Credit: Sweety High

Prevent water from boiling over the pot

Credit: Mommy Minutes

Everyone has had that moment in the kitchen where you’ve created a huge mess due to the water boiling too much and spilling over your stove. It’s so annoying! But who knew this super tedious issue could be solved with just a simple wooden spoon. Place the spoon over your pot, so that as soon as the water begins boiling and comes close to spilling over, the wooden spoon will prevent it!

Preserve herbs for way longer by freezing them

Credit: Gluten Free SCD/Veggie

Unless you use herbs everyday, 9 times out of 10 our herbs will eventually go bad without us even getting to use half of them! Apparently, there’s a way to not let them go bad or dry out just as quick! Simply place the herbs in an ice tray, add some water and olive oil, and then freeze them! This way, whenever you need to use them you can just place them on a cooking dish and let them melt!

You can use your microwave to peel fruit

Credit: First We Feast

Peeling fruit can be a real pain, and totally tedious, especially when you have to peel several fruits for a dish or for more than 1 person. However, a microwave can be used to make this task much easier. By placing your fruit in the microwave for 20 seconds, the peel will be much slacker and should slide right off.

Make cupcakes easily with parchment paper

Credit: The Kitchn

This one will literally happen to anyone – you see a simple muffin recipe and you decide to make a small batch to try. But then you realise you don’t actually have a muffin tin or cupcake cups. The most annoying part of baking ever! Well, instead of reluctantly going to the store to buy some, you can make last-minute cupcake cups through just using parchment paper instead!

Keep your plastic wrap in the refrigerator

Credit: Cook’n

There is nothing more annoying than when you get home from work, start to wrap up your food from the day before, and the plastic wrap will not stop sticking to itself! But there is a simple way to prevent this – put it the refrigerator! The wrap will stretch much better and more evenly once you use it again.

Start pitting your cherries in an easier way

Credit: DIY Home Life

Pitting your cherries is another chore that takes way too long! While this may not be a problem when you are just eating them as a snack, but when you need to pit tons of them, it can become really time-consuming. To make this easier and less time-consuming, just place the cherry on top of a beer bottle, get a chopstick and squeeze the pit out of the fruit to the empty bottle.

Clean wooden cutting boards better

Credit: Erika Tracy

As great as wooden cutting boards are, they can also be really hard to clean. This is because bacteria can start building up if you don’t properly clean them, and what’s worse? You can’t even notice if the bacteria’s there. To clean it properly, cut a lemon in half and dip it in coarse salt. Then, scrub your cutting board with it. Afterwards, simply rinse it with water.

Prevent your microwave from drying out food

Credit: Guff

Now, of course microwaves can make our lives much easier when it comes to getting food cooked faster. Although, it can also make our food become much drier! However, to avoid this you can put some water in a cup and place it in the microwave, next to the food you’re about to heat up. This creates some moisture that will prevent the food from drying out.

Why you should put some salt on a cast iron

Credit: Tori Avey

If you don’t take proper care of your iron pans, then they may become rusty overtime. This then means you have to buy another one, and it turns into one vicious circle. However, instead of ever getting to this stage, you can scrub the cast iron pan with some salt instead of standard dish soap, this will prevent the rust from ever happening.

Remove seeds from veggies faster

Credit: Sweety High

De-seeding your vegetables can be really time-consuming. You have to scoop them out slowly in order to avoid making a mess, and I mean, who has time for that? So to make this process easier, get an ice cream scooper and begin de-seeding – it even makes the process more fun too!