthy fats and protein that will make your snack more satisfying, whilst slowing down your digestion process, making you feel fuller.

Cottage Cheese

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Cottage cheese is a convenient source of protein and calcium to support your bone health, along with vitamin B12 and potassium. The great thing about this food is how diverse it is, you can eat it alone or you can top it with fresh fruit. You can also have it as a healthy snack! The amount of vitamins included within it will improve the feeling of fullness.

Protein chips and hummus

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If you are a chip lover, then you will love this option. But don’t buy Layes, buy some special protein-packed chips instead! Normal chips don’t have much protein, however chips made with ingredients like legumes, milk protein isolate, and even chicken are amazing for muscle-building and keeping you tummy full.

Tinned fish and crackers

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Tinned fish is a brilliant protein source that also provides DHA omega-3 fatty acids, which are a healthy fat that supports our eye and brain health. Whether it’s sardines, tuna or salmon – these protein sources are a great choice. Pairing this with whole-grain crackers are the ultimate filling snack.

Celery with guacamole

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Avocados have healthy fats and fiber within it, therefore it will improve your satiety by 3-5 hours. An easy way to include avocado in your meals is by eating guacamole. Maybe eat guacamoles with celery stalks or carrots! It will give your body much more satiating fiber to make you feel full.

Greek yogurt and chia seeds

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Greek yogurt is a dairy-based option that is packed with satiating protein and is extremely low in sugar (in its natural state). Greek yogurt is much higher in protein than regular yogurt, so this is the one that you would want to buy! Topping this yogurt with chia or ground flax seeds can make this snack more filling!


Credit: Apples

Eating apples can fuel your body with fiber, this nutrient will promote satiety which will make you feel fuller (but make sure you eat them with the skin on!). Specifically, it includes soluble fiber which helps to show down the rate that food leaves the stomach. Therefore, it’s ideal for losing weight.

Turkey roll ups

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This is a convenient protein-packed snack which will support your satiety. Its a great and easy snack that requires no cooking, meaning its good for not only a snack, but a lightweight meal! Some shop-bought turkey can also be gluten and casein free, which is also healthy!

Cheese and whole grain crackers

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Cheese lovers will know how filling cheese can be, meaning it’s perfect to eat if you don’t want to feel hungry after snack time. It’s a natural source of protein and healthy fats, however it is still low in carbs. Pair this with whole-grain crackers and its a great balanced combo with fiber and energizing carbs.


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Eating fruit is perfect to eat before a meal as it will increase your satiety. They are also high in water content which only adds to the amount of satiating fiber. This altogether makes you eat less in the subsequent meal. Kiwis are a natural sweetener with no added sugar, fiber, natural carbs and even have a little protein.